General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Scotty accuses Luke of causing trouble, and wants to throw him out.  Luke feels Laura can do better, but isn’t there to stop anything.  The two argue until Kevin stops them.  Luke says Scotty is not the right man for Laura, so Laura asks him who is.  Luke tells her anyone but Scotty. 

Dante finds Lulu unconscious, then gets knocked out by someone himself.  When he comes to, Lulu is gone.  Dante calls Luke and informs him Lulu is missing.  Luke updates everyone on Lulu's current predicament, and accuses Scotty of being behind it. Scotty denies any involvement.  
Mac complains to Duke about Frisco being in town, and what it’s doing to Felicia.  He expresses his discontent about her lying and avoiding him.  Duke assures Mac that Felicia loves him, but Mac knows he can’t compete with Frisco.  Duke tells Mac his own story about the counterfeit money, and Anna breaking up with him.  Mac tells him not to give up on Anna yet.  
Felicia talks to Anna about Frisco, and how he wants her back. She mentions how they took a trip down memory lane, and she’s been hanging onto her wedding photo.  Felicia says she’s with Mac now, and can count on him.  She's upset she missed out on her children’s lives, because she was chasing Frisco.  She feels it’s too late for them, but wonders why she can’t stop thinking about him. 
Anna pulls out her own wedding photo, and explains what happened with Duke and the counterfeit money.  She worries her feelings for him are 20 years in the past.    
Frisco visits Maxie to tell her that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to pass off the baby as Lante’s.  Maxie reminds him he promised not to say anything, and Frisco swears he won't. However, he points out Maxie is giving a part of her self away.  Maxie admits she isn’t ready to be a mother, and brings up Spin being in a relationship with someone else.  She’s happy that Lulu and Dante are excited. 
Maxie wonders why Frisco is so concerned, since he was never interested in being a father. She asks why he’s really here.  Frisco wants another chance with her and Felicia. Maxie is surprised, and mentions Felicia being with Mac. She knows her mother doesn’t want to hurt Mac.  Frisco vows his feelings are real, and believes Felicia is happier with him.  Frisco declares he’ll fight for Felicia. 
Ellie asks Spin whether he’s interested in having a baby someday.  Spin admits he would love to, but Ellie decides she doesn’t want to bring a child into this world.  She hopes this isn’t a deal breaker for him, but Spin is sure she’ll change her mind someday.  

Felicia goes to the bar, and confesses to Mac she had dinner with Frisco. She swears it was only to tell him to leave town. Mac knows Frisco wants her back, and wonders how she feels about it.  Frisco arrives, and Mac punches him in the face. 
Dante fills in Anna on the Lulu situation.  She has the bear taken away to forensics. Laura and Luke arrive, concerned about Lulu. 

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    Is it just me or was there something off with Genie and Tony in that last scene. It’s like they were discussing shopping for shoes rather than their daughter missing.

    On the other hand, I love what DZ was giving me as the terrified Dante.

    Maxie needs to be more mad and less forgiving of Frisco.

    Loved Mac punching Frisco in the face.

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    It wasn’t you Perkie. Tony & Genie didn’t bring their A-game in that scene.

    Kristina Wagner looks GORGEOUS in red. She was great today.

    Besides Spinelli, Maxie, Dante & Ellie there wasn’t anyone on today’s episode under 50!!! And it was a good episode. I think it says something about the writing and character development for the younger characters on the canvas. As a 37 year old I find it interesting that the older cast are more intriguing than the younger ones. So much for targeting younger viewers.

    Today would have been perfect if we replaced the younger characters that were seen with Tracy, Monica and Audrey.

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    [quote=nysam]It wasn’t you Perkie. Tony & Genie didn’t bring their A-game in that scene.[/quote]

    It’s a little too early for *me* to be disappointed and to think that that GF &TG aren’t up to snuff. Considering the forces that it took to bring the two (and all of them) back together, I’m still watching in gratitude. For the moment however, I’ve stopped sniffing down the “something is wrong with Laura, so she must be brainwashed by Scotty” trail. Yes, I’m saying that I’ve lowered my expectations a bit and that I might just watching “once more for old time’s sake,” but so long as they don’t reunite L&L without the discussion I need re: Lucky, Jake, Liz et al., I’m good.

