First Impressions: Richard Simmons Returns to General Hospi-Tale! (PHOTOS)

Fitness icon Richard Simmons returned to General Hospital after years away, and brought with him a whole lot of classic GH mentions and memories. He also brought extreme hilarity, when he tried to pitch the song "General Hospi-tale" as the opening act of the Nurses Ball!

What were your First Impressions of Richard Simmons return to General Hospital?

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    I normally don’t like celebrity appearances on the soaps because they break the created reality of the show, but this was just silly, campy fun. Loved how RS made his diva exit and said “Goodbye, Milo.”

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    No Daisy

    It was so totally over the top but in a one and only Richard Simmons kind of way. I was rolling my eyes and laughing at the same time. Loved watching Piph comprehend the lyrics of the song she was groving to!

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    It gave me some laughs, even though Richard Simmons tends to go over the top. I loved the reference to the song ” General Hospi-tale.” I actually had the 45 single (remember those???)from the 80’s. The best was Lucy. It’s amazing after all the years Lynn Herring was off the show she totally stepped right back in as Lucy.

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    It was completely over-the-top but that’s how Richard Simmons should be. Plus, an Amy Vining mention, Liz actually looking a little starry-eyed mentioning Magic Milo, and the “Who’s Frank Smith?” “Ask your Uncle Sonny.” made this one of the most enjoyable episodes to me since Cartini took over. If this is a taste of what’s to come, the Nurses’ Ball should be EPIC.

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    It was the most OTT that I think I’ve seen anywhere in years. I must admit that his screeching competition with Lucy made me cringe. However, as a big, funny part of GH history, it was a great thing to do.

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    Well I must say the old girl is looking a little shabby I could see the scalp spray paint shining from the spotlights above his head. And how bitchy he was, I mean really?

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    Campy, but then I kind of expected it. Lots of amusing one liners through out the rehearsal sequences. I had a little bit of trouble with them turning to Molly to write lyrics for a new “opening”. But then after I thought about it, better her than the “Oh, I’m-a-singer-cum-half-of-a-nightclub-owner-from-Llanview-PA-and-I’m-a-chemist-too” character that is currently off canvas.:| Sorry. My cynicism about that one runs deep… 0:)

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    HAHAHAHA….I’m a new GH viewer, but I thought it was hilarious. And as much as I preach against OTT crap on soaps, and oTT camp, it was both…but I really liked it.

    I had never heard that “General Hospi-tale” song before. And while they were doing the moves, I heard “luke and Laura” in the lyrics, and I was like “huh?” So I had to rewind it to see what in the world he was saying. I thought it was dope.

    But then again, I’m a

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    Loved the entire episode!! Loved the glances between Lucy and Epiphany as the song played – I agree that it was kind of weird that they would volunteer Molly to write the song but yes, better her than Starr. Loved the references to Frank Smith and Heather’s one long insane attack. I teared up a little when Richard made mention of Amy Vining. Hope the rest of the ball is just as emotional and surprising.

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    I loved it. I thought it was funny and OTT in a good way. It’s a special anniversary and the reality created by the show should be broken up a bit to celebrate the anniversary, honor the past, and link the past to the present.

    I too lost it when RS said “Who cares about her?” and when he said bye to Milo.

    What I didn’t like was Milo out of nowhere becoming conniving. I know that TJ advised him to fight for Sabrina, but Milo doesn’t have the brain power to hold on to that thought process, and is too sweet to pull that crap.

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    Isn’t this the kind of stunt casting ya’ll are always bitching about? I thought it was ridiculous: the writing was way off and RS looked like he was been embalmed. This does not bode well for the Nurses’ Ball.

