Sony’s The Young and the to Merge With’s Y&R Site

Sony's is joining forces with! As of Thursday, March 28, Y&R fans will be redirected to Sony Pictures Television alerted fans of the site merger with an email blast on Monday.

Out two websites are making it official! Starting this Thursday you will be automatically redirected to when you visit Finally, a successful marriage in Genoa City!

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    Is the streaming quality going to get any better? Because for those of us who have new laptops and 1920x1080p HD, the picture looks surprisingly bad.

    CBS’ site is suitable for older computers with a lower screen resolution but for newer computers with higher resolution, it’s either a lot of big blocky components or a bunch of small blocks making up the picture.

    And it only happens on the site, every other site I visit has a sharp, crisp, clear picture when viewing the online stream.

    I hope this means that somehow, CBS will devote some time to upgrading it’s site, namely the low quality of streaming.

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    Looks like it is for smartphones and tablets. I have a laptop. And it looks like unless you have an iPad, you can find yourself getting charged (it’s in tiny letters on the site) for fees.

    I wish they’d just fix the streaming quality on their site. It’s terrible! Or upload episodes to You Tube or something.

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