    Tony Geary seems like he’s in pain at times. He gets up and down and moves around very slowly. I see he wincing, too. He was also out for a long time. I don’t know anything about his personal business, but I would be very sympathetic if I knew he wasn’t feeling well. Hate the character. Hate some of the acting choices. Love the man.

    I loved Maxie today. I’m convinced that she won’t ever get over the loss of Georgie. We won’t either. That little dress that KS had on was adorable.

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    J Bernard Jones

    The way I read Luke & Laura’s scenes, Geary and Francis played them the same way they did when Lulu first showed them the fake Ice Princess at the Haunted Star: as people who have tangled with a myriad group of cunning and deadly enemies over the course of their lives, who know the best way to handle this kind of thing is to keep a cool head and think things through instead of flying off the handle. After all, both of them (including Lucky) have been kidnapped, held captive, presumed dead et al. And they know how their enemies work. So playing it cool & calm this go around seems the right thing to do and, at this point in their long & storied history, appropriate.

    There is another dynamic at play: it exposes a kind of deep & intuitive connection between Luke & Laura that Laura does not have with Scotty and never will. Perhaps this explains the off centered nature of Laura & Scotty’s interactions, as well.

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    J Bernard Jones

    tealita wrote:

    I loved Maxie today. I’m convinced that she won’t ever get over the loss of Georgie.

    The conversation about Maxie wishing Frisco had the chance to know Georgie better with the line about finding it hard to believe that Georgie is really gone and then that cut to Frisco’s face…got…me….thinking….

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    Lucy D.

    Don’t leave us hanging J Bernard Jones. Got you thinking what? that Georgie is somehow alive?

    I have very much enjoyed the show this week. Have always liked Dante. Thought, despite popular opinion on this site, that Anna and McBain’s goodbye was emotionally effective. I don’t think Finola tears up too much, in fact there’s nothing I can think of that she does wrong. I don’t hate Starr as much as you all do either, and I think she makes Michael more likable.

    I don’t think Scotty is behind this plot–and I think Luke’s accusations are over the top.

    Loved today’s conversation between Felicia and Anna.

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    TV Gord

    It’s definitely not you, Perkie. I was thinking the same thing as I watched today. Their girl has disappeared, and it was as though they were saying, ‘oh well, here’s another thing to deal with…ho-hum’. I’m actually more concerned about Julie Berman’s departure than my beloved Llanview Three (maybe it’s because I know they will be back, mind you). Lulu has really grown on me over the past year, and I’m really going to miss her.

    It’s going to be an adjustment for me to keep watching without Todd, Starr and McBain, but I think this is the perfect time for them to go, because it’s better to have them away while the rest of the cast leads up to the 50th anniversary. Still, I’m sad that JMB’s Lulu won’t be around for the celebration. She probably could have done something good for the Nurse’s Ball, too. Bad timing all around, in my opinion.

    The best part of the show for me today was actually Spinelli and Ellie. I love the conflict of him wanting children and her not wanting children. I want to see them together, but this is a BIG–but realistic–conflict that couples really do face. I’ve known couples who married despite having differing views on children, and it never ended well, so I’m curious to see how they work that out. To further complicate their storyline, I’m wondering if Lulu will be gone long enough for Maxie and Dante to grow closer, changing the dynamic of Maxie carrying a baby that is 50% hers and ??% committed to Dante. If they keep the recast-Lulu away long enough, that could be some high drama right there.

    I’m trying to get into the vet triangles (Luke, Laura and Scotty as well as Mac, Felicia and Frisco), but I’m just not. I don’t have many complaints about Ron Carlivati, but one that always comes back to haunt me is that he tends to write grown adults into situations that adolescents usually face. They should all be way beyond the emotional turmoil they are embroiled in now. I’m grateful that none of the people in my life (around their age) are as stunted as these characters are, because my slapping hand would be awfully sore by now.

    It particularly bugged me to see Scott’s reaction when Luke and Laura took off to deal with Lulu’s disappearance, but a friend pointed out to me that it is characteristic for him to react that childishly, so I kind of understood that (in the same way that I understand that Carly will always go after jerks like Sonny and Todd).

