Karla Mosley on Her Bold and Beautiful Alter Ego: “Maya is a Force of Nature”

Former Guiding Light star Karla Mosley is enjoying some time on the front burner as troubled-yet-earnest Maya Avant on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. In the April 8 issue of Soap Opera Digest, the starlet offered up some insight into her character. Said Mosley:

"Maya is a force of nature," she enthuses. "She's got a lot of dreams, but she's naive in a lot of ways. She's very trusting, or she has been, and what I'm learning about her life is her Achilles' heel is these men who come into her life. She falls in love easily and she often gets burned. She's had this absolute train wreck of occurences over the past few years. Now, she's picking up the pieces of her life again."

The question is, will Maya pick up the pieces of her life with fashion heir Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), legal eagle Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) or her babby daddy Jesse (Ricky Paull Goldin)?

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    This story is rocking on every beat! This is my favorite story on B&B right now and with Ricky Paul Goldin coming aboard …OH HELL YEA! Probably helps because all is coming from my GL but this story is splendid and has so much potential to drive story for years to come. I’m loving the setup.

    Lets talk about setup, I didn’t care how Brad shifted the characters personality of Caroline & now Dayzee instantly but what you have in the making is for better soap opera and I’m actually liking Caroline so much more being the rich bitchy white girl ;) It has given her personality which lack before the change. I could be ok if Dayzee got more bitcy w\Maya, I like to see a sistah bitchfest going on a soap…been WAY to long that soaps have had to A-A characters NOT getting along to drive stories. It seems they have to make them vanilla personalities. Gimme’ some lean, mean Lexie Carver attitude coming from Dayzee would be delicious ;)

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    This story could’ve been stretched out over a much longer period of time. I mean, the way they introduced Maya could’ve been a KILLER storyline. It could’ve taken a little longer for Dayzee to tell Maya that her daughter was dead. Maya wouldn’t have gotten over it that fast…and maybe she would’ve blamed Dayzee. I think a rivalry between Maya and Dayzee would’ve been fun. She’d try to get revenge on Dayzee by destroying Dayzee’s life, the way she feels that Dayzee destroyed hers. The best way to do that would be to try and seduce Marcus. Maya and Marcus could become really close friends (which would piss Dayzee off), and Maya could share her feelings about losing her daughter to Marcus.

    I’d also go a little deeper, and have Dayzee admit to Marcus that she felt the baby was better off with the other family, so she “did what she had to do” to make sure Maya went away for a while. This would cause a rift in their marriage.

    THEN, I’d have Rick see Maya at Dayzee’s singing, and fall head over heels. He could hide who he was from her, and sure, then she’d fall for him too…The two could begin spending all their time together secretly. Rick would be too afraid to take her out at first, so he’d only plan evenings with her alone at her place. Eventually, Marcus who still feels sorry for Maya, would rally with Eric to hire Maya on as a model. Eric would meet with Maya, and after seeing her potential, he’d take her in to see the “president” of the company, and THEN I’d have her come face to face with Rick FORRESTER.

    That’s how the beats could’ve been played, and that honestly could’ve been stretched out over a much longer period of time rather than the two or three weeks we got.

    I’m not complaining though….it is what it is. I’m just glad B&B is back on track and the triangle from hell is on the backburner where they belong.

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    I started watching B&B because of this lady. I was reading an article about this guy they want to run as senator in NY. They showed him with his wife and it was her. So I tuned in to see who she was.

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    I haven’t warmed up to her yet, but the storyline is interesting.

    I’ve gotta say this again though…can we PLEEEZ get B and B’s writers to stop using the phrase…”Brooke in her underwear… or “Brooke parading around half naked…”

    They said underwear at least three times again today. Let’s research some other ways to say that phrase if it really needs to be repeated so often.

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    I started watching B&B again because of Brill but the Rick/Maya stuff has me equally enthralled. And it didn’t get REALLY good until that pesky Dayzee (I can’t with that spelling, even two years later) decided to get all meddlesome! Now that Maya’s getting messed with by two bitches, I am really cheering for her!

