Did ABC Ambush Barbara Walters With Retirement Story?

Is ABC trying to push Barbara Walters out the door, like NBC is allegedly attempting to do with Jay Leno?  According to Showbiz 411, Walters had only discussed retiring from ABC News, but not from The View.  The site reports Walters was "ambushed" by the retirement reports.

Barbara Walters was totally ambushed by ABC today, my sources say. And the reality is, if she were even contemplating retirement of some kind, either Liz Smith or Cindy Adams would have reported it first. Now every media outlet has picked up this crazy story, and it’s quickly becoming “fact.” Stay turned to see if Walters rebuts. Interesting timing too since “The View” is not live tomorrow, but taped for Good Friday. ABC really played it well.

However, Showbiz 411 also reported:

Any ABC insider “knowledgeable the situation” insists that Walters was not ambushed, and that this is exactly what she wanted."

What do you think? Does Walters really want to retire, or is she getting the Leno treatment?

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    You know what. New regime comes in and sees something they think shouldnt be and gets rid of it, but forget they are dealing with real people, emotions and their heart. I have seen first hand people with jobs and careers for many many years get shafted by new regimes. If this is the case, I feel for her, cause no one deserves to be treated so sadly in the twilight of life.

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    I would like to think that ABC is pushing her out and Babs is just saying it’s what she wants to save face. I think she is a total waste of time and WAY past her expiration date. I flat out just don’t care for her.

    But- I think Babs is very close with the suits at ABC, she is an Exec Producer and been around ABC long enough to be one of TPTB. But they did do this whole week of canned episodes, great timing if you are looking to do the Leno treatment.

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    No matter what- if she had the class to bow out early she could have avoided all this messy press at the end of her career. THIS is what happens when you over stay in this industry. I do not feel bad for her.

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    TV Gord

    It bugs me that so many people are reading stories entirely based on unnamed sources and taking them as fact. I’ve seen that one several message boards this week. People are parroting rumors and speculation as though they are fact. It doesn’t matter so much in entertainment news, but when you get to real news, it can be dangerous.

    I thought as we became more exposed to media infotainment 24/7, we’d also learn to be a little more media savvy and learn to tell the difference between news and gossip.

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    I don’t know which side is true, but I do know that a hot mic’d BW asked the President for one more interview before she retires next year. That made the gossip rags last year and ABC’s response was that BW wasn’t serious about retiring, it was just an off the cuff conversation caught on the mic. That history makes this news story look questionable.

    BW may indeed want to retire, but on her terms. Kinda like Starr..Oops.

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