    I enjoyed the scenes between Anna and Felicia today, but Anna not mentioning how upset McBain’s departure has made her stood out for me. It makes me think the writers aren’t even going to refer to John, Todd or Starr while they are off to launch that silly internet lark they are forced to prop up. ;-) I hope the next few months pass by quickly. Oh, well…

    I’m really looking forward to Friday’s show! I’ll be counting the four big surprises that Ron has promised! I am very much loving the history of GH being revisited. Even though I may not know them, I can’t wait to see more vets and the chemistry they bring into the mix with their former castmates, colleagues and friends!

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    [quote=J Bernard Jones]There is another dynamic at play: it exposes a kind of deep & intuitive connection between Luke & Laura that Laura does not have with Scotty and never will. Perhaps this explains the off centered nature of Laura & Scotty’s interactions, as well.[/quote]

    Thanks for your insight, JBJ. Sometimes it helps to refocus a bit. It will be interesting to see how L&L do on their own.

    Is it too much to hope that we’ll see Georgie again?

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    I think Helena has something to do Lulu gone missing….did anyone on twitter catch Tyler Christopher tweet that he’s happy to be back at GH, I think his return will tie into Lulu’s disappearance. I wonder if Ron will revisit Nik/Liz if TC’s return in longterm, I wouldn’t mind a Nik/Liz/Aj triangle.

    I find it really weird how Maxie doesn’t appear at all upset with Frisco and that she didn’t lash out at him the way she did Felicia at Georgie’s funeral.

    The Ellie/Spin scene was so random but realistic, I have this weird feeling that someone Ellie might be the one to find out about the Spin being a baby daddy before Spin himself.

    I love episodes like this where 1. There’s no Connie/Kate and 2. There’s so many vets onscreen, it’s like the 90s again. It’s awesome, can’t wait for the other returns!

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    I can’t find too much to complain about GH these days, except for Laura’s wedding dress. I like that it was more than what most brides wear these days (strapless, looks like a towel), and the peplum was very flattering. However, I thought the neckline was most certainly NOT flattering and made Laura look like a missionary or something. :-)

    I was also ecstatic that Felicia appears to have chosen Mac over Frisco, despite their love story.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]i hope Spinelli turns out to the be missing Quartermaine heir.[/quote]

    They’ve already established that the missing heir is Franco’s daughter, Lauren. My bet for who Lauren is…Ellie.

    And I had a similar thought about Georgie perhaps being alive when Maxie said she wished Frisco had known Georgie and they cut to Frisco with a strange look on his face. Perhaps he did get to know Georgie. But if she were alive why would he be keeping it a secret now? Wouldn’t being the one to bring back Georgie be the trump card to win back Felicia and Maxie?

    As for Nikolas, perhaps Luke and Laura will go see him during their search for Abby, I mean Lulu. They may go ask him if he knows of any secret Cassadine hideaways.

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    I have to agree that I also sense like something is off with Tony Geary and Genie Francis. I know he has stated he didn’t want a Luke/Laura reunion. He looks a bit bored at times and I’m just not feeling any emotion between the two characters this time.

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    @tmac….If Ellie is Lauren then that means Franco must have had her when he was 3. I view Ellie as 28 – 30 based on her job and the characters she is paired with. Lauren should be 16 – 19 at the most to make it believable she is Franco’s daughter.

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    [quote; soapbaby]Dominic Zamprogna sold the ridiculous line, “The bear, the bear!” and for that deserves much credit [/quote]

    I also laughed when Anna was all, “what bear? that bear?”

    [quote; JBJ]The conversation about Maxie wishing Frisco had the chance to know Georgie better with the line about finding it hard to believe that Georgie is really gone and then that cut to Frisco’s face…got…me….thinking….[/quote]

    Me too. But Jack wagner’s face wasn’t really reading “I know something you don’t”, so I changed my mind. Although I would pay to see LIndze back as Georgie. They should never have killed her off.

    [quote; ghteenybopper]I wonder if Ron will revisit Nik/Liz [/quote]

    NO NO NO NO NO. NObody needs to revisit Niz!

