Cane Catches Lily in Tyler’s Arms on The Young and the Restless

Friday's episode of The Young and the Restless opened with Jeanne Cooper talking about Katherine Chancellor, her family, friends and of course her epic rivalry with Jill (Jess Walton).

Katherine told Cane (Daniel Goddard) she thought she had Alzheimer’s. When he realized it was a self-diagnosis, he insisted she go to a doctor and find out for a fact exactly what is wrong.  Cane took Katherine to the hospital, but she urged him to go. Katherine swore she would be fine by herself.

Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) spent a lot more time talking about babies. They always have such scintillating conversations.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) visited Adam (Michael Muhney) in his hospital room. Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) snuck in to keep her friend company. Eventually, Chloe convinced Chelsea to admit the truth about the baby to Adam to help her feel better.

Avery (Jessica Collins) returned to Genoa City, and Nick (Joshua Morrow) congratulated her on the trial. She said it was too soon to celebrate.

Tyler (Redaric Williams) told Lily (Christel Khalil) about his mother's death, and how he believed his father killed her.  He shared with her that his real name is Davis Rogan.  Just as Lily was comforting Tyler, Cane arrived and saw them together. Needless to say, he went off.

Dylan (Steve Burton) was at the bar drinking, when another guy wanted to start a fight.  Eventually, he was goaded into taking the guy on. Dylan was arrested for his fight with the bar brawler.

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    I loved Jeanne Cooper’s retrospective at the beginning. It’s a pity they couldn’t use any scenes of her with Brenda Dickson as Jill. That was years before my time with the show, but some fans still think of those years as the show’s best era.

    I thought it was a fairly good episode, but they really should have used some of the classic musical score for the Katherine scenes. And those scenes would be better if it were one of the Phillips and not Cane that was with Katherine.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @stoney07: May not care for the actress in the role of Lily. But I like that she is finally in the arms of a brotha! It has been a long time coming. Now i’m ready for him to lay the pipe in her so she can get up with a little “snap” in her ass.

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    I have to agree with the posters here. It was just an OK episode. We were served up with the 3rd incarnation of Katherine’s memory loss as a story and Cane FOR SOME GODDAMN REASON being her confidante.

    Then we had Nick proposing to another woman he is madly in love with just a few months after his divroce from her sister. I wish they would write Summer saying “damn dad, you just dumped MOM and now you want me to call her sister MOM?!! Get a grip and slow down on all the walking down the aisle!!”

    Then we had the “I want a baby” again storyline that seems to be the only one that they seem to write for their super couple Billy and Victoria. ENOUGH already. Just have her get pregnant NATURALLY so we don’t have to listen to the actress WHINE through her lines again and again and again!

    Lily should be with Tyler becuase I am bored with her with the OVERLY wimpy and possessive Cane! Plus they have only EVER cast her dating white men. Kevin, Daniel, Billy, Cane. Its ridiculous that with a father like Neil and his brother, Devon and then with a birth mother like Dru that this girl would on’y go for LILY white.

    AND WHY does Victoria have to know that Chelsea is pregnant?!! UGH!!!

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    david46208-Regarding CK. With the exception of her characters’ early “On the Run” story with MG’s Daniel, she has always struck me like a car stuck in a permanant idle, parking brake securely set. I really have doubts as to whether she can spark or “snap” with any screen partner. But that’s me… 0:)

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    Let’s not turn this into yet another POST where we blame CK for what everyone believes is her lack of acting skills! The woman is talented and she can act. We have seen it from her when it is truly required from her cancer story and when she believed Cane was dead. Also when she was with Daniel the first time and she sparked and seemed happy with Daniel for the short period of time the second time around.

    WHen the character is asked to be angry, CK delivers better than most as you can see it in her face, in her tone and in her body language.

    I’m also not going to blast the actor who plays Cane again but I don’t think he has much chemistry with many of the characters on the show. Sure, he sparked a lot with Chelsea and all that but not enough for me to wish a pairing there. I consider him a NEIL-lite. He smooches up to his woman, complimenting her left and right until you, the fans, start to throw up in your mouth from all the sweetness and joy they spew out JUST like dear old dad in law.

