Days of Our Lives’ Fansite Celebrates 100th Birthday of Macdonald Carey

The Young and the Restless and General Hospital aren't the only soap opera's marking auspicious occasions this spring. On March 15, 1913, Days of Our Lives' onscreen patriarch, Macdonald Carey was born in Sioux City, Iowa. 

Soap-tastic fansite has been honoring the birth of the man who played Dr. Tom Horton all month long. Watch one of the clips Jason dug up below, then head on over and show the rest of his moving tribute to the late Carey some love!

Photo credit: Sony TV/Corday Productions

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    He was on when soaps were truly great! Where they took their time to tell a story without repeating the lines ad nauseam like they have been for the past decade.

    McDonald Carey was like the father, grandfather and friend we all wanted or even had.

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    Days’ fans were lucky enough to be able to bask in the light of this man’s wise, gentle, fatherly presence for close to 30 years before his passing.

    We will always miss Macdonald Carey and Dr. Tom Horton.

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    @missmuffett41 I cried watching the hospital scene at jasons excellent site. It was so bittersweet to watch the scene because both Mac and Frances is gone. That scene where they declared their love for each other yet once again, was so touching. You could see the great affection both of the had for the other.
    And a shout out to Jason47 who has one of the best sites for daytime. It is only about Days but it is so full of information!
    Jamey thanks for posting this. Too often the roots of our shows are forgotten or seldom spoken of.

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