Chelsea and Sharon Try to Get Through Victor’s Thick Skull on The Young and the Restless

Tuesday's The Young and the Restless opened with Sharon Case talking about Sharon, Nick (Joshua Morrow), Adam (Michael Muhney), her family and friends.  She revealed that one of her favorite relationships on Y&R is the one between Sharon and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).  I cannot reiterate how much I’m loving Y&R actors opening the show talking about their characters. I hope we don't have to wait for the 50th Anniversary for it to happen again.

At the hospital, Sharon called Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and informed her that Adam had been shot.  Chelsea rushed to the hospital, where she and Sharon confronted Victor (Eric Braeden) about Adam's love for his father. Victor fired back that it was not his decision to not raise Adam in Genoa City.  I loved those scenes because of how hard rivals Sharon and Chelsea were trying to get Victor to realize the truth.

Nick overheard Chelsea say the problem may not just be Victor, but the entire Newman family. She pointed out that even though Adam sacrificed himself for Victor, none of them were there.  Victor warned Chelsea to never disparage the entire family again, or she'd end up on a boat somewhere.

Later, Chelsea told Sharon that when Adam woke up, it would be her face he wanted to see.

Lauren (Tracey Bregman) returned home, and quickly tried to cover up her hickey before Michael (Christian LeBlanc) spotted it. Michael told her they needed to go to therapy, because they weren't communicating. Lauren believed they were communicating fine, but he disagreed. As long as they don't go to LA and end up on Taylor's (Hunter Tylo) couch, I'm good.  Michael and Lauren shouted at each other, as Lauren continued to try and hide her hickey.

Nick asked Avery (Jessica Collins) if she'd ever imagined them getting married, even once. She admitted she imagined them together, but marriage was moving a bit fast. Dylan's (Steve Burton) arrival interrupted their conversation. He told them he was leaving Genoa City, but I seriously doubt that will happen.

Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) spent a bunch of time talking about the events of Victor and Nikki's wedding. It eventually led to them deciding to have another baby.

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    Chelsea was outta line. She’s nothing but a rapist and an opportunist who broke up with Adam because he wouldn’t move away with her. I am so sick of her acting like a petulant, entitled child. I like Melissa Claire Egan, but I have seriously reached my wits end with this character.

    Yes, Nickclueless and Tricktoria are brats, but considering how she’s treated Adam, she has no business showing up at the hospital casting blame at anyone. I was cheering Victor on when he let her have it, and I usually do NOT co-sign on Victor’s tantrums or rants!!

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]Evilly ughh…Has Victoria forgotten about Reed?[/quote]

    Victoria hasn’t forgotten about Reed. She said she loves their little family of Reed, Delia and Johnny but there is something missing…a child born from both of them.

    And I think Chelsea had every right to call out Victor and particularly his other children for the way they treated Adam when he came to town. Nick and Victoria were both obviously jealous of their half-brother and treated him like dirt.

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    Chelsea was angry and I understand her motivation for lashing out at Victor. No matter what she says, she still loves Adam and knowing he was shot saving his estranged father led her to lose her cool. Who can blame her???

    One of my favorite moments of Tuesday’s episode was Sharon almost seeing the prenatal vitamins when Chelsea drops her purse. Something tells me one of the Newmans are about to find out that Chelsea is preggers…

    Speaking of bearing children, when is Victoria going to stop? And why is a near assassination of the Newmans making her want a baby? Her and Billy have three kids between them and she’s pushing mid-40’s. Totally unrealistic plot point, JG. I hate it every time she gets baby fever because then we have to endure months and months of sad ass acting from Amelia Heinle and my nerves can’t take it! If anything, the hitman could have fired one more round to get Victoria off the show. Talk about a character Y&R needs to recast!

    Now the Lauren and Michael scenes were some of the best soap opera scenes of 2013 so far. I was blown away at how repulsed Lauren is by her husband. Plus, she’s got a hickey and it’s only a matter before somebody notices. Phyllis? Fen? Jill?

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    The writing on Tuesday’s episode was SPOT on! Dialogue throughout that was real and focused! Sharon and Chelsea laid into Victor for being an absentee dad and didn’t back off even after he threatened Chelsea. Their words even made a dent in the usually “I HATE ADAM” Nick.

    Sure, it had little effect on Victoria who was whining about wanting another kid while her brother lay dying.

    The scenes with Lauren were amazing and I can’t wait for her to dump Michael. loved them together but I am going bananas over the stories that will come from her with Carmine.