    The actor playing Tyler is HOT HOT HOT! Not only would I let this man eat crackers in my bed, I would bring those crackers ALREADY crushed up for him to eat! He is fine and I love a man with a shaved head! But I think the forced pairing here with Lily is showing a lack of true chemistry with his co-star. It’s not all CK.

    CK had great chemistry with Daniel, she has an adorable chemistry as brother and sister with Devon (which I wish the show would showcase with Lily confiding in Devon about Tyler since Devon isn’t Cane’s biggest fan) and she definitely has that “daddy’s little girl” chemistry with Neil.

    CK delivers. So do the two men vying for her love. I just don’t think any of them is bringing a great energy to the pairings. I think it should be Cane who cheats (I can’t ever see a mother of twins with a full time gig having the time to cheat EVEN though the nanny is ALWAYS working with the ASHBYs.) I would love to see Lily meet Mason or another guy and for Tyler just to be her friend. I’m just saying after all this time to not have a true spark with Tyler is just forcing an issue and wasting a fine actress that deserves better story and WASTING A BUTTONED UP SHIRT ON A FINE FINE MAN WHEN HE SHOULD BE HITTING THE SHEETS WITH SOME WOMAN ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!

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    Sorry, but disagree with NEIL CAN REALLY ACT. He is as monotone as Cane in his delivery. THat’s why I called CANE “Neil-Lite” because they remind me of one another so much.

    But if Lily cheats it will ruin the character’s m-o which is “Good” “nice” “sweet”. It should be Cane’s ego that allows him to cheat just like it was his ego that lied OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to Lily.

    Of course, once Lily found out she should bed Mason, Tyler and Chavez and HOPEFULLY all at once!!

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    I don’t find Tyler hot at all. He can’t hold a candle to Cane , besides the person who plays Tyler isn’t a good actor at all. That’s all I have to say about this guy he’s just not interesting and a total waste of screentime!

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    I agree with pjc722, I do not think KSJ is that great an actor. I do think he does well in that type of role. I do not think the actor that plays Tyler is very good. He is not that good looking but he is very striking (he has an unusual look that is appealing) that is how he has been able to get acting roles (or at least this acting role).

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    Thank you, Stoney! Good episode but not great. Cane needs to tone it down a bit. How come the bartender couldn’t call Sharon to come to Dylan’s rescue. She’s he’s friend too. I guess the hospital set was on the same side of the studio as The Blvd. and Tuckers old office.

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    I think KSJ kind of gets a bad rap because of the limitations of his role on Y&R. Let’s be honest, most of the stories he’s had in recent years have been mediocre at best. I wish he would do more acting roles outside of Y&R, because he’s actually very effective at comedy.

    As for Christel Khalil, I think she is a competent actress, she’s never wowed me, the way a Tricia Cast, Eileen Davidson, Victoria Rowell or even Tonya Lee Williams has at their best. Perhaps, I’ve just yet to see that really big storyline but I feel as if she has had more chances in recent years than many.

    Redaric, I think, improves with each scene. I really saw some growth in his scenes with Tony Todd. Hopefully, Redaric will continue to grow in the role, as he is obviously fairly new to acting, especially the kind of quick memorization with very little rehearsal type of acting that soaps require.

    I only have this to say about Daniel Goddard: he and his character seem a bit superfluous to me at this point but I don’t understand AT ALL why he is Katherine’s new confidant.
    I understand that Katherine doesn’t want Jill to know (although, I have to believe that this is a missed opportunity story-wise) but what about her ‘in sickness and in health’ husband Murphy?? Esther anyone? It might even have made sense for her new Assistant to have taken Katherine since she knew about Katherine’s memory issues before Cane. This aspect seems a bit forced, to try to shoehorn Cane into a storyline where he doesn’t really belong– to score ‘Good Guy’ points for the character (could TPTB actually know that some fans may still hold Cane’s shady dealings against him?) and they’re trying to enshrine Cain in ‘good guy’ status?