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    J Bernard Jones

    The line readings were stilted and off, but the whole thing was hilarious! I couldn’t BELIEVE they brought back “General Hospi-tale,” one of the more interesting bits of GH history ever, which peaked at number 23 on the R&B charts and number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1981. I remember when it came out and we used to skate to it at local roller rink! That alone made it a 5-star episode! LOL


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    I smiled this entire episode. RS was hilarious and so over the top that I had to rewind and watch certain parts over and over again.
    As soon as I heard the first beat of the song ‘he wrote’ I just about screamed with delight. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was totally cool. Never in my mind did I ever think I would hear General Hospi-tale on GH but there it was and fit in perfect for the over the top way RS stood his ground.
    Total entertainment and fond memories to us that have watched GH in the 80’s. I have been watching since around 1973 or so and am cherishing all the memories. Great Job GH!!!!

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    Thanks JBJ for that clip and the chart stats, totally awesome! :bigsmile:

    I had forgotten this song, and Lucy got a tad bit annoying in parts, but enjoyed this overall. Liked how the whole episode was sorta hospital-related. Having Felix on 5 or more episodes consecutively, there WILL be backlash if he doesn’t get his own story sooner rather than later.

    Can’t wait for Bobbie and RS to see each other. It will be nice to see Monica eventually too!

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    Was Richard Simmons on? All i saw was MAKS!!! lol

    No seriously I loved this and when General Hospi-tale started playing I actually had to squee…

    jbj thanks for the vid. What ever happened to joe and rose I dont remember how they exited. So many characters I would like to at least here referenced during the next week, and yeah this bit with RS was more than a little campy but I have absolutely loved what they have done for the 50th.

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    That song took me back, too. Wouldn’t if be fun if someone made a new one? RS is a little OTT, but he’s very caring, and the NB wouldn’t be the same without him.

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    As many of you know I’m not a fan of camp, but this itty bitty moment from GH’s hey day in the early 80s I will take. It was short and sweet. This is the way a “wink” or “nod” should be given to the past. Not 2 months of a badly acted vampire story.

    Loved today’s episode.

    Couple issues….

    Weird seeing 30 something Milo take dating advice from 15 year old TJ and as of yesterday I’m officially no longer a Shawn fan. How dare a 40 something man threaten a 15 year old boy who recently lost his mother and is in foster care. If Rafe were portrayed as a bad kid I could see Shawn being protective, but in this case it was really sad that Shawn bullied a young kid.

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    Can’t wait to watch. I love general hospi-tale! It’s on my iPod. Just hilarious and well done. I’m not big on RS but enjoy his chemistry with Letterman. Definitely looking forward to all of the Ball.

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    Loved seeing the over-the-top Richard Simmons who in real life is probably the nicest, most caring man on the planet! Happy to hear Amy Vining mentioned! Loved the new MetroCourt ballroom! Maksim Chmerkovskiy is HOT!! LOVED the General Hospi-Tale song in the 80’s and I loved hearing a bit of it in this episode!!! Such wonderful memories!!!!! A highly entertaining hour!!! I enjoyed every minute of it!!! Good job Cartini!!! :love: :party:

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    Steph Stackhouse

    I loved the entire episode, RS and all. They just have to put Lynn Herring on contract. Oh, and I wanna see a Magic Milo routine also starring Maks, Felix and Shawn at the Nurse’s Ball. >)
    Btw, thanks for the clip, JBJ! :beer:

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    To EET, i saw Loanne Bishop in an episode of The Closer (or its spinoff, can’t remember) a year or so ago, and her acting was EXCELLENT in the role of a grieving mother, i believe. I was so impressed and feel so proud when i see one of my soap grads from decades ago show up in something!

    Shoutout to nysam, good points all.

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    One question: Where have Perkie’s Observations been this week?!? THIS WEEK of all weeks when GH has been amazing!!, one of the best GH weeks this year, and I’m still waiting to have a say on Laura SLAPPING Luke!!! How awesome was that??? And many other gushings to do!!!


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    It was great seeing Richard again on GH. He was so over the top in true Richard form but I would not expect anything less from him. I screamed when I heard General Hospi-Tale. Talk about a throwback! Haven’t heard it in ages and it was funny to see the newer members’ reactions to the mentions of the beloved vets.