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    As for the show yesterday….I can’t help it…I know Frisco’s character has been written as a complete bum since the nineties…but I will forever be a fangurl of his from the 80’s…It is as simple as that. I have and will always love this character, and the couple of F&F. I loved the Maxie/Frisco scenes yesterday…I actually got teary….I would love for Georgie to still be alive…

    I have been in GH50 heaven with all these vets returning…It has been wonderful with no Konnie and Kristina… and I don’t mind the other air hog Sabrina, because at least I get to see Patrick…Don’t get me wrong..Sabrina and Patrick do not fit at all…but I think I would actually like this character if she wasn’t being forced so much. I know I love Felix…I hope Bobbie brings Lucas with her for him.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=GHFan777]The one thing I have noticed about GH is that they don’t care how ridiculous they look in age discrepancies…in regards to Ellie being too old to be Franco’s daughter.[/quote]

    And we can’t forget when Jed Allen played Edward Quartermaine. He’s a month younger than his “son”, Stuart Damon!

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    This was Julie Marie Berman’s last day. Thank You for doing a great job as Lulu, I really liked her in the role, and I am sad to see her go. The best luck to her! :)

    Is there a little too much passing out/ people unconscioud on the show right now? In two days, Olivia, Lulu and Dante have all passed out or knocked out. What was the point of knocking Liv out anyway if she’s not pregnant? Seemed like a silly plot point. And why did Lulu pass out from watching the bear? Was there some sort of gas coming out from it? And how did the person who took her knew when Dante would be there, did they ait outside the building? But why wouldn’t he took her when she was alone? LOTS of questions, lol!

    Loved the courthouse scenes. Finally Laura started showing some passion, loved her expression when she was asking Luke “Who IS the right man for me then?”

    Loved that the show remembered how great friends Luke & Lucy were. Loved their hug.

    Absolutely loved the Anna & Felicia scenes! Felicia again looked beautiful in the red blouse and with her straightened! Loved the bonding over the old wedding photos. It really is a treat to have all these legendary women on the screen simultaneously.

    And apporiately Duke & Mac were talking about their women at the same time. THIS is exactly the type of storytelling soaps should do: based on conversations.

    I do have to say though – Duke is not feeling “Duke” enough for me. He seems way too stiff, polished and boring. He’s like an accountant! At first I thought it was just in the beginning during the Faison storyline, but it’s continued on. I didn’t remember Duke this way, I remembered him wearing leather jackets and being a bit of a renegade, even though he was charming at the same time. I wish he would at LEAST dye the gray off his hair, it should be more black.

    The Frisco/Maxie scenes were good ones, they are finally beginning to feel raw and have real emotion. I’m glad Maxie was taken aback when Frisco said he wanted Felicia back. I’m glad she reminded him who had raised her and Georgie.

    I’m also very glad that we got to see a modern woman on the show. Even though it was a bit plot-driven, given that Maxie is pregnant with Spinelli’s baby, I was still glad about Ellie not wanting to have a child because of her own true beliefs. There are people in real life who feel the same way as she does. It was really refreshing. Ellie is definitely my favorite character of the newbies. She’s LIGHT YEARS ahead of Sabrina as a character.


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    I started watching GH back when Leslie first found Laura and Laura came to live with her. Watching Laura fall in love with Scotty and Scotty with Laura, they were a cute couple and they got married, Scotty going to law school to be a lawyer like his father. Scotty at the campus library late every night to study using the law books, law books that were very expensive, so Laura wanting to spend more time with Scotty bought him a set of law books on credit, that they could not afford. So Laura went to work at the campus disco to pay for the books, meeting Luke Spencer, the man that would rape her and destroy her marriage.

    never have been a Luke fan, never will be!! team Scotty!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Yoryla]And why did Lulu pass out from watching the bear? Was there some sort of gas coming out from it?[/quote]

    Does a bear pass gas in the PC woods? ;-)

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    That would be a great idea for Ellie to be Franco’s daughter (some of you on this board should write for the show!!).Spinelli would go nuts,because he was so close with Jason. I’d rather it be a character that is already on the show then for them to bring on someone new. I am hoping some of these returning vets remain on the show after the 50th anniversary. I’d rather watch them then have a new actor that can’t act or is as boring as Sabrina and Brit. I am so enjoying seeing all the old characters again and can’t wait to see who else will be returning. The best part of the Luke/Laura/Scotty scenes, to me, is all the snarky remarks between Luke and Scotty (“stringbean”, eraserhead”). Makes me laugh. Can’t wait to see Bobbie!

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    I would FLOVE IT if Ellie would turn out to be a Quartermaine!!! It would even salvage the coming Franco mentions (which in themselves are a dreadful thing to do)!

