DC #714: Top 5 The Young and the Restless Moments #YR40

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens and Jillian Bowe count down their Top 5 The Young and the Restless moments from the past 40 years. From the fantastic to the insane, the CBS soap has served up countless memories for fans to cherish.

What are your Top 5 The Young and the Restless Moments?

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!


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37 Responses

  1. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    Jack leaving Victor on the office floor after Victor suffering a heart attack…
    Sheila Carter’s first rampage against Lauren(baby switch, Sheila’s stroke-afflicted mother who couldn’t tell Lauren the truth, Lauren left tied up in the burning cabin)….
    Nikki faking that she was dying…
    Ashley’s mental breakdown after her miscarriage…
    Just a few that first came to mind..

  2. Profile photo of pferrando

    Here are mine in order:

    1- Cassie dies.
    2- Olivia finds out Nathan slept with Keesha who has HIV.
    3- Ashley is not John’s daughter.
    4- Vanessa throws herself off of Lorie’s balcony to frame her.
    5- The ongoing Kay and Jill feud (with Brenda Dickson mostly.)
    (tie) Jack sleeps with Jill at the cabin.

    These are those big moments that carried the story then for months and/or sometimes years.

    There are so many more!

  3. Profile photo of luverica

    One of life’s greatest pleasures – getting a new DC podcast download, especially when it’s a Top 5 list. I’ll have to come up with my own list after listening to the episode. Y&R and I go way back to the Brooks sisters and I LOVED me some Lauralee ‘Lori’ Brooks. She’ll definitely have a spot on my list.

  4. Profile photo of bbath7

    1) Jack kicks Victor’s hand.

    2) Kay and Jill attic fight.

    3) Kay and Jill vs Nina

    4) Jack/Phyllis/Nick Triangle

    5) Victor finds his father.

  5. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    1. Vanessa Prentiss jumping off that balcony. — you said it, PFerrando. That raspy voice, I can still hear it today. “What are doing Lori… don’t push me Lori…” I wish Mrs Prentiss could be my mother.

    2. Sheila Carter burning down the farmhouse, and Lauren and Molly being rescued by Paul.

    3. The 3 siblings/ children of Victor Newman sue him for $1.5 billion, and win. It’s really the only time Vic has ever lost, and lost big.

    4. Diane vs Jack/Phyllis fighting for custody of Kyle — the court scenes with Red on the stand are unbelievable from 2001. Even Diane thought that Michael went too far in questioning Red.

    5. Ashley and baby Robert. It was so real in 2003 the way Ashley treated that simple blanket, that maybe it seemed, there could, or should, have been a baby boy in there.

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    5. Isabella visits Christine in the bath tub and tries to kill her.

    4. Victor lying on the floor and Jack kicking his hand out of the way.

    3. Jack confronts Phyllis over her affair with Nick.

    2. Ashley with the empty blanket and referring to it as baby Robert.

    1. Cassie dies with Nick and Sharon at her bed side.

  7. Profile photo of Patchworks

    1. Victor Newman’s epileptic seizure

    2. Victor Newman’s heart attack when Jack kicked his hand.

    3. Brad and Jack’s takeover of Newman Enterprises.

    4. Mari Jo shot Victor.

    5. Victor had amnesia in L.A. and Sharon, then Jack, and finally Adam took over Newman Enterprises.

    Honorable Mentions: Both times Jack married Nikki; Vicky married Brad; Vicky married Billy…

  8. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    1) Nikki and Jack carry on a clandestine affair while Nikki pretends she is still dying. Adding to the drama, Victor has rented the apt next to the one Jack/Nikki are meeting at and has a two way mirror installed so he can listen and watch everything they are doing.

    2) Sheila switches Laurens baby. Enough said! One of daytime’s all time great stories.

    3) George Rawlin’s Murder mystery. It may have gone on a little long but it was a complex story with many layers.

    4) The introduction of Leanna Randolph. I LOVED every time the sociopath Leanna would get upset with someone she’d have fantasies about doing them in. Highlights are her trying to kill Ashley on her honeymoon and invading a locker room full of naked men where she proceeded to flip out with her, “I hate men”, mantra.

    5)Olivia finds out she has possible been exposed to HIV by Nathan. This was a powerful story and showed that HIV is non-discriminative.

    I could easily list 20 more. Just ones off the top of my head.

  9. Profile photo of stoney07

    I thought Bobby was killed off-screen….

    Brittany went to go see Bobby in the witness protection program and when she got back to Genoa City she didn’t hear from him for a while. And later she found out he’d been “killed” in a hit and run.

