Kate and Rafe Just Can’t Keep Their Relationship a Secret on Days of Our Lives!

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) threatened Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) that Daniel (Shawn Christian) would suffer the consequences if she didn't leave him alone. Chloe warned that Daniel could lose his son forever. 

The brunette bombshell informed her rival Nancy (Patrika Darbo) had taken Parker out of the country, where Daniel could never find him. Chloe did a video chat to prove to Jennifer that Nancy was in Brazil with Parker. She isn't leaving anything to chance is she?

Nick (Blake Berris) and Gabi (Camila Banus) moved into the Kiriakis mansion. I wonder how Uncle Vic (John Aniston) would feel if he knew Nick had called Sonny (Freddie Smith) a faggot?

Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) dropped by Daniel's house and was surprised to find him there. She expected him to be out of town. Daniel told Maggie things couldn't be better between him and Jennifer.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Rafe (Galen Gering) had sex yet again. Is Days of Our Lives trying to make up for Kate's long ,dry spell by having her have sex every other episode? It must be reassuring to Rafe to have Kate tell him that even though she's no longer with Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), she is not free of him.

Daniel realized Rafe and Kate were together. He didn't say anything, but after he left Rafe followed to try and explain. Everyone in Salem is going to know about Kate and Rafe being together at this rate. One thing is certain, these two can't keep a secret.

After helping Nick and Gabi move in, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) went to the church; Vargas (Sean Douglas) was there as well. Hope told him if he felt like he was going to fall into bad habits, he could call her. Vargas left and bumped into Nick in the park.

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    Bangel Angle

    Kate and Rafe are a horrid idea. They make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Besides Will and Sony, all of the couples on this show suck. They either make no sense or are boring or are both. I’ve never seen a show with so many couples that have no rootable quality about them. Its like a battle with evil versus evil. In the end you just want them all wiped out.

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I also feel, that no matter how cute Rafe & Kate are, they can’t be taken seriously as a couple. It’s just a means to an end to provide angst for Stefano and possibly Sami, later on. The fact is Stefano & Kate belong, and at some point they *are* going to get back together.

    And now that Sami is with EJ and Carrie, Rafe’s best pairing to date, is off canvas, it’s becoming more and more evident how little point Rafe has on the show. He should pack up and leave.

  3. Profile photo of soapy opie
    soapy opie

    I don’t blame either one. They got treated
    very badly by their “loved ones” & deserve
    to have some naughty fun.

    For Kate: Rafe is a real hottie.

    For Rafe: Kate is still a very handsome woman
    & as a former “working girl”, she most
    certainly knows her way around the sheets!!

    Besides, unlikely couples can often prove to be
    very interesting couples. Like the first time
    Jack & Phyllis hooked-up on Y&R or Luke & Tracy on GH.

  4. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I am so glad the other three soaps are so good these days because this show is really going through one of its periodic bad patches IMO:

    1. Kate and Rafe. A sexy, vibrant woman like her belongs with someone who has an equally strong personality. Rafe doesn’t have that.

    2. Jennifer/Daniel/Chloe. Bad acting multiplied by three.

    3. Kristen/ Brady/ John/ Marlena: the only person shining in this storyline is Kristen. Brady and John look like fools and so does Marlena for tolerating their constant putdowns.

    4. What the hell are Nick and Gabi doing living in the Kiriakis mansión? Doesn’t Nick have a highpaying job working for Kate? Why does he need Maggie’s charity and why would he want to live in the house of Sonny’s great-uncle? Why would curmudgeonly Victor allow people he’s never even met to invade his home?

    5. Abby and Cameron. Girl, just give up the goodies already.

    Oh, and if you’re constantly sending people off to Rome, Venice, Brazil, etc., there must be some stock footage of exterior shots you can use to lend some believability to the proceedings.

    If not for the frequent scenes of shirtless Brady, Cameron and Vargas (this show really knows how to exploit hot male bodies), I would be falling asleep watching Days.

  5. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    You forgot Sami and Ej, lame alert. Not only can this coupling not be taken seriously there is just no drama there. I don’t care that they moved into the Dimansion. I don’t care about them at all. I thought Rafe/Sami was the lamest SamI coupling but at least they had some rootable value. Ej/Sami has none. If you are not a fan of them you won’t care about them.

    Also I think Maggie and Victor has worn thin. Maggie needs to be a horton. Bring Bill back and make that happen. Victor needs to be more than a grumpy old man.

    And as much as I love Nicole and used to love Eric, they are so boring.

    Days needs a total couple makeover.

  6. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Rafe and Kate are growing on me, but I feel like this pairing was just thrown together for lack of anything substantial for either character to do. Now that Daniel has become Days main leading man(stab my brain!), and Ej won fair Sami’s heart for the moment, there is literally nothing for Rafe to do. And since Tomlin hates writing most of the older vets, there’s not much for Kate to do either.

    Bed scenes are one thing, but do they have chemistry outside of the boudoir? There’s no real reason for them to be together outside of sex. I felt embarrassed for them that they had to resort to make-out sessions in Gabi’s teen age girl room above Caroline’s, but then I remembered that Kate doesn’t even have a house. Where the hell does Kate live anyway?

    She should have a big house, or at least a swanky penthouse apt. to have her midnight trysts. We should be seeing jacuzzi scenes, or Rafe and Kate cuddled up on a bear skin run in front of a fireplace…even Daniel and Jennifer…AKA “Gaggifer” got that!

    Chloe Can't Unsee! photo fuck_no_zps204d9fee.png

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    ITA w\SoapA, that Kate should be with Stefano but I think Rafe & Kate is pretty hot :O …but they could do May-December romance and inject Stefano into romancing Kate back and make a good triangle ;) Let Stefano’s Eurpean charm and romance Kate would be fun to watch…

    I’m not sure yet how I feel about Vargas\Hope…I need more, could be something I might like…. ;)

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