Why Hope Needs to Let Vargas Break Her Back on Days of Our Lives


There may be no greater task in soapdom than existing as the remaining half of a mega popular supercouple. As a rule, fans have a hard time seeing characters that represent 50 percent of a beloved squish name moving on. What generally happens when one half of a famed pairing leaves the show, is their former screen partner is either left dwindling in the fictional winds, or paired off with someone else with little forethought (Remember Days of Our Lives' Kayla and Shane?)

As the ultimate fan of DAYS' Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso)—this used to be my cellphone ringtone—I've held out hope that TPTB would come to terms with Reckell, so that Beauregard could finally come downstairs from tucking Ciara in bed, or wherever he is, and reunite with his Fancy Face. Since that doesn't appear to be happening any time soon, I have come to the bittersweet realization that it's time for my fav-o-rite Salem, U.S.A. heroine to move on with her soap operatic life.

It isn't fair to Alfonso to have Hope running around town, serving as everyone's nosy cousin/aunt. The actress is still much too sexy and viable for that. It's also a tad bit insulting to Bo and Hope's legend to always have him in the other room, or off visiting Shawn, Belle and Claire. Bo Brady needs a right and proper exit storyline. It's the only way Bope fans can move on with the days of our lives.

On Wednesday's episode, I noticed quite the spark between Hope and ex-con Vargas (Sean Douglas). I know the villainous character is meant to serve as a tormentor for Hope's cousin Nick (Blake Berris), whom he shared a questionable relationship with in jail, but I think Vargas would smolder in a forbidden romance with Hope. A noble-yet-sultry cop seeing the good in an equally sexy, career criminal—who can't yet see it in himself—could be good television.

Many a DAYS character started off vile, yet morphed into leading man material. Steve "Patch" Johnson (Stephen Nichols) was a dirtbag when he first arrived in Salem, U.S.A.  Maybe Hope's good loving can do for Vargas what Kayla Brady's (Mary Beth Evans) "Sweetness" did for Patch?

I know it's soap opera sacrilege to speak of Hope being penetrated by anyone else but Bo—despite the fact that Bo has hooked up with plenty of other brunettes over the decades—but when practically everyone else in Salem is having red-hot sex except for Hope, something is amiss. My girl needs some Vargas in her life.

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    I like Vargas, and especially shirtless in jeans like yesterday but I wouldn’t want him with Hope. I’ve never been a big fan of Hope so that is part of it but I feel like being with her would change him and I like him as is from what I’ve seen.

    For some reason, I think it’ll end up being Rafe/Hope and Eric/Nicole/Vargas.

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    Did you forget about Hope’s fling with Patrick several years ago? And she’s had sex with John, so Bo isn’t the only man she’s ever had sex with.

    And seriously? The actor’s name is Sean Douglas? As in Hope’s son, Shawn Douglas?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Did you forget about Hope’s fling with Patrick several years ago? And she’s had sex with John, so Bo isn’t the only man she’s ever had sex with.

    I didn’t say Bo was the only man she had sex with. I said it was soap opera sacrilege to speak about her being penetrated by other men. With both of those instances you mentioned, Bope fans went crazy about Hope having sex with other men.

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    Easy enough. Let’s find out that Vargas has a saintly twin brother who comes to town to make amends for whatever misdeeds his brother committed. Then we could have Hope fall for him.

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    Jamey: As a huge fan or Bo & Hope (my all-time favorite soap couple) I COMPLETELY agree with you! I noticed how good Hope & Vargas were together in their brief scenes. Peter Reckell is not coming back any time soon and I’m not happy about Kristian Alfonso being “Aunt Maggie”-ed!

    Now, my only reservation is that I REALLY, REALLY want Nick to have been Vargas’ prison wife and Hope couldn’t be with the man who bitched-out her cousin, right? Lol.

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    I’m one of the biggest Bope fans there is, but I’m an even bigger HOPE fan. And I don’t like seeing one of daytime’s greatest romantic heroines being a talk-to.

    That Vargas guy is sex on a stick. I love how the show never misses an opportunity for him to take his shirt off. He smolders on the screen. I’m also guessing that it will turn out that he didn’t rape Nick so he’ll be sticking around for some time to come.

    He and Hope could be super hot!

    Vargas and Nicole would probably be even more hot.

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    Vargas seems a little young for her, but I could get over that. Age is just a number, right? That said, I prefer zanefan’s “Twin Brother” idea as opposed to having Hope fall for the creepy-but-good-looking ex-con. And definitely not unless Bo gets the “presumed dead” treatment.

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    This is why I love and hate supercouples it seems like they end up considered a pair and not characters outside of the coupling. Hope should be allowed to move on and so should Bo but they need to do something with Bo kill him off off screen if they have to we all know he can come back again.

    I think that’s why originally I liked Carly/Bo so much in the 90s. Hope was dead course she came back.

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    Well, there’s probably no chance of Vargas sticking around, as I think he may have sexually assaulted Nick in prison. There’s really little coming back from something like this.

    Let’s just hope Vargas kills Daniel and Rafe before he heads back to Prison…which you know is coming since Gary Tomlin can’t write.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Well, there’s probably no chance of Vargas sticking around, as I think he may have sexually assaulted Nick in prison. There’s really little coming back from something like this.

    Remember that dude who tried to get Nick’s booty in jail on Young and the Restless? He had a big romance with Jill Abbott!

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    I have enjoyed Kristian Alfonso lately as Hope. Hope seems a lot sassier than usual, though I must admit I really haven’t followed her that close over the years. I still prefer Kristian as a supporting actress, since I do still find her acting to be mediocre, for the most part. I say give Hope a new lover and let her move on with her life, but I have no desire to see her, Princess Gina, Princess Hope, Princess Pilar or Princess Lauren Etheridge, or any other of Hope’s 12,000 alter egos invading Salem anytime soon.

    I will say that it appears that Kristian is having fun.

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    @AngrierBlackman….”there’s probably no chance of Vargas sticking around, as I think he may have sexually assaulted Nick in prison”

    This is DAYS….One of their most popular leading men raped a woman. Jack raped Kayla back in the day and went on to be one of the greatest couples along with Jennifer in DAYS history.

    At least Vargas’ story could be written in such a way that he was in prison and there are no rules in prison. Since daytime likes to redeem rapists of women (OLTL’s Todd, AW’s Jake, DOOL’s Jack) it would be interesting to see them redeem a guy who raped another guy.

  13. Profile photo of days4ever

    Have Bo presumed dead and put Hope with this sexy ex-con Vargas. They should have never killed off Jack though because he wanted to stay and could have been paired with Nicole, Hope, Kayla, or of course Jen. Hope and Kayla are both without the other half of their super couple. Right now the only couples to root for are (IMO) Will and Sonny, EJ and Sami, and maybe Brady and Kristen. I don’t know anyone who wants Jen with Daniel. I would rather he get with Chloe. The only time I liked Jen was when she was with Jack.

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    Vargas needs to meet WILL! Can you just imagine how hot a daddy-twink type of sex relationship would be? That would finally be compensation for the EJ/Will thing to not have evolved the way it should have!

    Besides, Vargas is likely not here to stay, so no point in pairing him with Hope. She needs a viable, long-term, slow burning new LOVE, not a one-night stand.

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    Margaret Thatcher

    Bo stayed behind in Oregon to fish. He never came home. Did he die? Was he abducted by aliens? No one ever mentioned him again. Talk about sloppy writing. His character needs to be dealt with. To leave him hanging is an affront to longtime viewers. Most importantly, it’s disrespectful to Bo.

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