    Having said all this, the show is MILES BETTER than where it used to be, though the show STILL has LOTS of DAMAGE to UNDO. I’m looking forward to seeing better and better story lines, (more Jess Walton, for e.g.) and more complexity to the storytelling.

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    ooh, are they about to give Kay a brain tumor? Brain cancer? I hope not!

    I think people need to get out of ‘stupid midwestern soccer mom’ mode and learn to separate characters from the actors that portray them. Daniel Goddard is a decent actor. Not sure where all the venom and hate is coming from. No matter how scummy Cane is, Daniel Goddard can act rings around Redaric Williams(who is a hair model BTW),whose popularity seems to be his looks at the moment.

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    I’ve never quite figured out why CK is so harshly dissed here either; except that she’s been handed some pretty iffy storylines and lines to deal with.

    Cane “kinda” bugs me and DG fades in and out on my wavelength. Tyler really bugs me and he’s not on my wavelength the other way at all. But where is Mason? He’d definitely be on my upper scale if he got involved with someone (maybe even Kevin?) and had opportunities to shed his suit from time to time.

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    As far CK she been better then her recent S|L I don’t understand the bitchin’? Sometimes fans need to except that some actors are not going nowhere, even if not your favorite…it has always been this way. At least she has been better of late then in the past. She is my favorite…HELL NO but everyone one wants PERFECTION and just can’t be happy…compared to MAB! It is IMPROVEMENT in story. What the f*ck is MIDWEST have to do with it? I live in “studid midwest” and we are not STUPID and is that a knock on ppl that live in the heartland?

    I’m sorry tired of all the bitchin’ going on when Y&R is 100% better maybe not perfect but at least this new team is making an effort to listen to fans and have improved the quality of this show….sometimes I wonder if this is the real reason why soaps are not with us today, because fans want one thing and bitch when they have tried to give them the stories and they do still bitch, never happy with anything….RIDICULOUS! |(

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    Alls I know is that Redaric Williams is gonna be the next Shemar Moore! They did a great job casting him. Also glad they are trying to put some excitement in the Cane & Lily couple.

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    Redaric Williams was not an actor. He was a model. He isn’t experienced really with acting, and he is showing great improvement with each few weeks in my opinion. To be honest, I think his acting is better than Daniel Goddard, and that guy’s been on the show for seven freakin’ years.

    Kristoff St. John can act. Just take a look at his alcoholism storyline. He was great in that story. But what in the world is the man supposed to do in a role like Neil Winters? He isn’t loud or over the top, he isn’t really that funny…he’s a square. He’s a serious guy…very polished. I think he plays him wonderfully, especially since KSJ is such a clown in real life.

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    ABSOULTLEy…KSJ can act and so MANY TIMES proved it! ….well I guess you don’t know all his storylines from the past, he did some wonderful acting and has been on canvas since ’91, why is this issue? He’s a vet and prove it at least on Y&R so what now is the problem w\KSJ? Real Y&R fans know this…since he debut! |(

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    Exactly..SoapA…I thought Ck’s performance was by far her best in years…which to be honest surprised me. I’m thinking both CK & DG would be if they were not paired together. The scenes with JC & DG was quite touching in IMO I loved it as an over all scene together…go figure!

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    I wonder sometimes about the standards some people are using to judge what good acting is.

    I’ve never thought Daniel Goddard was a terrible actor. I can’t remember one storyline in which he hasn’t done what was required. Granted, he’s been featured in some awful storylines in the past but that certainly wasn’t his fault. I don’t really like Cane, but I don’t dislike DG at all.

    The exact same thing holds true for Kristoph St. John. Part of his characterization is that he’s not as charismatic as his sexy brother Malcolm, so if he comes off as lacking in charisma, then he’s doing a fantastic job.

    Christel Khalil has been doing a very decent job under this new regime. I’ve been one of her harshest critics in the past but so far I’ve seen nothing to criticize.

    I haven’t made up my mind about Redaric Williams yet, but he’s new so I’m cutting him some slack.

