Will The Mob Ever Dominate General Hospital Again?

Will the mob ever drive storylines again on General Hospital? Under head writer Ron Carlivati, fans have noticed a huge, storytelling shift away from hitmen and dons. This is something GH lovers claimed they wanted on message boards and in blog comments for years, but what does Maurice Benard (Sonny) make of the changes?

The Marin Independent Journal spoke with Benard to find out if the dimpled, dapper don will reign supreme once again in Port Charles.

Q Under the new regime, the mob stories have been de-emphasized. Are you a fan of that move?


A At this point, I think we need to get back to it a little bit more. On the other hand, I think it's great that we've been able to bring a little more balance to the character (of Sonny) and to put him in the position of having to fight for the woman he loves. I do think we can be doing some more with the mob, but they (the producers and writers) know what they're doing.

Benard also revealed his potential future plans with the sudser:

Q You've played Sonny for two decades. How long can you see yourself going on with him?

A To tell the truth, I wanted to retire at 50. But I couldn't do it. We've got kids and bills to pay. Maybe I'll be around for the next 50 years. Maybe I'll end up playing Sonny with a cane and white hair, or no hair at all. We'll see.


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Ravennite613-Agree with everything you said. I do like Maurice Bernard, but under Guza/Phelps, it was Sonny/ Jason EVERYDAY!! If they had balanced their story-lines better I could have accepted the whole Mob thing but it was shoved in our faces everyday where it became just stupid and boring. Maurice is definetly a leading man and has a fan following so I hope they can come up with a better story-line for him. Watching Soapnet, showing GH from 2009, the way Sonny treated Claudia was so horrible! Hated how Guza wrote, where women were treated like crap!

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I personally would like a little more of the mob storyline!