Red-Hot Aussie DJs Nervo Stops by One Life to Live Set (PHOTOS)

The youngsters in Llanview, Pennsylania will be twerking it out at nightclub Shelter when One Life to Live returns on April 29. From the looks of things, the fictional hot spot will be attracting real-life music stars!

Nervo, Australia's hottest DJ duo, filmed a scene at The Online Network's (TOLN) Connecticut-based studio on Monday. Will Cutter (Josh Kelly), Matthew (Robert Gorrie), Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu), Destiny (Laura Harrier) and Dani (Kelley Missal) get a chance to show us what they're working with on the new OLTL? Check out more pics below! 

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    Im telling everybody right now. Im not watching this or any show where all the stars pucker their lips when taking pictures. Im not having it in my family, and Im not watching that. What, dosent anyone have teeth anymore. What did we spend all this money for on braces and what not.

  2. Profile photo of harlee490

    Oh please come on…honestly this is suppose to be hip & edgy!! Get new ppl in wardrobe if this is all they got…geez it looks like something I wore (yes was into the punk scene heavily) back in ‘1980 at 19!! :O Only difference they tried to “glam up” the punk look? Heaven to mercy, where’s the safety pins piercing through their ears, or chains (still have a beautiful chrome REAL motorcycle chain belt, heavy as hell) the Adam Ant makeup, leather, tattoos, the army boots or Harlee Davidsson ( ;) ) boots? I’m all for going after the demos we understand this but come on this isn’t going to cut it or someone is around my age has crossed the punk look & new wave look thinking this is fetching to look upon….NO!

    AMC pics coming out much more classy in the approach then OLTL looking like a someone walking out of Time Square before they cleaned it up decades ago!! LMFAO….every pic the “youth” all looks like a bunch wore out hookers!

    Just because you can drop the “F” bomb now in your scripts doesn’t make you egdy but looks silly if you can’t write good dialogue and throwing in cuss words isn’t all that exciting to me.

    I doubt I will support now OLTL but AMC all the way! ;) Just saying….

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