    I never bought it tho…

  10. Profile photo of stoney07

    My top five:

    5. Kevin walking into Michael’s office and saying “hello brother”.

    4. Nina putting five bullets in David Kimble’s ass

    3. Brittany stripping and being electrocuted, sliding down that stripper’s pole.

    2. Cassie’s death.

    1. Olivia finding out that Nathan cheated on her with Keesha, her patient with HIV. Classic soap….

    Honorable Mentions: Kay vs. Jill fight in the attic, Paul finds out that “Mary Jane Benson” is actually Patty (the infamous slide down the door and hysterical cry from Doug Davidson), MariJo Mason shoots Victor in that primetime special my parents let me stay up to watch :D, Veronica Landers shoots her husband, and Nikki (or did she shoot Victor?) I can’t remember…

  11. Profile photo of pferrando

    I don’t usually listen to the podcast….they can be a bit much. And i did so after I made my list. But one of the best real moments I’ve ever watched was on one of their lists. When Dru’s Mom admitted she didn’t want to have Drucilla….

    I don’t ever remember anything like that on daytime.

    I want to commend a couple of other people’s choices:

    Restless- The George Rawlins murder mystery. Cassandra was beautiful. Great story.

    Hey mon and Stefan- Sheila’s first rampage involving Lauren and her own Mother. Wow.

    Soapjunkie- Isabella and that knife… That scene contains one of Y and R’s best music scores!

    Stoney- “Hello brother”…. When Y an R used to surprise me, I loved it.

    There are so many other great moments so I can’t wait to see other’s picks!

  12. Profile photo of luverica

    I guess I should feel fortunate to listen to this episode at home rather than my usual public transportation listening locale because as usual, you guys just crack me up. Luke, stop cheating. LOL!!!

    So many top moments to choose from. These moments are personally more unforgettable moments than “favorite” per se, particularly regarding my #5 choice because they’re the moments that have stayed with me over the years and I tend to think of first when thinking of “moments” in the history of the show. Some of were already selected by you three which is all good, but here’s my list from 5 to 1:

    5. The rape of Chris/Peggy Brooks – If I’m not mistaken, the rape of Chris Brooks, played by one of my all time favorite Y&R actresses Trish Stewart, was one of the first rape storylines, if not the first, that took on the crime of rape as a socially topic issue in a very realistic way. I remember watching this with my Mom at a young age and how it just stayed with me for years. The fact that Bill Bell wrote the same storyline for Chris’ baby sister Peggy a few years later was quite shocking and the performances by both Trish and Pamela Peters Solow as Peggy were superb.

    4. Katherine Chancellor, how should I say, exploring her sexuality – Alright, I’ll be the first to bring it up even though Jamey and Jillian have referred to it several times in the past but I will NEVER forget this one. Kaye wanted some of that Joanne Curtis good-good and she wanted it bad. I’ll never forget the moment Joanne confronted her with Kaye’s true intent for their “vacation” and Kaye giving us one of her unforgettable “NOOOO” with that glorious Jeanne Cooper voice. They have never referenced that story line ever again which I find interesting but I’ll never forget it.

    3. Vanessa Prentiss throws herself off Lorie’s balcony – pferrando beat me to it. I had to include a moment by my Genoa City goddess Lori Brooks. Most of these moments were back in the day before internet and social media spoilers so I did not see this coming. The disfigured Vanessa was so mean to Lori but this moment was absolutely shocking and Jaime Lyn Bauer played the hell out of this story. Of all the 70s characters I would LOVE to see return to Genoa City for a contractual stay, Jaime Lyn is at the top of my list. I miss Lori so much.

    2. Drucilla confronts her Mom – This was on Jamey’s list but I had to include a Drucilla moment and this was my most unforgettable. I remember this storyline, and the DRAMA, like it was yesterday but this is where I permanently fell in love with Victoria Rowell. Her performance, as well as the late Norma Donaldson as her mother, were stellar. Jamey said it all.

    1. Kaye and Jill’s attic fight – More than the Victor/Nikki love story, the Abbotts, Victor vs. Jack, etc. the Kaye Chancellor/Jill Foster Abbott love/hate relationship has been personally for me the defining Y&R story. One of their classic scenes had to be my #1 moment. It was EPIC. Old girl Kaye gave as get as she got, up until Jill almost choked her to death. LOL! I did enjoy Brenda Dickson as the original Jill but this is Jess Walton’s character, and has been for quite some time. The chemistry between her and Jeanne Cooper is awesome.

  13. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I am just going to go off the top of my head in no particular order. These are the moments, some good, some bad…that I just can’t seem to forget.