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    Yesterdays show was amazing. Anna/Felicia loved it. Kristina is getting her groove back. Anna is always amazing and so real and deep. Duke/Mac for the first time I actually liked Duke’s script. It was two guys kicking it and just chatting about shit. Frisco/Maxie, I began crying when Maxi brought up Gerogie. Frisco truly seems genuinely bad about missing out on their lives. Maxi’s reaction to Frisco’s admission about wanting Felicia back was great. She gave it to him good. This episode had some really good acting. It all felt genuine and that is what has been lacking with the old regime. Lucy, Kevin, Scott another great trio. This goes to show that you do not need brand new casts to make a show great. You need good writers and people helping the actors. Ellie and Spin were great as well. I enjoyed their little talk. This was the first episode this week I did not FFW. I hope when Bobbie returns she bring her A-game as well.

    Am I the only one who believes that Ellie will turn out to be Lauren Quartermaine?

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    This was my first time watching GH in some time and I am shocked to say I picked a good episode. No “vampires”, plastic masks, tainted water supplies, DID. It focused primarily on relationships, romantic and friendship alike. While I can’t say I enjoy all of the plots, it was quite refreshing to see GH have an episode that was grounded mostly, dare I say it, in reality.

    How great to see Lucy on a day that didn’t involve “vampires”. I love Lucy in “friend” mode as she effortlessly picked up on her friendships with Luke and Scotty like not a day had passed since 1995. Ms. Herring deserves more but how wonderful to see the Lucy I fell in love with many years ago.

    I must say I can’t call myself a Frisco and Felicia super fan but it’s great fun to see Felicia light up to the sound of Frisco’s name while acting as if life with Mac is a prison sentence. I don’t buy Mac being so dumb as to chase a woman so obviously in love with someone else nor do I buy that Mac would be so supportive of a Duke/Anna reconciliation BUT it was great to see Mac grow a pair and punch Frisco. We need more Mac. And Mac deserves a better relationship.

    I didn’t feel for the Maxie and Frisco scenes like others did but how great to see scenes devoted to a father/daughter relationship. Why don’t soaps do more of this? Even the mentions of the ultra stupid “I got pregnant the same day I miscarried” plot couldn’t ruin these scenes for me. KS, like Ms. Herring, has a great talent for playing a wide range of emotions, while never being over the top. Maxie should be this generations’ Lucy Coe. She should be able to make us laugh and cry and hate her yet want to see more of her in the same scene. Writers should take notice of the gold mine of opportunity and stop with the soap stupidity.

    Thank you GH for showing two female friends. Anna and Felicia together again was beautiful. Ok, they spent the whole time talking about men but I won’t quibble too much since GH has been so anti-female friendship for so long that it was hard for me to contain my enthusiasm.

    Of course, I do have some nitpicking to do. Laura as spectator to her own life is insulting to the most famous female character ever on GH. She barely had any lines. She watched the men. Would it kill a soap opera to tell the story from the woman’s point of view? Although I must say, kudos to this regime for having two men fight over a woman rather than having two women reduce themselves fighting over a mobster. I wanted a kick ass Laura to return. At the very least I wanted the smarter and more independent Laura circa 1994 than whatever this Laura zombie is. Ms. Francis can bring it in scenes but the scene has to be written first.

    Watching the Spinelli scenes was painful. Did GH fire whoever used to write the superfast hypomanic Spinelli dialogue? Because he’s nothing without the dialogue.

    But all in all, I’m left wondering why this regime doesn’t do more of this kind of episode? Clearly, they can but they chose not to. Did they realize they’d reached the campy bottom of the barrel with the vampire nod? Did they decide the 50th anniversary should be more classy melodrama than soap camp? I won’t hold my breath but I’m glad I picked a good episode to watch.

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    No…Ellie is in her 20’s. She is around the same age as Maxie, henceforth the triangle! I also believe that Ellie is Lauren. Spin will be hired to find the heir and I have a feeling he is sleeping with the Quartermaine heiress.

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    The one thing I have noticed about GH is that they don’t care how ridiculous they look in age discrepancies…in regards to Ellie being too old to be Franco’s daughter.

    Three examples…

    1)Olivia being old enough to be Domenic’s mother.

    2) Claudia being old enough to be Johnny’s mother.

