REPORT: CBS Poised to Buy 50 Percent Stake in TV Guide Network, TV

Is CBS Corporation about to make a play for TV Guide Network (TVGN)? According to Deadline, the media conglomerate is thisclose to purchasing One Equity Partners’ interest in TV Guide, which includes the TV Guide Network and TV

Considering CBS is all about corporate synergy these days, a move like this could help cross promote CBS Daytime immensely. Imagine all the soap-themed hunk countdowns TVGN could do, featuring The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful's sexy newcomers. A cable platform would also allow the women of The Talk to host primetime specials.

All I ask, is that CBS gets rid of that annoying scroll of TV listings, if the deal goes through! TVGN is in 80 million homes. It's sister website boasts 25 million monthly unique visitors, according to Deadline.

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Oh I like that idea! Smile Showing off their soap hunks and gives CBS an option to broadcast their hunks from their daytime shows in primetime Wink...the way CBS & NBC connection to Sony I could see a deal with DOOL along the lineup... Love

AMcD would have a heyday with her social networking skills Wink

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I have basic which includes tv guide. It runs some interesting stuff.