Is Tracey Bregman Back on Contract at The Young and the Restless?

Sexy, soap veteran Tracey Bregman (Lauren) is finally front and center again on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless, but has her juicy, new storyline led to a contract?  Here's what CBS Soaps in Depth reported in their March 25-April 8 issue:

"Sources tell In Depth that after years on recurring status, Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) is back on contract with The Young and the Restless. The soap does not comment on contract status."

Best. News. Ever. Lauren and Michael's (Christian LeBlanc) marital meltdown, following plenty of teen angst from son Fen (Max Ehrich), has provided Bregman with the meatiest material she's had on this show in over half a decade.

Speaking of meat, the department store mogul's affair with hunky, Italian barkeep Carmine (Marco Dapper) is by far the soap's hottest, current storyline. If I were among TPTB at Y&R, I'd be doing more than commenting about locking Bregman down — I'd be shouting it from the rooftops!

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    ok…. where can we discuss the wedding and the past two episodes? I am raring to go. My jaw hit the floor so many times in the past few days!!

    And I have a case of whiplash……

    it’s all in the dialog! So many great scenes of two or more actors using the words ( and facial expressions ) to convey the message.

    What has been the biggest shocker for you?

    I think today provided mine: when at the hospital, Chelsea said Sharon should be the one to visit Adam, as she has been the one to stand by his side!

    I thought it was quite classy of Sharon to call Chelsea and tell her what happened. We all know Nikki and Victory,Nick, and Victoria are all wrapped up in their own little dramas.

    And Victoria’s request!!! WOW!

    I also thought Lauren was going to take off her wedding rings and hand them back to Michael.

  2. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    ok: my favorite scenes:

    the now infamous “panty” scene between Noah and Sharon! LOL

    Summer VS Phyllis: classic mother vs coming of age daughter ( loved Red getting on the phone and saying “Jack, we need to cancel this trip”.

    Sharon and Chelsea at the hospital, putting their differences aside.

    Victor’s reaction to Adam taking the bullet for him, and seeing his ” softer ?? ” side.

    Victoria and Billy, before, and after the wedding… another shower scene!!

    Nick proposing to Avery, and her thinking it was a joke? Enter: Dylan.

    I was surprised, given all of the blood all over Victor, and his hugging Nikki, her dress was always so pristine white!!!!


  3. Profile photo of pferrando

    Better not let her get away…

    This whole storyline starting with the bullying has been great. I was hoping the affair wouldn’t be just a one time roll in the hay.

    They need to milk this for all it is worth.

    One missing link though…where’s Fen.

    This has happened a couple of times now…missing some beats with certain characters, who should be interacting.

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    Tracey…All great moments the past couple of days.

    I liked Paul and his new sidekick Chavez in the hit man’s face, and Paul’s line about him taking the whole thing personally. Great moment for Paul. They really need to use Paul more in this capacity. I liked when he and Andy were detective buddies.

  5. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Some people may not like it but Lauren and Carmine have been HOT HOT HOT! And Tracey Bregman is playing all the beats of this storyline.

    That lack of a shower the last time around though, was a bit of an error.

    Bill Bell Sr. would’ve had a whole shower scene with Lauren reflecting on her romp with Carmine while Michael would have been at the door trying to coax Lauren into letting him get in the shower with her to scrub her back (LOL) and it would’ve been a great moment of tension/panic for Lauren. Alas, it was missed though.

    Well, at least the current regime is not wasting her talents. And I’m glad. She deserves to be on contract.

  6. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    care to gaze into my crystal ball?:

    Ok, given the current plotlines ( and the LACK of credible plotlines on another, not to be named soap )and prior history:

    I predict ( and I may be wrong ) that TPTB are looking ahead and planning on using TB as a cross over to the other soap, as Fenmore’s is a powerhouse high end retail establishment and a certain design house is having problems moving their product.

    I’m just saying……

    J’Abot is not entering the fashion design business for nothing. I would love to see Gloria move to LA and set her sights on ole Eric Forrestor and knock Taylor and Brooke out of the romantic waters! Eric needs the class act that Gloria is and can be, and not the revolving doors known as Taylor and Brooke!

    Then again, there is enough YOUNGER real estate in LA that she can probably have her pick of those LA dudes!!

  7. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I haven’t watched B&B regularly in ages but knowing what this show has been lacking since Stephanie departed, I actually like the idea of Judith Champman mixing it up with the Forrestors and the Logans.

  8. Profile photo of stoney07

    Wow. Never thought about Gloria on B&B. That’s actually a very good idea, and she’d be a great fit over there.

    Lauren crossing over could be good too. I was waiting for Eric and Lauren to acknowledge that they were screwing once. lol

  9. Profile photo of pjc722

    I never noticed or even knew she was not contract! SHe’s been front and center for so long that I thought she was contract all this time!


  10. Profile photo of harlee490

    Hey now Glo would work perfect on B&B as the nuSally type, of doing rip offs w\Amber! I like that idea TraceyAbbott ;) I agree that they are building on doing more crossovers on CBS which is actually smart.

    TB, deserves being on contract and on Tuesday’s eppy w\Lauren & Michael was EXCELLENT! I loved that Michael this time walked out on Lauren. Michael brought up some strong points about Lauren…(as she is playing hide the cannoli ;) )

    TraceyAbbott, how about that vampire kiss Lauren had on her neck…LOVE IT!
    Someone is going to see this but who….Paul, Fen, Phyllis? Once this affair is exposed the fallout will be epic!

  11. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I hope Lauren stays exactly where she belongs — in Genoa City, when Fen can cuss her out when he finds out. I can’t wait for the little psycho to start talking to the camera about his Mother. You know that Baldwin-Fisher bloodline is just waiting to pop out front and center.

    Gloria is ‘old hat’, and we will probably never see her again in this half of 2013. Too bad, she is always a pleasant distraction.

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