Ron Carlivati: “General Hospital: Our Nurses Have Balls”

General Hospital head writer Ron Carlivati tweeted two fantastic promos for what's in store this week on the ABC soap. The first promo teased a blockbuster "wild ride", while Carlivati's second tweet showcased the  nurse's "balls." Watch both after the jump!

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    This looks really good. And no Connie/Cate in site…Yes yes yes….I hope that was the last of Connie/Cate. Maybe they sent her to the loony bin and she won’t be back. Or else by the power of the lord…we get to have Megan Ward as Kate Howard come out of the institution to rebuild her Crimson empire. Since Todd won’t be back it would now all be left to Kate.

    The promos look freaking amazing. I hope they re-casted Ethan. It would of been lovely to have Holly and Robert return for the anniversary as well.

    I heard Jack Wagner is going to perform…OMFG…….Will he be performing with Blackie????????? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW……this is so exciting.

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    No, Brenduh……you and Sonny are NOT worth it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have left………

    But I digress!

    The rest of this promo looks very entertaining. I am soooo glad to have my Constance Towers back.

    And I also agree with Kate Howard. I would love to see some kind of showdown between Brenduh and Cawnie Falcoloony, preferably one that will result in Cawnie being PERMANENTLY sent to the loony bin and Brenduh leaving town again.

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    Both of these promos look FABOOSH!!! Especially love the first promo with all the Luke&Laura adventure stuff! Eeeek! :)

    They have actually went on location!!! Can’t wait to see the helicopter stuff :p

    I heard CONNIE/KATE won’t even BE at the Ball! How amazing is THAT?!? :D

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    The promos look amazing.

    I like that RC at least tries to repair the damage that was done to Brenda/Sonny. Even though it will be just a little reminder of the past, it may also open a Brenda return that’s worth it for the future.

    I’m going to love the adventure stuff between Luke and Laura. This is going to be awesome. :)

    And I somehow hope that Robert and Holly show up as a surprise. They seem to be the only thing missing – next to Sean and Tiffany.

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    And if Robin is really finally coming home, they NEED Robert, since he already found her. It was very hard to believe that Obrecht overpowered him and put him in a coma.

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    Can’t understand why Ricky Martin has almost never been mentioned as a possibility to come back. I mean, he sings, he’s latin, and was a major part of the whole Brenda, Sonny, story back in the day as Miguel. Since the actor/singer himself is gay, why not have him come and flirt wildly with Felix? Instead of Milo.

    Milo showing up recently without the whole mob brigade was refreshing, kind of like with him and Spinelli on the roof of the hospital. Wish he and Max would have some more action on GH.

    On location shooting seems a lot better than to waste time building sets you’ll only use once or twice. I am not a TV producer so have no idea what the cost difference is. I just know that Y&R and B&B use locations a lot more often than the other remaining TV soaps. Based on screen shots of the online soaps out there, it at least looks like some of them are filmed in real interiors of homes, other buildings rather than to build a set.

    I really liked the pier scene with Dante/Lulu, Carly, Jax, Jerry, Sonny, etc. in September, so hope it all looks as amazing this go round.

    Since Kimberly McCullough is directing different shows out there, am hopeful that Jason Thompson’s Patrick will keep with GH as I quite enjoy the pairing with Sabrina. Days’ Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin)used to be known as “Ghoul Girl” and then got made over to look like a bombshell, the actress who plays Sabrina likely doesn’t look all goofy in real life, GH just makes her look this way. But I know that Britt will likely get in the way of Sabrina’s fairytale. In fact, she may possibly KO Robin.

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    Would anyone here like to see Megan Ward return in the role of Kate Howard?
    She made the role more fashion forward. Kilsullivan turned the character into a freaking joke.

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