    1. Michael looking at Cricket through the wall. To this day that spooks me

    2. Jack leaving Victor after he had a heart attack.

    3. Nick turning his father in and sending him to jail. First time Nick’s balls dropped.

    4. Victoria slapping Victor. Again…Victoria fan. I always cheered her on because she was just like Victor, and Victor was a typical misogynist that wanted his son to carry on his legacy. I am still mad that Victoria is passed over and has turned into….this….

    5. The entire Victoria/Ryan/Nina storyline. I was a fan of Victoria and I hated Nina. Looking back, Ryan wasn’t much of a prize, but I know the story of falling for the older guy.

    6. Dru’s rape. I think that was my first time seeing someone so out of it on cold medicine. Granted now..with sizzurp and things out there, seems like it was foreshadowing a bit.

  14. Profile photo of luverica

    If I’m not mistaken, I seem to remember an episode when Victor got popped in the face by all three family immediate family members, Nikki, Nick, and Victoria, all in the same episode. Does anyone else remember that?

  15. Profile photo of harlee490

    LMAO…”You’re the donut and I’m the filling”

    Great podcast…made me remember George Rawlins murder…pure AWESOME! There are so many from Bill & Kay years…

    5. Ashley\Dina\Mark secret…loved Ashley during that period and I loved Ashley\Mark romance.

    4. Diane\Jack (Alex & Terry) affair leading to Jack’s first shooting…awesome, awesome setup!

    3. When Dru went to see her ballet teacher and the whole story was one of my favorite Dru stories…LOVED anything w\Neil & Dru

    2. Lance\Lori\Lucas\Leslie quad…has been my favorite quad on Y&R still, it had everything, Lori wanting what Leslie had in beginning Lance, scheming w\Lance’s brother Lucas, he was in love w\Leslie…LOVED THAT story it was great Y&R! :love:

    1. Vanessa Prentiss was my favorite psycho of Bill’s and what sticks out or made a huge impression was in beginning Vanessa wearing her vale, (later she had plastic surgery) first time Bill showed Vanessa taking her vale off, it had been months with story…if was a Friday cliffhanger and Vanessa exposed her face and was burnt and deformed!!!! :O :O

    A “Phantom of the Opera” moment :love: :love: :love:

  16. Profile photo of twb6yz

    some of mine that were not mentioned on the podcast (in no particular order)

    Vanessa takes a dive

    Lauren buried alive

    Patty shoots Jack (back in the ’80s)

    David Kimball has “KILLER” scarred into his forehead by the plastic surgeon

    Victor has his first wife’s lover locked in the basement and then the tables are turned.

  17. Profile photo of Smitty

    My top 5 moments

    5. Jabot Takeover of 2008. First Gloria’s speech was epic! Icing on the cake was Ashley Abbott coming back to Genoa City and taking control. I was in pure heaven!

    4. Cassie Newman’s death! The scene in the hospital with the Newman family all around just brings me to tears. I just can’t believe she’s gone. It changed the dynamics on that show and her death is still being felt on this show until this day. I would be one to argue that after her death the show went downhill.

    3. Victor Newman returned from the dead from Hope’s farm and comes back to find Brad and Jack in charge of Newman Enterprises. Great scenes. Loved it.

    2. Fire at the farmhouse that had Lauren and Shiela’s mother in their. I remember thinking oh now Shiela will be gone forever. Shiela was believed to have died in that fire. then she popped up on Bold and the Beautiful! That was a great climax to my all time favorite storyline on that show.

    1. Victor marrying Nikki on her deathbed in 1998 after she had been shot by Veronica Landers. I remembert reading an article and Bill Bell hinted like 6 months before that an iconic couple would be getting married at the 25th anniversary of the show. I had no idea who it would be. Many speculated it would be Danny and Cricket reuniting. When it turned out to be Victor and Nikki it made me a true fan of this couple. Those scenes in the hospital with Katherine, Casey, Victoria, Nick and Victoria hovering over Nikki’s bed were amazing. I cried watching that wedding. It still gets to me when I watch it.

  18. Profile photo of fmat55

    My top moment is when Drucilla confronted her mother. That was so powerful. Also when Olivia confronted Nathan about sleeping with Keesha, when the plastic surgeon carved “KILLER” on David’s forehead, Cassie’s death, and the Sheila/Lauren baby switch storyline. Here’s to another 40 years Y&R.

  19. Profile photo of stoney07

    Wow. Reading all these comments and remember most of them, I can’t believe people used to say Y&R was boring with no “action”. To me, Y&R had the best psychos in the entire world of daytime. LOL. I guess it’s just that it took so long to get these psychos completely snapped. But the stories were built so incredibly, you didn’t mind the slow pace.

