Martha Byrne’s ‘Gotham’ to Return With All-New Episodes for TV and Digital Media


Long before any big money suits realized soaps had the potential to take the web by storm, pioneers like Martha Byrne figured out diehard suds lovers would follow the format online; which is why we are absolutely thrilled to learn the As The World Turns and General Hospital alum's Emmy-nominated fashion drama Gotham is coming back with new original episodes for TV and digital media!

The NYC-set sudser has signed a deal with SimplyME Distribution, a media firm which has had success stripping content for Dish Network, NBC, Time Warner, NBC, ABC and independent TV stations nationally. Created by Byrne and Alexandra Verner RoalsvigGotham is the saga of Nicole Miller exec Catherine Prescott (Byrne), who reconnects with her childhood sweetheart, financier Richard Manning (ATWT's Michael Park). Byrne's former onscreen mother Lisa Brown (ATWT, Guiding Light) writes the serial alongside one of the late Doug Marland's favorite muses. 

"Lisa and I are thrilled to be working with simplyMe to create new episodes of Gotham," said Byrne in a released statement. "We believe in the value of good story telling and simplyMe is giving us the opportunity to share our new journey with our fans.”

SimplyME's boss also seems pumped to be in business with the ladies of Gotham. Said CEO Krystol Cameron:

"It brings us great pleasure to provide Gotham distribution over our cable and digital TV channels nationally. Gotham, once enjoyed by consumers on the web, will now go mainstream on and offline with new original episodes. It is a thrill for me and my staff to work with producer David Wenzel and seasoned veterans Martha Byrne and Lisa Brown.”

Congrats to Byrne and Co.!


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  1. Profile photo of josser

    Congratulations to Martha and Lisa! It’s great to see them succeed like this.

    Now we just need DeVanity’s Jason Caruso to get a similar deal. That guy is just insanely brilliant at writing high camp soap.

  2. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Only last year, I discovered Gotham on You Tube. Congratulations to MB and LB in reviving the series. I hope the new episodes will continue to be available online for those of us who’ve dispensed with cable.

  3. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m so psyched up about this, I thought Gotham was over! This is by far my favorite web soap from the beginning and still my favorite. It had all of these vets from P&G soaps, the pacing was SOOOOO much like a P&G soap and seeing all these familiar faces from ATWT, GL, & AW was wonderful, following P&G’s formula of soaps…and going have opportunity with fresh stories on TV too…WOW! So that means at least it will be 30 minutes…I will definitely be parked in front of my TV or computer to watch. If nobody has seen Gotham watch the first webisodes from ’09 it’s awesome! ;)

  4. Profile photo of TurboByrned

    I think this is awesome news for Martha Byrne and the whole cast and crew of Gotham. This just proves that soaps are still alive! Martha “gets it” and I’m so happy that her series Gotham is coming back and being distributed for TV and all digital media. I wish Martha and her crew the best of luck and I can’t wait to watch the new episodes!

  5. Profile photo of tashikins

    Indifferent to Lily, used to like Cane when he was ‘Philip’ (foolish because he is much younger than Phillip and I missed Y&R for a while so I don’t know how they explained the age difference) but I like Lane. Tyler is hot hot hot though and I like him and Leslie.

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