Maya Likes Her Chances With Rick on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie (Heather Tom) insisted Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) back off her husband, but Brooke pushed back by saying it was Katie who was the problem.  Katie said Bill should have to participate in their marriage. She shouldn't be the only one fighting for it.

Brooke countered that Katie needed to stop hounding him about drinking and herself, before she pushed her hubby away. Brooke said her sister lives in fear.  Katie shot back by bringing up Brooke's many marriages.

Shortly after Katie arrived home, Danielle (Crystal Chappell) popped by to pick up some files. Katie told her that Bill kissed Brooke. Danielle was glad that Katie stood up for herself.

Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) left Dayzee's and went back to Forrester, where once again she tried to seduce Rick (Jacob Young). Caroline said the problem with the Brooke's Bedroom line is that every time she wears something from it, he might think of his mom and not her. 

Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) told Maya (Karla Mosley) to forget about Rick. Maya left and went to Forrester to talk to her crush. She told him life could be such a bitch and then asked why he'd want to waste time dating one. That may have been the line of the episode.  She told Rick that she liked her chances with him and they started making out.

Meanwhile, a tipsy Bill left Spencer and drove home, instead of waiting for his driver.  Of course Brooke was in her car, and of course they were both on the exact same road in LA and crashed into one another.

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    Hooray for Maya & Rick!!

    Also, I like that Dayzee’s halo has lost some of its luster. Seeing Dayzee as insecure about Maya is refreshing. B&B is doing a good job of bring actors of color into the show and not locking them into a segregated storyline.

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    Daniel St. John

    Maya showed that trick Caroline what was what…while Caroline is looking all desperate attacking people Maya went and gave Rick a taste of that brown sugar he been lusting after.

    And Marcus needs to have a long talk with Dayzee. She is acting like The Forrester’s will kick her out on the street if she steps out of line or something.

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    Yes soaparmageddon..seriously.

    Because the only storyline that seemed to win in the ratings was the horrible triangle. