Meghan McCain Lands Talk-Reality Show


So much for Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens suggestion that Meghan McCain would be a good person to fill Elisabeth Hasselbeck's spot on The View, if Hasselbeck ends up ousted from the ABC chatfest.

According to The Washington Post, McCain will host a talk-reality show on the new cable channel Pivot.

New series will include an audience-collaborated variety show produced and hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a talk-reality show with Meghan McCain (daughter of former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain), and, from writer Craig Pearce (”Moulin Rouge” and the upcoming “The Great Gatsby”), a fanciful drama titled “Will,” about a young, as-yet-unproven William Shakespeare that mashes up his era with modern times (and is billed as a blend of “Deadwood,” ‘’8 Mile” and “Shakespeare in Love”).

McCain described her show as "Meet the Press meets Jackass" on Twitter.

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oh yeah what the world needs more vapid political theatre from king RINO's daughter. Sick

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Eewww.......she's as gross as her father!! Why get rid of one Conservative COW to bring on another one? I'd rather keep Hasslebleep on the show!!!