10 Actors Who Played Two Completely Unrelated Roles on The Same Soap Opera


News that Roger Howarth (ex-Todd), Michael Easton (ex-John) and Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr) are set to return to General Hospital as all-new characters is being met with mixed responses. As suds fans debate the latest chapter in the battle between GH and Prospect Park's One Life to Live, we decided to look back at a few actors who've played two unrelated roles on the same soap. Check 'em out below!



No. 10: Josh Taylor, Days of Our Lives

From 1977 to 1987, Josh Taylor played bartender-turned-lawyer Chris Kositchek on Days of Our Lives. Chris was a pal of 80's supercouple Roman Brady (Wayne Northrop) and Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). In fact, he was so chummy with the Bradys, he was one of Roman's groomsmen when the cop married his Doc! 

A decade after exiting the NBC soap for primetime, Taylor returned to DAYS, only this time he wasn't playing Chris. He was appearing as Chris' bud, Roman Brady! 


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SoapArmageddon wrote:
On Another World, John Considine played Vic Hastings in the seventies and the fantastically evil Reginald Love in the mid to late eighties.

I wasn't watching AW when he was Reginald Love but do remember Vic Hastings. A friend of mine who was a diehard of NBC soaps said he was fantastic as Donna & Nicole's father and always thought AW made a mistake getting rid of Reginald because he said he was AW's "Alan Spaulding" and many connections on canvas.

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Harlee, there was no Daytime Confidential back then (Jamey and Luke were probably still in high school Smile. As was I.) to do some serious digging about why John Considine left the show, but I’ve heard many reasons over the years. The most repeated are:

1. The character of Reginald was written into a corner. After he admitted to killing his wife Elizabeth, they really couldn’t keep him on the show with no consequences.

2. A new regime came in and they wanted to take the Love family in a different direction.

3. John had only signed to a two-year contract and decided not to renew.

Whatever the real reason may have been, he left quite a mark as another of the great P&G villains.

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They forgot about Nathaniel Marston who played Al Holden and Michael McBain on OLTL...

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if they are going to change the characters ,i wouldn't do a double for them, maybe put them in witness protection, and have there name changed that way.or some how have todd and starr not being a manning but possible switched at birth type thing.they could change there names without changing the storyline and interference.as far as mcbain he could find out hes not a mcbain but the decendant of caleb.and have his name changed that way due to protection.just don't know if I would continue watching if a sudden change over was done. I like the storyline of micheal and starr so I would some how intergrade the character to gh with a name change, instead of making up new characters like that. they just want the names, and character. so a switch at birth, would be a good story line.and seems how todd was captured and tortured he could find out he is actually somebody else.

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SwanQueen59 wrote:
Ah, Bethany Joy Lenz's Michelle Bauer opposite Paul Anthony Stewart's Danny Santos-My first real soap "investment" couple. The girl oozed talent and went toe to toe with Saundra Santiago's Carmen Santos. Good times indeed... Innocent

Sigh...how great was she as Michelle? Very smart move by GL--I actually thought Rebecca Budig was a very weak Michelle and was surprised how talented she actually was when she completely killed as Greenlee on AMC--and the Michelle/Danny pairing was like lightning in a bottle. Too bad it was ruined when Lenz left and was replaced by Nancy St. Alban(who I thought was terrible in the role).

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ChrisGa-You are sooo right in your assessment of Nancy St. Alban. No fire. BJL (now Galleotti-sp?), had that perfect mix to contrast with PAS's Danny. Just heavenly. RB did come into her own when she created Greenlee and she sparked with Josh Duhmel's Leo. When he left, it seemed she went periodically into a coccoon. I never quite believed in her pairing with CM's Ryan. They looked good together on a physical/looks basis but they never gelled for me emotionally... Innocent