    3) KSu’s Kate being the same age as Olivia, and old enough to have been involved with Sonny. MB has 15 years on KSu. Even if they had a 20 year old Sonny, be involved with a 15 year old Olivia (pregnant with Sonny’s kid)…that would have meant that Kate was that old also…in real life she was 5 at the time. LLC is at least in her forties and does not share quite the same ridiculous age difference.

    They don’t seem to care if age is realistic.

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    Ellie COULD turn out to be Franco’s daughter, but doubt it.
    I think Dr. Obrecht WILL turn out to be Britt’s mother.
    I am curious once Patrick and Anna see Robin, how they will continue to write her constantly coming and going.
    Helena will be behind Lulu and the Ice Princess. Ron is writing from history here so there is no other option (except Mikkos, Stavros or Stefan).

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    I still have a feeling that Sabrina will turn out to be the Quartermaine heir..because, while I like her, I feel Cartini’s need to shove her down my throat will push that envelope even more.

    I do like the Ellie idea though much more

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    I am also super disappointed in the Luke/Laura interaction. Luke showed more excitement in 20 seconds at seeing Lucy than he has with all his interactions with Laura.

    I don’t know if I want them back together, but Luke’s reactions to all things Laura are flat, and that seems wrong.

  29. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I had hope that Luke & Laura would share chemistry given the way he looked a her on The Haunted Star a few weeks back but since that moment Tony Geary has played Luke with either complete disinterest or mild irritation regarding Laura. Genie Francis seems a bit lost on how to react to TG’s lack of interest. There’s no “great love of my life” energy between the two and that’s a shame. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Kristina Wagner infusing a deep longing in Felicia’s reaction to Frisco with just her facial expression. I like KW a lot but never thought of her as a strong actress however she is clearly committed to her character and selling the “great love of my life” and being “torn between two men” aspects necessary to her current storyline. Kudos to he actress.

  30. Profile photo of tardis1975

    I think the show is good..Lucy was always cartoonish to me, so that is written perfectly. I love luke/laura it is the way it should be between these people after all these years. Anna and Felicia talking about the past and those pictures..Anna stating how she stood up for them was character not plot driven..U see the pain these women are going through. I love love Felecia picking Mac.It is about time after all these years…..Mac is the man for her..I love Maxi wanting to protect Mac.The balance is there, because there was no Sebrina patrick mess.. Laura/Luke were acting like two people who have survived all this mess should be acting..they know what to do and need to get to the spot and see what clues they can find..cant wait this is what i love about gh just five me a good mob story to balance the family drama and im happy happy. WHAT IS WITH THE OPENING LETS FIX THAT HORRIBLENESS…..pLEASE

  31. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @soapbaby — so so true. TG is not playing this like he did at The Haunted Star, i do agree with that. He’s probably showing more enthusiasm fighting with Kin than he is toward protecting Laura. I’ll see how i feel when i watch the rest of the episode. TG’s lack of interest in anything L&L gives me a heavy heart, so i’m hoping he’ll pick it up a bit at some point. I do also wonder if the “iced tea?” remark at Lante’s was an ad lib, or written that way…

    When i went back to see GF’s 2008 return on YouTube, TG was fantastic in his goodbye scenes with Laura as she headed for the plane. Maybe he’s able to step up when he thinks the character is headed in the direction he prefers? Maybe he’d rather at this point in his life act with his vacation partner Jane Eliot ??? I weep at the thought :(

    Love the post tardis1975!

  32. Profile photo of Cornfed

    I honestly don’t know if Luke is overflowing with any more emotion with Tracy as he is with Laura…in the last Lacy scenes we saw, only when he was pushed to the limit did he admit to Tracy “i’d run to your rescue too if you were in trouble”.

    One thing that didn’t make sense was why Luke was willing to sit back and let Laura marry Scotty, BUT WAS WILLING TO MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH when Anna was with faux Duke???

    I agree the whole Ellie kid thing was outta left field…

  33. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Perkie, you are not the only one who thought TG and GF were rather flat in their scenes. Every thing about Luke & Laura being back onscreen has been lacking. It’s a real shame as the show enters it’s 50th anniversary. I thought the actors were fantastic in Laura’s return in 2008.

    I chuckled all throughout the Mac/Duke scenes.