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    Well, I’ll throw my two cents in here regarding CK. More often than not I consider her a fairly competent actress–the only storyline in which I thought she just didn’t have the range required to pull off the material was the cancer story–but in general I think she does a more than adequate job. I especially enjoy when she’s got a little edge to her attitude; back during the “Cane is dead/not dead” story she was delivering day in and day out, almost carrying the whole storyline(of course acting opposite DG and then dealing with Genie Francis’ absurd acting choices throughout gave her alot of room to walk away with scenes). And I totally agree with those who mentioned the chemistry aspect; she has a very easy rapport with any number of actors on the show. As for Daniel Goddard, I really don’t know what to say; the man is gorgeous–I think he’s actually a lot hotter than Redaric Williams–and given a very limited range of material he’s not a bad actor but he, and by extension the character, just seems smarmy as hell to me. I wouldn’t say he lacks viability–the way Daniel Jonas on DAYS does–but if he got written off tomorrow I wouldn’t blink.

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    Agree Stoney–KSJ performs the hell out of the square Neil. Neil the alcoholic was a great performance(no one saw him as capable of messing up like that, Malcolm was the mess up). He and Dru were ‘opposites’ initially and Olivia was the more ‘polished character’ was his first attraction. Redric is improving, Shemar wasn’t a great actor at first either, and my god he is beautiful. Both Shemar and Redric I suppose were brought on for their beauty. mpbach we will have to agree to disagree.

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    In all the years watching Y&R, I only found two actors to be reallllllly bad, and that’s the chick that played Daisy, and Stevie B.

    AH can be totally annoying as whiny Victoria, but she has been on now for so long she just is Victoria now. HT is probably never coming back, so it is what it is.

    Everybody wants CK to be more like her mother in the mode of VR, well she isn’t and they don’t write her that way either, so again no big deal.

    DG isn’t that bad and he is easy on the eyes. It’s how the character of Cane has been written and re-written so many times. It was the writing team under MAB that was bi-polar, and couldn’t make up their minds from one day to the next who he was/is.

    I think Redaric Williams is coming along nicely, he really put me off at first being an ass, but his scenes the last couple of weeks since they are fleshing him out a little more as a character he’s doing ok.

    I would like to see more of the guy that play’s Sarge’s nephew, he is a good looking guy, and was good for the part, but where did he go?

    But KSJ a bad actor, are you freaking kidding me????????????????????????????????? I just find no justification for this. Yes, he was pretty one note since they killed VR off and MAB didn’t have a clue what to do with Neil, but dude can act, PLUUUEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZE.

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    Noway, I agree that SBu is in Daisy territory. It’s really shocking that he has a following: He’s talentless, ripped off his fans with his Jesus juice, is dishonest (“I’m not going to another soap!”) and a diva. It’s a damn shame.

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    Lily, Cane, and Neil are all boring and played out. The show won’t fire them because of all the mess that happened when they tried to chop them before. The “show” even finds them boring, you can tell by their “storylines”. It’s like they are just stuck with them until they can develop some more compelling charactors. The show wants Tyler to be popular so it won’t be so jarring when they write off or recast Lily, because a lot of the Lame “magic” will be decimated. Cane is a talk to for Katherine because Murphy & Esther dont have contracts. Cane has a contract, so they have to use him somewhere.

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    [quote=bishbay]Noway, I agree that SBu is in Daisy territory. It’s really shocking that he has a following: He’s talentless, ripped off his fans with his Jesus juice, is dishonest (“I’m not going to another soap!”) and a diva. It’s a damn shame.[/quote]

    It amazes me that he has been acting for about 20 years and got a freaking emmy????/ WTH? Was it a weak pool that year?

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    I always liked Steve Burton but some how the character of Dylan is just not catching on. I still keep seeing Jason Morgan, but now as a war hero. He is a favorite of JFP so she will do anything to keep him on the show.

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    Damn, the model who plays Tyler makes Daniel “Walnuts In My Mouth” Goddard look like Robert DeNiro.

    I know he has a hot body but is it really that hard to change your ONE facial expression at least every week??? And don’t get me started on his monotone!!! Paging Daisy Carter… your creole twin is calling!

