Anderson Cooper Tapes CNN Pilot With Kathy Griffin; Did NBC Approach Him to Replace Matt Lauer?

Just how many new shows can Anderson Cooper do?  According to Deadline, the journalist and Kathy Griffin filmed a pilot for CNN. The website is also reporting NBC approached Cooper to replace Today's embattled Matt Lauer.

I hear NBC toppers recently reached out to CNN’s Anderson Cooper to replace Lauer on the show before the end of the year. After their initial approach to Cooper, I hear NBC reached out to Lauer to get his blessing about the changeover. But I heard they got pushback from the Today veteran, who contacted Cooper to express his disapproval. I also hear that call caught Cooper by surprise, as he had assumed Lauer had been brought on board before NBC began making overtures.


If you've ever watched one of Cooper and Griffin's New Year's Eve specials, you can imagine what a regular TV show featuring the duo would be like. However, anchoring Today is still one of the most coveted gigs in television. Decisions, decisions! 

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    TV Gord

    I care. I would watch a Cooper/Griffin show. I’ve been suffering through two years of his daytime talk show, and being teamed with Kathy would have to be an improvement!

    With the Andy & Kathy show on CNN, hopefully he would reign in his personality a little, to be more in line with what he does on 360. On his daytime show, he has devolved into quite a whiner about all of the trivial little things that bother him. A little of that is okay, but the constant complaining day after day makes me sad for the people in his day-to-day life.

  2. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I hope CNN has some good tape delay apparatus, because who knows what Kathy Griffin will say,lol! She may be too much for Daytime. But I can’t lie, I would watch an Anderson/Kathy show in a heartbeat…they have great chemistry IMO.

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    Not a fan of either of them. Her show on Bravo doesn’t do well in the ratings and Anderson’s show flopped big time. Rather see some new talent be given a shot at a talk show.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Marland Fan]Matt Lauer’s days at Today are numbered. Serves him right for being such a douchebag about Anne Curry.[/quote]

    I agree, Marland Fan, but when he signed his latest contract, it was described as “long-term”, so I wonder if they’d have to pay him for multiple years. At $25-million a year, that’s more than NBC can afford to dump.

    Frankly, I’m surprised NBC and Matt are talking so openly about the loss of Matt’s image as a nice guy. Their honesty is uncharacteristic and kind of freaking me out! :-)

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    So NBC contacted A.C. first and then informed Lauer. In other words, they were trying to make a deal or at least set the wheels in motion behind his back.

    See the irony, Matt?

    (As much as I like A.C., I think there’s about enough of him on TV right now. I’d be OK with him and Kathy Griffin having a weekly show but that’s as far as it goes.)

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