    David Kimball, Sheila Carter, Vanessa Prentiss, Eve Howard, MariJo Mason, I’ll even say Pattycakes was a good villain under MAB, ’90s Phyllis Summers, Veronica Landers… Cameron Kirsten, Matt Clark…

    They were all epic villains to some extent and I know I’m missing some. But wow…I always took Y&R to be the sophisticated, more-realistic soap. But they always knew how to do crazy too. haha

  20. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    5.)Katherine and Jill fighting in that attic.


    4.) Victor returning from the dead and his confrontation with Jack. Also, Jack walking out on Victor after he had a heart attack.


    3.) Any of the Sheila/Lauren catfights, but especially the one where she tries to drown Lauren in the pool.



    2.) Olivia MASSACRING Keesha…….and Tonya Lee Williams’ best acting to DATE. Still can’t believe she didn’t win the Emmy that year.


    1.)Drucilla returning during Neil’s intervention storyline!! I have never been able to find these scenes on YouTube. Wish someone would post them. Also, her scenes where she berates Lillie Bell over being so neglectful. I wish I had been able to watch that storyline more when I was young, since scenes of it seem to be scarce on YouTube. Essentially, every scene where Drucilla is ho-checking somebody or putting them in their place. I have selected a few of the best ones below.




    And let’s not forget those scenes where Drucilla gets drunk and cuts up Carmen’s clothes!!


    Honorable mention: Cassie’s death. I don’t list this one as one of my “favorite”, because I still think that killing off Cassie was a HUGE mistake.

    The dream sequences back in the 80s where Brenda Dickson’s Jill fantasizes about killing Kay. I could only find one, but there’s another one where she fantasizes about washing Kay’s hair and then drowning her. Tried to find it, but couldn’t……..


    And the VERY unintentionally funny scene of Jill’s spontaneous miscarriage from the 80s.


  21. Profile photo of pferrando

    Commenting on what Stoney mentioned…I always remember hearing, reading, people/writers in the Daytime magazines “complaining” about how slow Y and R moved. This was back in the 80’s I believe.

    What most people probably didn’t know at the time was that the show would climb to #1 in the ratings and stay there permanently BECAUSE of the way Bill and his writers crafted these great stories, and characters. So many other of the strong shows at the time, just faded and eventually were cancelled because of the constant changes made at those shows.

    Love reading everyone’s choices!

  22. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    I love classic Y&R. Today I am more nostalgic than normal. Here are some clips I found of some classic scenes. Enjoy.

    Dru and Lillie Belle

    Keesha finds out her old lover died of HIV

    The fire at the farmhouse

    Vic comes back from the dead 1993

    Sheila switches babies

    God I LOVE the music in all these scenes!!!!

  23. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    1. Cassie’s death :Not my favorite but the moment that affected me the most
    2. The first Sheila vs Lauren story: with the Scott triangle and the baby switch
    3. The revelation that Jill and Kay are mother and daughter: i don’t care it’s been retconned AGAIN, it was such a powerful moment. But just everything about these two.
    4. The Jack/Victor confrontation that ends up with “Have a seat ON ME”. But i just love these two in general like Kay/Jill.
    5. The Matt Clark saga 1.0 and 2.0: it was the classic Supercouple vs Supervillain. tHE 2.0 was even better the team of Matt/Tricia vs Nick/Sharon and Victoria/Ryan I wish soaps would go back to this kind storytelling

    Honorable mentions: David Kimball, Nick turning Victor to the cops, Ashley not being John’s daughter, Drucilla vs Lillibelle, Ashley walking around with “Robert” the blanket, Crazy Isabella, the Cameron Kirsten saga.

  24. Profile photo of harlee490

    Gosh there are so many!

    David Kimball in the trash compactor was epic! When Nina unloaded the gun…love it!

    Lillie Belle was so sad and heart tugging, full of emotions, and Liv always tried to make it up to Dru…tears!

    Neil’s alcoholism story and Dru return to kick his ass in gear…was superb!

    I loved Eve Howard terrorizing V\N’s first wedding, Eve trying to poison Nikki was classic.

    I loved the cult story in the mid to late ’70s w\Nikki, Paul, & Peggy, during the whole Jim Jones mass murder saga and was spot on, Bill made this cult very creepy :O Combination of Jim Jones & Charles Mansion family ;)

    I loved when Greg was throwing Gwen A NUN…some hot loving on side. Poor nun went all cray cray, because of guilt.

