Bill Plays The “Katie Says No” Drinking Game on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie (Heather Tom) told Bill (Don Diamont) she wasn't going to the press conference for the relaunch of Brooke's Bedroom, and neither was he. He said he was a minority shareholder in Forrester Creations and had helped inspire the relaunch. Katie reminded him he only had 12 percent of Forrester, which compared to the billion dollar Spencer Publications empire, was nothing. 

Bill's assistant came in with a bottle of alcohol, a gift from a business associate. He told Katie he was going to start taking a shot every single time she said no. By my count he was at five shots in no time. 

Bill warned Katie he'd be damned if she turned their son into a man who was afraid to get out of bed every day. Katie saw Bill receive a text from Brooke and stormed off to Forrester to confront her sister.

Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) blasted Maya (Karla Mosley) at Dayzee's. She warned the newcomer to stay away from Rick (Jacob Young).  Caroline reminded Maya of everything she is capable of, everything she has accomplished and how Maya was a nothing. When Caroline left, Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) immediately tagged in on Maya.

Brooke and Eric (John McCook) held the press conference for Brooke's Bedroom. Brooke brushed off questions about whether or not she felt it was inappropriate for a woman her age to be so exposed.

Katie arrived and waved a cell phone in her sister's face. She reminded Brooke that texts were what got her in trouble with Ridge (Ronn Moss). Katie demanded Brooke cut off contact with her husband. Will she listen?

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    OMG….I am loving B&B again. Idk what happened in that writers room, but the show just up and decided to get back on track, and I enjoyed yesterday’s episode. It seemed like it ended too quick. I couldn’t believe it was 2 o’clock already.

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    Well, I think B&B is pretty consistent in being bad, but this is really a nice change. A lot of different characters are on, and thats a change. I even saw the lesbian mother.

    But there are a lot of things that are still not right.
    The stale pefromance of JY as Rick, the relationship of Eric and Taylor and te lacking build up of it (and still lacking). What is Carters role on this show? Why is Dayzee against Maya? Caroline’s and Maya’s face off lacked something, from a girl that has spend some time in jail, you would have expected something.

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    Not to mention that when Maya first arrived, she was kind of “kick ass” against Dayzee. Threatening her, and yelling, etc..

    And now she just lets Dayzee and Caroline talk to her any kind of way, and she looks like she’s about to cry. I’d love it if Brad Bell wrote these characters kind of multidimensional. Not ALL good or ALL bad.

    Caroline came on as “all good” and then changed to “all bad” for this story.

    Dayzee came on as “all good” and now she’s being changed to “all hypocritical” for this story.

    Maya came on as “tough” and now she’s a lamb.

    But I’m still enjoying it…lol.

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    Stoney, she didn’t come off as a lamb today!!!!!!

    This show is the shit right now, no trio from hell.

    Brooke is really trying to get Katie to see the light, but she isn’t having any of it. Katie men are dogs and only worried about themselves.

    So Bill doesn’t think he doesn’t answer to anyone, ok tell that to da judge when they book u on a dui.

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    NOOO!!! Maya was great today. I cant remember her line b4 she kissed Rick, but it was spot on. And I loved it!!!

    I’m sorry, and I know it’s just me…but this Brooke and Bill storyline is good but getting on my NERVES. I’m tired of them trying to turn this around on everyone. It’s TAYLOR’S fault for butting in and telling the truth. It’s Katie’s fault for always saying “no”..

    No, it’s YALL’S fault for doing it!! I don’t care how much Tay butts in, if you would keep your hands to yourself and your minds out of each other’s pants, she wouldn’t have anything to BUTT into. It kills me to see both Brooke and Bill look at Taylor and Katie in disgust and shock when they bring it up…and then the next scene we see them both fantasizing about each other. ANNOYING.

    But the show’s on fire…

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    Agree with you stoney–it is always someone else’s fault. You kissed your sister’s man and your wife’s sister and it’s the sister/wife’s fault and Taylor’s too pushy? Disgusting!

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=stoney07]NOOO!!! Maya was great today. I cant remember her line b4 she kissed Rick, but it was spot on. And I loved it!!!./quote]
    This is from my admittedly faulty memory but it was something like:

    Caroline said I don’t stand a chance with someone like you…
    But I don’t know…from where I’m standing my chances are looking pretty good.
    (KISS AGAIN!!!!!)

    I am so glad they had Maya do that. For a second there I was afraid they were going to have her wimp out but she was like, I’m not fighting with this chick…I’m gonna go get my man!

    Loved it!

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