Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott on Nikki and Victor: “She Always Falls For His Bulls–t”

It's official. The Young and the Restless divas give the best quotes!

First Jeanne Cooper all but said the sudser's newbies should do porn; now Melody Thomas Scott is keeping it real about why Nikki Reed continues to afford Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) chance after chance to straighten up and fly right. Said the Genoa City vet to TV Guide's Michael Logan:

TV Guide Magazine: This is Nikki's fourth marriage to the dastardly Victor Newman [Eric Braeden]. When will she ever learn?

Thomas Scott: Never! She always falls for his bulls–t, but that's what's so charming about her. She goes with her heart, not her head. She's a good example of what not to be. I mean, seriously, who'd want to be Nikki? I love this role and I'm very happy, but c'mon! She's hopeless.

For more of MTS' hilarious chat with Logan, click here!

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    Nikki accepting and tolerating Victor’s emotional, verbal and psychological abuse has NEVER been charming……….well, at least it never was under Latham and Bell’s regimes.

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    hey mon

    Melody Thomas Scott, you are a true gem. I have always cringed when you came on-screen the last 34 years, but now I am starting to like you. I am actually becoming someone who likes Nikki.

  3. Profile photo of pferrando

    …and thankfully we’ve seen both Victor and Nikki acting like themselves again under Josh.

    Do I think this is their last marriage? Probably not. But let’s give them at least 5 years to be a couple, interfere in their children’s/grandkid’s lives, like a normal couple and let Victor continue his goal of getting Newman back while Nikki plans the next Gala and chats with Kay about her MS.

    Boring. No.

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    My intro into Genoa City was in 1991 when Nikki had fallen off of the horse and was dulling her back pain with pills and booze hidden in linen closets that were the sizes of small studio apartments I remember.
    I was enchanted by this character and actress then and I still am.

  5. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    Seriously the women on this show have the best interviews! I am fast becoming a fan of MTS & slowly Nikki! She’s still a little to snooty to be coming off the pole herself.

  6. Profile photo of pferrando

    I like when Nikki and Sharon go at it.

    She remembers she WAS Sharon.

    I haven’t seen much interaction with her and Avery, but I’m waiting for the attitude with her too.

    I LOVE Nikki. Put her in a scene with just about anyone and it’s fun to watch.

  7. Profile photo of tashikins

    Always lved Nikki and MTS–with Jack, Ashley, her children, Kay. Love her snotty attitude. No though–she was never Sharon! Her attitude towards wealth and power is different, her relationship with her children and her friendships.

  8. Profile photo of tedew

    … don’t forget the time when Nikki had (pretended to have) the illness that only Black People can get.

    Hopefully this time when Victor disappoints or humiliates Nikki it will finally be that last straw. There are plenty around who could treat he like the lady she can be.

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    I started watching when she had that illness and had coffins delivered to the ranch to make Victor feel guilty about cheating with Ashley. She was beautiful all those years ago. However, she is no longer beautiful. She is STUNNING!!!

  10. Profile photo of stoney07

    To me, Melody Thomas Scott looks better as the years pass. She was gorgeous in the ’80s and ’90s….in the early 2000’s she was gorgeous. But around 2011, she became even BETTER. I don’t know what happened, but now she’s just breathtaking.

    What disease was it that Nikki claimed she had? I’ve always wondered that, but never found out what it was, and I don’t think I was born at the time. That is probably the ONLY Y&R storyline that I know absolutely nothing about. I’ve heard she faked a disease, but I don’t know any details.

    As for the character of Nikki….I think she’s a little smarter NOW than she’s been in the past 2 previous regimes. She gets Victor “straightened out” a lot quicker now than she used to. That scene where she interrupts Victor’s press conference and tells him to stop attacking Jack was POWERFUL stuff. I’m sure it’ll be a matter of time before Victor starts the verbal abuse stuff again, but for now, I’m really liking them as a couple. Well, I’ve always liked them as a couple anyway, and especially now that the new regime has made Victor somewhat human again. He still has that tough, rough, ruthless business mode…but he also is loving now, and somewhat understanding. That’s the Victor I grew up with.

    I love Nikki and Sharon in scenes together. It just doesn’t get any better. Actually, I’ve liked Nikki in ALL her rivalries. Nikki vs. Sharon, Nikki vs. Ashley, Nikki vs. Diane (Which reminds me of one of the best catfights in the history of daytime drama), Nikki vs. Jill. They were all great. And I’m sure I’m missing more rivalries, but these are the ones that stick out to me. And to be perfectly honest, I think I’ve enjoyed Nikki vs. Sharon through the years, more than I have Phyllis vs. Sharon. Hmmm


    “Go, BITCH, Go!!!” -line of the century

  11. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    I started watching ( with grandma ) when Nikki was a workin the pole at the Bayou. I loved her then and I love her now.

    MTS is as beautiful inside is she is outside.

    I say this as I cherish many personal notes and photos given to me by her over the years. I remember when she was off the show one time, for maternity leave, and I got several lovely notes from her.

    Truly a class act!

    And when I was into “The Waltons” reruns and found out she was “Darlene” in a few of those shows, that was just an added bonus!!

    I think, in the beginning, she had her head turned by Victor’s ca$h; but then the kids came along and she realized there was more to life than diamonds and furs.

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    Stoney & Pferrando ITA. I read the article and it was fun, fun, fun! I love Nikki now she’s Nikki again under Josh! Josh gets the characters of Victor & Nikki.

    I remember when Nikki came to the show and MTS as Nikki. I remember the original Nikki pre-MTS. I loved the story of the crazy cult, Nikki, Peggy had joined and Paul was trying to help.

    Stoney LOVED THE CLIP, and Alex Donnelly was my favorite Diane, probably because she was the original dating back to ’82-83 and have ALWAYS loved the rivalry between MTS & AD, wicked >) Here’s another short clip of Melody & Alex…OK the clip Stoney posted was from ’01, this one is from ’99, the start of baby switch, Nikki had talk Victor go be clipped when married to Diane, now Nikki & Victor was lovey-dovey again (shutter to think) Nikki & Victor wanted to try have another baby…Victor went to get unclipped again…

    This goes to show you Bill and his longterm story, in 2 yrs Diane & Victor reunited and the sperm switch had morphed from the story prior 2 years ago. “why” & “motivation” fans knew already because how it played out…pay attention Josh because that’s how its done ;)

    Thanks Stoney for the clip, I so enjoy it! :love: I wanted to share one too!


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