Caption This: Graduation Day For General Hospital’s Student Nurses (PHOTOS)

General Hospital's quirky, new crop of student nurses have finally graduated!  Did anyone else get a bit nostalgic for Vitamin C's "Graduation (Friends Forever)"? Take your best Caption This shot of pics (More after the jump!) from Felix (Marc Samuel) and Sabrina's (Teresa Castillo) big day.

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    This was another show that fell flat to me. Sabrina and Felix are such close friends, and she knows Felix is interested in Milo, yet she agrees to go out with Milo. Just didn’t make sense to me? Every time Sabrina is on I never seem to like the show.I like Felix, the BEST new character. I felt so bad for him when Milo showed he had interest in Sabrina, and not him. He is such a natural in the role. Perhaps Lucas will be his new love interest??

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    This was such a good episode all around, that even the graduation ceremony, with all it’s glaring mistakes, didn’t bother me! It’s always nice to see Emma, she is such a good little actress :)

    IMO Sabrina didn’t do anything wrong in regards to Felix, if anyone was silly here it was Felix. He should be 100 % sure whether Milo is gay or straight before setting sights on him. However, Sabrina was stupid in the respect that she was clearly using Milo as a front/ patch to relieve the pain from Patrick. Thus she inadvertently used Milo. That was wrong on him.

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    For some reason Felix’s last name being Dubois had escaped me until Epiphany said it during her (hilarious) line about how much fun they would have as she turned to pose for the photo snapped of the diploma handoff.
    Can’t be coincidental that was the surname of Billy Dee Williams character on GH/Night Shift who had storyline with Pif. Touissant Dubois
    Hopefully Felix will be the next New addition to the GH staff to get some backstory.

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    Daniel St. John

    Anyone notice how right after Bobbi said she wanted Lucas to find the perfect guy that the next scene was Felix?
    I really hope they bring Lucas back and develop a fun love story with him and Felix.

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