    I enjoyed the Felicia/Anna scenes as well only I have a problem with Anna discussing Duke without having meaningful conversation with him. I understand Anna’s reservations but wish Anna and Duke were given a real story.

    Not feeling Maxie/Frisco. The scene came too late after his return and the dialogue lacked impact.

    I am fine with Ellie’s feelings on not wishing to have children and agree with Spinelli that it’s too premature to have the discussion. Ultimately, I’m no longer invested in the couple.

    Dominic Zamprogna sold the ridiculous line, “The bear, the bear!” and for that deserves much credit. Loved the slow-motion image of the teddy bear being placed in the large brown paper bag. Hilarious.

  34. Profile photo of michaelmurmur

    So many good comments about this episode. I enjoyed it and was thrilled that Kristina Wagner seems to have warmed her acting skills back up. I’m hoping the same thing will happen with Genie Francis. We all know she can knock it out of the park and maybe it’s just going to take a little more time for her to bring it. LBJ’s comments were quite thoughtful and I’m hoping his(?) instincts are right.
    I want the aching romance of Luke and Laura back! Is that too much to ask? I’d love it if they didn’t make Scotty out to be such an ass. He used to have a lot more dimension. One last thing… bring the blonde back to both Laura and Scotty!

  35. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @michaelmurmur — i personally love Laura and Scotty brunette a) it looks natural and b) GF’s hair is thinning a bit and i think it looks awful blonde for that reason…i’m thinking that’s the whole point of darkening her hair ???

    I’m not having any issues with Genie’s acting so far…every time she utters “Scotty”, i do see 19 year old Laura all over again…

  36. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Only read a few of the top comments but will read thru later. I 100% AGREE WITH JBernard & tealita re: their assessments of GF and AG’s acting choices. This was also my gut feeling from the get go, that when you are of a certain age, you keep a calm cool collected been-there-done-that composure as you sift thru circumstantial evidence and hearsay, when you’ve been on the run from enemies a majority of your life. I think they’re playing it right. I’ll sit tight and see this one thru.

    For the record, i have not finished this ep yet, ran out of time this morning, will finish later, can’t wait!

    I sorta feel i was watching another episode than most people it seems, b/c literally, I BURST INTO TEARS when Maxie declared her love for Mac, :(( i was extremely moved by this scene (and its building emotion), and a few other moments between Maxie and Frisco. That sensation (for me) also carried over into Mac’s convo with Felicia, I also teared up again while Mac spoke. I can agree i would’ve rather had the Maxie/Frisco dialogue sooner in the story, but for whatever reason the writers (i.e. Frisco) didn’t want to show his hand re: his true motives in town, possibly hurting his only surviving daughter’s feelings about making amends with her. Kirsten Storms hit these scenes out of the ballpark, imo.

    I also extremely enjoyed Kristina Wagner again, and i could not or would not accept Sandra Ferguson in this role at this juncture as someone suggested the other day (alstonboy?) — no way, no how. Speaking personally, it could be an life experience thing, i’m 47 and deeply feel a lot of Felicia’s conflicting feelings and regrets.

    I also liked how rattled Dante was when he called Luke, DZ played that well. I can’t wait to finish this episode! I am now going to forgive CarTini for 2 bad months of soap, just based on what i’ve watched this week. Anyone feel free to remind me of this gratitude if i dare slip into “negative, berating” mode!

    TG’s face looks a bit smoother this week, he doesn’t look so ragged. And GF’s dress wasn’t as bad for this male viewer as many others reacted to it LOL I literally expected a shapeless hospital gown or something similar, tho one poster said “a mummy” which i could sorta see LOL.

    Please excuse this rambling post, i’m fighting a head cold/allergy thing and feel like crap! :(

    I actually sorta missed Olivia in this episode, but there really wasn’t room for her. LOL to Luke and Scotty repeatedly calling each other “toad” and “reptile” and “fake bridgework”, that was a good one by Luke.

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    Reflecting on quesera’s post earlier in the thread, i do wonder if TG is playing this more like “I am such a horrible person who’s done such wretched things, i don’t DESERVE someone like Laura, yet still want to see her happy”. I can’t expect Luke to react to Laura as he did to Lucy, b/c hasn’t Lucy been gone a lot longer? Yes, it would be okay for Luke to maybe “hope” of a future with Laura, but that’s not the character of Luke, as written on the page OR as acted by TG.

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