GH’s Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers Weigh in on The Great Holly/Robert/Anna/Duke Debate!

Duke (Ian Buchanan) or Robert (Tristan Rogers)? Robert or Duke? General Hospital fans have debated who sexy, super spy Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) loves best ad nauseum. In Soap Opera Digest's special tribute issue honoring the soap's 50th anniversary, Hughes gave her two cents on Anna's two gents. Said the soap star:

"I have a feeling that it probably is true what Anna said to Robert on Night Shift: 'I always thought we would end up together on a beach drinking mai tais.' I'd say to Ian, my friend, 'At the end of the day, we'll be sipping stewed peas at the SAG/AFTRA Pension Home, sitting next to each other in lawn chairs.' But I think that Anna feels that way about Robert [laughs]"  

In the same issue, Rogers fielded a question about who the love of Robert Scorpio's life really is, Anna or Holly (Emma Samms)? stated the soap diplomat:

"I hate it when I get this question [laughs]! Listen, they are two completely different women. One is adventure-minded and could kick ass, and the other could kick ass pulling a sting at a cocktail party. That's the difference, and he embraced those differences."

Who knew Robert Scorpio was so into getting his ass kicked by his love interests? Kinky. For more interviews with the legends of General Hospital, pick up your copy of SOD's special tribute issue today!

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I just hope somehow that Robert and Holly show up to the 50th as a surprise. And I would love for them to reunite. I love Anna and Robert too but I love them more as exes than a couple. For me Anna belongs with Duke and Robert with Holly. :)

  2. Profile photo of AnnaIsLuv

    SOD put out a great issue it’s a must to get and they actually not only knew the history of the show but made attempts to interview some of the stars as well. Kudo to them!

  3. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    Robert & Holly and Duke & Anna all the way! These are the supercouples that showed us what love and romance were about. I love Robert & Anna as friends, co-parents and bickering exes but they just didn’t have what R&H and D&A had in the romance department. I hope Robert & Holly will be back for the 50th Anniversary. They deserve to be!!

  4. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Robert & Holly and Anna & Duke are the right, true couples for me! :)

    I really hope there is a major surprise in the works and Robert and Holly make an appearance at the Ball :crown:

  5. Profile photo of Richard

    I always loved Robert & Holly and Anna & Duke until Robert & Anna got back together beofore they were both presumed dead. I think that says something about the actors as well as the casting director(s).

  6. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    I love Robert and Anna together. But like Richard said, my love for them as a couple grew because Holly and Duke were dead. I’d rather have Anna and Duke, but I could definitely get behind Robert and Anna. The show ruined Holly for me when she was responsible for the toxins that killed Tony Jones and Courtney (not that I miss the latter so much) and the hijacking that led to Alan’s death. I’m not pleased with Guza’s uncharacteristic excuse for Scorpio not coming back to Robin either (at least Anna had amnesia), but he didn’t become a murderer. So although I can move past Robert’s messy storyline, I can’t get past Holly’s. Plus, they should have made Ethan a Scorpio. I simply do not believe that Holly cheated on Robert with Luke or that Luke cheated on Laura with Holly. Neither of them were in love with each other anymore at that point, but the change in history further damaged Holly and Luke for me. So if Anna chooses Duke, I’d like to see Robert get a new love interest. Tristan’s proven before that he’s capable of making a new couple work, both on GH and Y&R.

  7. Profile photo of mcmaire

    “Who knew Robert Scorpio was so into getting his ass kicked by his love interests???”

    Oh, Jamey! Anyone who watched the St Valentine Day Massacre back in ’91 when Anna tied Robert up knew that!

  8. Profile photo of Myst Stied
    Myst Stied

    I think Robert had awesome chemistry with both ladies there’s no denying that. I liked Robert/Holly because they were the most romantic,sexiest to me, I loved all their sexy saunas, and they had such a beautiful love story. I loved Robert and Anna because they were awesome, too cool together, and they were very sexy too. Now, I wouldn’t mind seeing Robert and Holly reconnect and rebuild what they once had. Robert and Anna can remain friends and partners in solving crime…I’m team whoever get Robert back on my screen in action again.

    PS-I like Tristan very diplomatic answers, that’s always the best way to go with that question.

  9. Profile photo of Mrs. Rafferty
    Mrs. Rafferty

    Everyone knows that Duke and Anna belong together, just as do Robert and Holly. I loved Finola’s answer, because she pretty much said that Robert will be Anna’s BFF…which is NOT the same as the love of her life, lol. Very smart lady to sidestep the question so neatly and avoid the wrath of quarreling fans!

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