    I just can’t take this “drama” seriously! All it elicits is laughter… and sorrow for the show that once had the best cast on TV!

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    Angie Lucy

    Clearly they didn’t know which direction they were going to take Tyler in when they first brought him on the show. He started out hitting on a married woman, completely disrespecting her “no” and her husband. Now we find out his mother was supposedly killed by his father because she cheated on him. When Cane went off on them today, Tyler complained to Lily that Cane should trust her and treat her better. Come again? Tyler has done everything to make Cane suspicious of him (not Lily, but that’s her issue, not Tyler’s), and now he wants to be the concerned, self-righteous one? Now he can remember where a man’s jealousy can lead? Where was all of this reflection when he kept pestering Lily over and over again? You would think he’d steer clear of married women because he knows their partners can snap.

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    [quote=noway]In all the years watching Y&R, I only found two actors to be reallllllly bad, and that’s the chick that played Daisy, and Stevie B[/quote]

    While I’d hardly call YZ a method actor, I can think of any number of other daytime actors who make her look as though she is; Denise Vasi, Drew Tyler Bell and Andrew Trischitta are three off the top of my head(and on any given day I’d add Nadia Bjorlin and Farah Fath to that list as well). As for SB, while I’m not overly fond of the character I don’t think he’s that bad an actor and IMO not even close to being the worst performer on the show right now; for me, that (dis)honor still belongs to AH who, eight years later, is still wandering around the wilderness looking for Victoria’s voice(not to mention her backbone).

  29. Profile photo of noway

    [quote=ChrisGa][quote=noway]In all the years watching Y&R, I only found two actors to be reallllllly bad, and that’s the chick that played Daisy, and Stevie B[/quote]

    While I’d hardly call YZ a method actor, I can think of any number of other daytime actors who make her look as though she is; Denise Vasi, Drew Tyler Bell and Andrew Trischitta are three off the top of my head(and on any given day I’d add Nadia Bjorlin and Farah Fath to that list as well). As for SB, while I’m not overly fond of the character I don’t think he’s that bad an actor and IMO not even close to being the worst performer on the show right now; for me, that (dis)honor still belongs to AH who, eight years later, is still wandering around the wilderness looking for Victoria’s voice(not to mention her backbone).[/quot

    I just figure it’s not going to change and when HT left Vikki’s backbone went with her.

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    As for the acting abilities of Cane, Lily and Neil…ALL the actors have been on the show for a while and have proved they can handle the material given to them.

    Actually of those three, CK may be the weakest…but she’s never deserved the trash talking she’s been given on her. Really.

    And questioning KSJ? Huh?

    Now for that Tyler dude. Still not feeling him. Yes, he’s hot, but he always comes across fake in those scenes with Lily. I’d much rather have the writers pair her up with Mason instead, and keep Tyler with scenes with Leslie and Wheeler.

    I think of all the changes, recasts, etc. he is proving to be the least appealing to ME. At this point, I can safely say that I don’t like the character.

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    hey mon

    CK is not that bad. When she found out about Malcolm being her Daddy, who can forget her famous “Get Out, just get out!” screaming scene to him. It was really good. Malcolm left, Lily rejected her Mother (very well acted), and Dru had her famous scene with the half-bookcase next to the front door. Classic stuff!

    You go Christine, she is an integral part of the Y&R landscape. One of my biggest regrets is that CK didn’t get to act in the scenes a few months later when Neil found out about Lily and Malcolm, and instead the scene was played with Davetta Sherwood.

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    Everyone goes on and on and on about the so called bad acting on Y&R. Granted some of it is but overall it really isn’t all that bad.

    What about the acting from the past which was parodied on many comedy shows? The acting was far worse in the past and yet … soaps survived!

  33. Profile photo of pferrando

    Hey mon and tedew…thanks for the posts. Yes, the acting on Y and R has pretty much always been something the entire ensemble can be proud of. I generally find that the people that don’t like the actor/actress anyway will try to point out how bad they are on screen.

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