Jake Continues to Complicate Lives on ABC's Scandal

Jake (Scott Foley) was still trying to woo Olivia, who agreed to a dinner date, but chickened out at the last minute.  Olivia told Jake she wasn’t over her last boyfriend yet.  Jake then went into a speech about loving the way she answers her phone, always wears white, and is a wino.  It would have seemed very sweet how Jake noticed all these little “Liv-isms,” but then you remember how he has her under 24-hour stalking.  Since she’s unaware, Liv probably swooned.
Jake commanded Olivia to close her eyes, which she did without much protest, and he planted a kiss on her.  He also got Olivia to admit the kiss made her forget her ex. Jake pled with Liv to give their romance a chance, since she deserved to be happy. 
I don’t know what to think about Jake!  He seems really nice and his feelings for Liv genuine, but we also know he’s shady with ulterior motives.  Even Olivia admitted to Cyrus (Jeff Perry), it seemed like he was hiding something.  Could he truly care about Liv, or is he just using her?
This scene caused mix-feelings in general.  Something that bothers me about this show is how Olivia is described as this “strong, independent woman,” but she often acts like a doormat.  I want Liv to truly be powerful!  How many times has she let a man tell her what to do and call her a whore?  Even Jake telling her to “Close your eyes,” reinforced this “weak” Liv.  Simply because it wasn’t a question, it was a command.  That. She. Obeyed.  I just want the men on this show to stop acting like rapey, jerky frat boys, and Olivia to commit to standing up for herself. 


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I have read many blogs about the fact that Olivia is suppose to be this powerful woman yet she seems to yield to men and take orders from men. A lot of people may not understand this but I do. When you control everything in your life sometimes you want to take orders. Now I'm not talking about "Eat the cake Anna Mae" kind of orders. I'm talking about the kind that lets you just be the woman and the man takes charge. When Jake told Olivia to close her eyes, you can see Olivia relaxed a little. She's usually so tense. All day she is a "gladiator in a suit" she was able to feel vulnerable.

Now allowing people to call her a whore, no. She needs to snap. Her last boyfriend, she should have busted him in his face. Then the fool had the nerve to ask her to marry him! Oh no. Now Fitz is hurt but Liv needs to cuss him out too. He's acting like a hurt child and although she's heart broken she needs to let him have it like Mellie did.

I loved the fact Mellie pointed out that Fitz realized Liv didn't have the secrets of the universe tucked between her magical thighs. Fitz is hurt about Olivia not the election rigging itself. But I didn't care what she said about those kids because I never seen them. Nor do I care to see them. This is a grown up show. I don't want to start watching Gossip Girl DC version.

I was kind of upset Quinn got her fake family. I thought the CIA director was going to get her Sad sadly that didn't happen. Didn't really care about Hollis. Just like Cyrus, I just laughed.

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You know? I have seen many documentaries about call girls and they say that their best clients are powerful men. In their work life, they control everything and when they are most calm, is when someone else takes control of them. These were S&M type chicks and the CEO's like to be the submissive.

That being said, I completely get Olivia being in control of everything except her personal life. It totally rings true....however, I agree with the previous poster that for old boy to call her a whore and then propose.....he should have gotten a stiletto to his neck.

I am intrigued by Jake. Which team is he really playing for? Does he really care about Olivia? Did he fall while he was "watching" her? Why didn't she pick up on his comment about wine being a food group? I mean, they have been out on one date....and where the hell is her security? Why isn't her home and office frequently checked for bugs????

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Ellison didn't call her a whore. Everything he accused her of was true. She did have an affair with the president, she was lying about the president being wake when he was still in a coma. She accused him of calling her a criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar. She used those words to make him feel bad about calling her out on what was actually the truth.

And if anybody needs to start busting people in the face it's David. Practically everyone's actions on this show has affected him. He's now reduced to a job where he has to bribe kids with candy to get them to interact in class and living in an office with the people directly responsible for the misery in his life. I scratch my head when I read people talk about Olivia deserving happiness. David and babies Teddy and Ella are the only ones on this show that truly deserve happiness. Everyone else deserves to be in an 8x10 cell.

Week in, week out I'm continually annoyed by Mellie but Bellamy Young is brilliant. Although, I don't think her accusing him of being more devastated by Olivia's participation in the election rigging than the election rigging itself it completely accurate considering she doesn't know about what really happened with Verna. And Grant is acting like a hurt child because he has the confidence of a hurt child. What's more confidence boosting than being elected the United States of America. And what's more devastating to that confidence than finding out that, hey, the election was bogus and you believe that people that you thought believed in you didn't think that you were good enough to win on your own merit.

But I didn't care what she said about those kids because I never seen them. Nor do I care to see them. This is a grown up show. I don't want to start watching Gossip Girl DC version.

I wish the children were on the show. I want to see more of the family dynamic. It's possible to see the older children without it becoming a CW show. I mean how many times have we seen baby Teddy. Hell, I think we just learned his name this episode. So I don't think if the children were actually on the show that they would eat it up or that much time would be devoted to them. I just would have liked to have seen the before and after of how Grant was with his children instead of Mellie having to say how he is/was with his children.

And can someone on this show come to a realization about themselves without having to have someone tell it to them in a five minute speech. It would have been nice if we had seen Grant interact with his children and realize that we was becoming his father. Enough with the long-winded speeches. Mellie could have said everything she said to Grant with about 50 less words. If this show cut down on the long-windedness it'd probably be a half-hour show.