    As much as I loved today’s (Wednesday’s episode) because it continued with great dialogue I have a HUGE ISSUE with the weakness of Sen Wheeler’s story. He came on because of his dead daughter and soon found himself in Leslie and Tyler’s world. But what I don’t get or care for is how EVERYONE thinks that Wheeler is bad ONLY because he asks about a former volunteer’s family (sure, we know he had an affair but honestly, there are no clues and she was murdered during his campaign!).

    To see Neil approach him today and go off on him was ridiculous. Just because he is still in town and WE, the fans, haven’t seen him do much. Sure, he probably hired the goon to kill Victor but up until this point the fans and the oother characters have nothing to go on.

    That story is delivering some good acting and dimension to Tyler and Leslie, but it isn’t doing much for anything on the show becayse once Wheeler is arrested the story will be forgotten.

    As for the scenes tomorrow with Victor BLAMING Jack, I do hope and pray that with Jill and Josh being at the helm, that Jack comes back at Victor with a comment that silences the old guy! Please let someone get the last word with this man!

    BUT slowly and surely, I can’t wait for the next day’s episode!

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    I think Adam let Chelsea see a side of him he has never even let Sharon see, so yes, she had every right to speak to Victor of how Adam really feels. I loved it that they both tried to get thru to him.
    And I see no reason for those prenatals to fall out if no one was going to notice them.
    Does anyone else think Adam was telling Sharon to LET Victor run Newman? I was thinking maybe she was misunderstanding him.

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    Oh, one more thing, Personally I hate the Lauren & Carmine affair! Michael doesn’t deserve this at all, and it just happened too fast with a character that has no connection or affection. Just makes no sense to me. If she was going to cheat seems like it would be someone she’s had before or a long time friendship with.

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    alstonboy4315 … I agree with you on Chelsea’s petulant back and forth attitude with Adam. She did explain that herself when she said that he was married to the company. She always did know that and should have stuck it out with Adam.

    However, I do think her calling out Victor was not outta line. She’s a conflicted chick but I think she was entirely correct.

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    Angie Lucy

    I’m tired of Lauren making Michael turn himself into a human pretzel to save their marriage when she’s the one cheating. I wish she would act as though she feels guilty, but other than the first bit that she felt after her first night with Carmine, I don’t think Lauren feels bad at all. Certainly not enough to stop making Michael take the blame for everything. When she said, “I can’t control your reactions,” I was done. Really Lauren? How exactly do you expect Michael to react to your freezing him out, cutting your eyes at him, running out of the house all of the time, and acting like an ice queen?

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    I LOVED Chelsea and Sharon trying to get through to Victor. Just because there was no way around of hearing this for once. It was also nice to see that Chelsea let Sharon see Adam and made a valuable point that she was always the one standing by him.
    Seeing Nick’s face when he overheard Chelsea and Sharon talking to Victor, I hope that we see maybe a couple of other facial impressions when Adam comes in a room other than the ‘I hate Adam’ face. So sick of it.

    Michael doesn’t deserve to be cheating on!? Of course he doesn’t. Does a person normally need to deserve to be cheated on?
    That is not the story that’s being told here. Lauren and Michael forgot to talk and trust each other in these past few months. Not even considering the affair with Carmine, something between them is broken.
    Yeah Michael desperately wants to fix it and it’s a great afford he’s putting in. But I can see where Lauren is coming from, feeling like there was a point when she couldn’t count on him anymore. And now with her affair she feels she can’t go back because her bond with Michael is maybe broken for good.

    I have to say that I actually enjoy Avery and Dylan together. Them saying goodbye to each other was a little bit heartbreaking.

    And I also thought that the scenes between Victoria and Billy were very sweet.

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    I just hope we don’t see Sharon take the helm at NEWMAN again because that would be an absurd move by the writers and this fictional soap. I’d rather see jack go to the board and put suggest billy in charge temporarily or even make a magnanimous suggestion that Victoria be in charge. It would give that character something to do besides whine.

    Also, being boss in Adams absence she could discover that he was actually running Newman well, that her hatred of him has softened and instead of using the temporary power to get victor back in the seat she relinquishes power back to Adam, much to victors chagrin (victor being angry at a kid is always good story).

    But to add a new layer AND SHOCK VALUE Adam asks Victoria to stay and work with him as his second in command. That’s where a new dynamic with the two could develop. And we could even see victor eventually try and manipulate one or both of his kids for his selfish needs.

    JUST NO SHARON running Newman while Neil is running habits RAINBOW SHOPPE with newbies and a hot hottie lawyer.