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    Maybe Kristolyn Lloyd “Dayzee” is ad-libbing anger. HAHA. I’d be pissed too if the new chick got TWO good actors chasing after her, and I was stuck with Tennessee Battle or whatever his name is…

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    I’m a safe driver…lol. I knew his name, but I vowed never to mention it again. I used to joke about his acting so much on Facebook a while ago that his best friend (who was on my friends list) showed him. And he sent me a message. HAHA.

    I told him he was a nice guy but it didn’t change the fact that he’s not a good actor at all. Since then, he’s trying a little more, but he still sux

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    Tashikins, when Donna (Marcus’s mom) was married to Eric, Eric adopted Marcus and gave him the Forrester name–despite the fact that Marcus was at least 28-years-old when this happened and that Marcus had had a good relationship with his adoptive family. It was really dumb, but also really offensive. I didn’t like this grown-ass black man being infantilized by the rich old white dude this way, or the slap at adoption that was implied with the storyline. Memorably, Marcus also exclaimed “That’s my cousin!” several times about Hope on the runway during this period. Brutal.

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    “That’s my cousin!!”

    “Anntie Brooke”

    And hasn’t once mentioned his adoptive parents. Not a visit, phone call on screen…conversation about them. Not a picture..nothing.

    It puzzled me how he calls Brooke Auntie Brooke, but Rick calls Donna Donna…Hope does too…..???? I don’t get it…

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    Daniel St. John

    “Anntie Brooke”
    When he said that I died right on the spot. I actually enjoyed Texas Battle on that horror/comedy show he was on for MTV but he is just awful on BB.

    And Maya has been too passive for me. She needs to be way more fiery especially after the life she has lived.

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    Lets forget about TB. He is a feel good actor,and he needs to be on this show. He is a good guy, without being to boring (like Thorne).

    I like the character of Maya, but lets face it, she is not a force of nature. Her discussion with Caroline fell flat, if you consider the character background (jail) then you would have expected some fire when Caroline was so rude against her.

    I also think JY is not the right Rick. I would have prefered the much campier Kyle Lowder. I still dont know why Brad recasted that part, because Kyle was much more believable as Rick and he had the John Black stare. I liked it. JY is probably a better actor, but its B&B, itneeds to be over the top and campy.

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    I didn’t really like Kyle Lowder as Rick. Well I take that back. He was alright as Rick, until the storyline just got ridiculous. The whole Rick vs. Ridge thing, and then Rick faking his paralysis…it was just toooo campy to me.

    I personally liked Justin Torkildsen the best as Rick. But then again, that era of B&B was a lot more “dramatic” than it is now. It still had its campy moments, but it was more of a classic soap at that point…at least to me it was.

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    Never watched GL but I am loving Karla Mosley on B&B! Maya is a great character and I’ve totally fallen for her and Rick. For the first time since he came back I am enjoying Jacob Young’s Rick and it’s all due to Maya. I am also surprisingly loving this new Caroline. She was dull as dishwater and too much like Hope that even Kim Matula said her family got them confused lol. Now she makes me laugh out loud at least once per episode especially with the Mariah, Maria, and you can ride my carriage all night long lines! Add in Dayzee finally developing a personality after years of boring me to pieces and this story is on fire!!

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    Thanks Bishbay–I missed those episodes. The kiss between Maya and Rick today–wow! I love this story. I agree with LovinVilly about Dayzee and Caroline. I always liked Jacob Young as Rick, my favourite Rick. Hope Brooke dies in the accident today, could not believe her “advice” to Katie.
    Great to see one of Caroline’s moms today consoling Katie. Katie is strong and Bill needs a strong woman who defines herself by more than her sexuality. I don’t think he is Ridge. Triangle from hell–where are you. I am so glad you have been backburned.

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