    I loved when Katherine was trying to make baby Phillip a bastard, having Jill & Phillip’s marriage invalid then Kay fighting for custody for baby Phillip. In a classic Y&R, Jill & Kay was arguing and Kay 2 sheets to wind grabbed Phillip out of Jill’s arms and dropped baby Phillip on his head and had to be rushed to the hospital…EPIC! This is when Liz quit working for Mrs Chancellor after many years (enter Esther). I loved the relationship between Liz & Jill (Brenda’s) because Liz grounded Jill ;)

  25. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I am going to say this….I had a love hate relationship with Bill Bell…but what I did love consistently was how the stories were written, whether I liked the stories or not. He built his stories brick by brick and most of them still have an impact today.

    I can’t think of any new stories and relationships that were built in that manner…and I don’t see any of them lasting.

  26. Profile photo of lance_prentiss

    Great podcast! My top 5 favorite moments:

    1. Lance/Lorie/Lucas/Leslie quad – LOVED all aspects of it: their love scenes, Lance courting Lorie, the swapping of siblings as love interests, and Lorie seeing a very pregnant Leslie in the shower and realizing that it was surely Lance’s baby.

    2. Vanessa’s constant tormenting of Lorie and eventually framing Lorie for her death. Talk about EPIC. I screamed (with Lorie) when I saw Vanessa jump over the balcony.

    3. Jill falling down the stairs at the Brooks home and Stuart finally discovering he had been duped and that Jill was never pregnant with their child.

    4. Phillip III returning from boarding school after Jill was shot/The trial re: the renaming of Phillip III from Foster to Chancellor. Loved the usage of all of the flashbacks of Kay, Jill (Brenda) and Phillip II helped. The scenes between Jeanne and Brenda were beyond humorous, legendary and CLASSIC.

    5. Dina Abbott returning to town. Love Marla Adams and wish they would bring her back.

    Honorable mention:
    The affair between Jack (Terry) and Jill(Brenda), the photographs, Kay’s involvement, John’s reaction and Jill ultimately gaining 20% of Jabot.

  27. Profile photo of harlee490

    I wish Josh & Jill would READ some these posts and see how the first 10 years of Y&R made an impression on ppl and the memories. If they would use the history I would love to have Lori back in GC. If they are going to keep Carmine I said this before they should make him a Prentiss. Maybe Carmine wanted to get away from Lance and PI took an assume name so ppl wouldn’t know him and then it would open the door for Lori’s return. Jamie Lyn Bauer is still my Y&R character after all these years. ;)

  28. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    I will always love the Rose Deville / Nina storyline and I believe this is where we first meet Nina, and then there is Rose, the “baby broker”. A young Christine, then the “teen model” gets involved.

    And I loved the recent nod to Y&R history ( this plot line, exactly ) when Billy went in search of a child to please Victoria and used the services of ” Primrose Deville”, the niece of Rose, who was still in the family business.

    We all know Darlene Conley went on to “B&B” and created the iconic role of Sally Spectra, and was taken from us all, far too early……

    And another one of mine was the Nikki @ the Bayou scenes…. setting up the future 30 plus years of plotlines!!

  29. Profile photo of lance_prentiss

    I agree Harlee re: Carmine/Brooks. I would love to see Lorie Brooks on my screen again and bringing an adult Brooks back to GC would be a great way for her to return.

    I wish the writers would recast Chance so that we can get a younger Chancellor back in GC and in the Chancellor mansion. He could be paired with Abby or Victoria (on second thought, maybe not Victoria).

    Another favorite Y&R moment was the “Who’s Victoria’s father” storyline with Victor, Nikki, Kevin Bancroft and his snobby mother Allison. I breathed a sigh of relief when it was proven that Victor was the father.

  30. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Top Y&R moments:
    5 Tracy Abbott and Danny Romalotti were tied up in a warehouse believing they were about to blow up. This was a Friday. So I expected to have to wait till Monday to find out what was going to happen but NO! The police bust in and save them right before the show ended. It was shocking. Any other time, we would have had to stew in our juices all weekend.
    4 ANY scene where Jill gets to call Kay some new name. I always particularly liked “you old battle ax”. Tied with any scene with Jill Kay and Nina battling it out.
    3 “Bless the Beast and the Children”/ “Nadia’s theme” moments. Blasting the music while the camera is moving around the tearful cast slowly.
    2 Paul finding the cassette tape that Lauren left behind when she was kidnapped by Shawn. She sang “Turn Around” and he knew that she was missing and didn’t leave of her own will.
    1 The reason I started watching Y&R was a scene between Patti and Jack. She knew all about his philandering ways and was going to shoot herself in front of him at his office. Jack asks her not to kill herself. If anyone deserved to be shot it was him, he exclaimed. Shoot me not yourself. And she did!!!!! The late great Terry Lester and Andrea Evans deserved Oscars (forget Emmys).

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