    Nysam – I completely agree with you re: Milo and Shawn. I, for the life of me, can not understand why Shawn would stoop to such a low, petty and wimpy level unless the writers intend to use this as a catalyst for breaking up Alexis and Shawn. I hope not b/c I think they are good together but this was pitiful.

  24. Profile photo of tealita

    ^^Yeah, I wondered about that, too. Shawn was a little intimidating, wasn’t he? I wonder if Shawn is working for Dr. Orbrecht or Helena–or both. Why would Shawn have even been in the vicinity if Dante’s apartment if he wasn’t involved in the action somehow. If they are connecting Shawn to this story, having him narrow his eyes at Rafe was a good way to remind us of Shawn’s other side.

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    J Bernard Jones

    I just saw Shawn being supportive of TJ in the way that a lot of fathers or surrogates would do. He wasn’t mean or overbearing about, but he was “firm” of tone. He didn’t lie. He didn’t manipulate. He didn’t even threaten Rafe, and we’ve seen PLENTY of soap father go plenty crazy about protecting their kids. Shawn just told the truth. There wasn’t anything “low, petty or wimpy” about it.

    Just a couple of hours earlier, TJ had professed to Shawn that he saw him as a father figure, and Shawn has long felt that way about him. It is only natural that Shawn would stick up for his “kid.”

    I really, really like Rafe and I felt for him in that situation. I like this little TJ/Molly/Rafe triangle.
    But Shawn did absolutely nothing “wrong” in sticking up for and being supportive of TJ.

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    Hilarious that the used that song! Loved Epiphany and Lucy getting alarmed when it started talking about Monica. I had to show my sister that part.
    Sam :”Now that is one long insane attack.”

  27. Profile photo of jujube1013

    good ep, but really molly, she doesn’t have the truth of her own family, should they leave it to her a her very rose-colored glasses.

    i really wish that instead of Liz/Patrick scenes being all about sabrina, that Patrick had asked Liz how she was doing. Nik was shot,looloo is missing, and it was almost the 2nd anniversary of Jake’s death.

    watching the old eps. makes me miss the two-sided conversations, where it seems natural and all the participants talk about each others lives not just one very annoying, boring,idiotic story.

    RS was looking a tad bit old.

    glad they didn’t get to that part about monica thinking AJ could be Rick Webber’s, it could be a little eww, since he is wooing Rick’s niece.

    i really want to see a Bobby/Liz scene, i loved their relationship, but i can see how she should go see her kid before Liz.

  28. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Yoryla- I LOVED when Laura slapped Luke! I was like “YES” Laura is back. I want to see Laura as a strong character, standing up for her kids and giving Luke hell, which he deserves. LOVED hearing “General Hospi-tale”. It just proves that Ron C was and is a big fan himself of the show. Can’t wait for the Nurses Ball ,{saw the commercial and it looks great!). Loving the Soapnet marathon. What memories! Does anyone remember what happened to the character of Joe Kelly? I remember having a small crush on him when I was younger. Loved him and Rose! Seeing a young Liz and Lucky dancing, a young Nicholas, Bobbie and Monica, before their plastic surgeries (they were so pretty, why did they mess with their faces?) Loving the Blast from the Past!!

  29. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Luke, thanks for the info :) Her commentary is so missed around here!

    Angelwendy, YES I agree, it was so GOOD! The REAL Laura was back at that instant! When someone does something to her children, she doesn’t waste time by putting the people who harm them into their place. Loved her telling Luke how he “hates it that she had a bastard son with Stavros”, and getting in his face after that. Genie did such a good job in those scenes! It was all such greatness! :)

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    I’m sorry … I know some enjoyed his scenes … but I found both him and Lucy to be so annoying I could only watch the episode once. I normally watch GH 3 times … ABC at 2 pm, Soapnet at 7 pm and also at 9 am the following day. And I’ve especially been enjoying seeing all the shows leading up to the 50th Anniversary show as well as the Nurse’s Ball.

    I’m glad for those who like him … but I hope GH never brings him back again. He was arrogant and annoying beyond reason … and Lucy was just as bad during his appearance.

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