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    And why do I suspect that senator wheeler is actually a selfish GOOD guy who GUS is manipulating the situation from prison to get out. That “bob” was a former cell mate who is trying to frame wheeler to help Gus.

    That Gus will get out, seek revenge on wheeler for taking his woman (that Gus did kill in a fit of jealousy) and that the drama will be Gus trying to kill Leslie, Tyler coming to her rescue and Avery wrecked with grief and guilt over getting a guilty man freed and putting everyone at risk.

    That would be, for me at least, the better solution to a story that has little drama than anything else.

    Wheeler could be killed in the end and that he was an innocent man who did love Belinda and wanted her killer Gus behind bars. Also think of the guilt that Neil could feel for pressuring wheeler and maybe even stoking Gus rage innocently with “I think wheeler did the killing cause I feel it”

    Still not sure where the story is going. Either way I hope it offers a could and dramatic ending.

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    I don’t fault Lauren for sleeping with carmine. I think she does feel guilt over carmine because she loves michael but after the battle over fen she’s just no longer IN LOVE WITH HIM.

    It’s such a stronger story separating michael and Lauren because it opens the door for more story there for both characters.

    It’s a soap. Happy endings for married couples only happens when they leave the show/ fictional town. I would love to see a great battle royale divorce between the two since michaels dark side could come out as he sues for equal money since Lauren is a multi millionaire and worth so much more than mikey.0

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    Oh… HATE THE NEW GCPD. I actually liked the old set. It felt real and authentic. This new one just doesn’t have any character just like the new restaurant set.

    Both are very cheap looking and amateurish. Yes, budgets and the like, but if I have to see paul introduce a cop to a senator while a killer stands by them (ridiculous) then I want a set that doesn’t look like a closet.

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    I also think the Lauren/Micheal story is the best, so far, on any of the soaps, drama wise. Lauren trying to hide that hickey on her neck, constantly drawing away from Micheal when he tries to reach out to her. It is very real and shows what can happen in a marriage after all the years together. I feel bad for Micheal, having to look at Lauren where she almost seems repulsed by him, his wife who he loves. Great story, and when Micheal finds out the truth, just wait for the explosion of emotions.

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    I agree that Tuesday’s show was great. The dialogue and conversation between Chelsea, Sharon and Victor, was one of the best I’ve seen on the show in sometime. I liked them blaming Vic, and to me it was mostly true. Contrast that with Victor defending himself and providing backstory about Hope’s wishes. It was great.

    Josh needs to latch onto opportunities like this more.

    I also like the characters acting like humans again…Sharon calling Chelsea, Chelsea saying Sharon really was the only one who should see Adam right now. It’s actually INTELLIGENT writing.

    And this is a small thing, but I like Paul and Chavez working together. Slowly intergrating Chavez has been smart, unlike the way they intro’d Tyler, and Dylan.

  16. Profile photo of harlee490

    Tuesday’s eppy was great with Sharon & Chelsea railing Victor…Victor knowing it was true on some level, because when Chelsea spouted about all Adam ever wanted was Victor’s love…honestly the look of hurt on Victor’s face is a true rarity which you could tell it hit home. He might put on the front but it showed…GUILT :)

    I don’t mind the new GCPD set I thought it was improvement, yes smaller but guys the ducks are there anymore for huge sets. I also like how Chavez as Paul’s protege and I’m going to like Paul being Chief, it fits Paul’s character. Glad they didn’t try to make Paul a ultra-chic business mogul, that wouldn’t fit.

    I’m one that really like the fact Villy will try to have a baby and story that it will produce. It’s a story for both characters. I know another post saying they didn’t like because she’s almost “40” years old! WTF, lots of business woman don’t even start families now days until mid-thirties and even early forties…I mean just because you turn “40 doesn’t mean you are ready for burial plots…geez. It has great story potential showing how hard it is for a couple trying to have a baby…causing problems ;)

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    Harlee…YES…another new set that I’m on board with! MAB spent so much time with the characters in that damn station, or in jail, or in court, that ANY change there is a welcome one! ;)

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    I love the new set!!

    I don’t get why fans complain about the sets being smaller when we all know about the budget constraints…There’s not going to be an echo in any of the sets, folks!!! I think it’s time to get over it. As long as Alex doesn’t have to sit on Paul’s lap at his desk, I don’t see a problem with the size.

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    The only thing I have noticed is that when they film at the “ranch”, it does seem cramped. I think again yesterday they had Nikki and Victor behind the couch. I never go behind my couch to talk. :-)

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