ABC Family Announces Pretty Little Liars Spinoff Ravenswood

If you love the shenanigans of those Pretty Little Liars in Rosewood, get ready to be introduced to five, new characters from the nearby town of Ravenswood. ABC Family has announced a Pretty Little Liars spinoff by the name of Ravenswood. Look for the Pretty Little Liars' Halloween special to be used to launch the new soap!

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    It certainly seems to be the right time for a spin off. And I’m very excited for it. I tried THE LYING GAME in it’s first season but it just wasn’t really for me, so I’m excited about RAVENSWOOD.

    It’s great to hear that PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is getting a 5th season. I guess with the early pick up it’s also very likely to be the series’ last.

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    Daniel St. John

    I am exactly the opposite…I love The Lying Game but have grown a bit tired of PLL and the fact that characters get shuffled around but we get boreal answers to any of the 9 billion (and growing!) mysteries the show keeps throwing at the audience.

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