Watch Christian LeBlanc and Daniel Goddard’s Young and Restless Video Chat (VIDEO)

If you missed Christian LeBlanc (Michael) and Daniel Goddard's (Cane) live video chat for The Young and the Restless, now is your chance to see the video! They answered a variety of questions about their acting choices, careers and characters. Watch the fun video after the jump!

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    hey mon

    Didn’t watch the whole thing. Seems like they are having a good time under JFP & JoshG.

    Liked Billy’s intro yesterday. Good to see Billy Miller get some serious screen time.

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    Love CLB to bits but after seeing this I must say I find DG’s personality about as appealing as Cane’s. As in, not very. That said, wouldn’t kick either out of bed(though CLB is more my speed).

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    It was fun, but CLB has always been a favorite of mine and so handsome still from ATWT as Kirk McCall. They should put CLB & TB together but it was still fun because it was Y&R. The Q&A after The Talk with all the vets! was superb and so funny….MCE on getting pregnant again…”I hope this year Chelsea goes on the pill” I howled and MTS was perfect, KSJ lifing up his shirt show off the splendid body of his…WOOF! All the vets were in rare form, I watched twice now and then again after posting it….it’s so good. :) :love: :love:

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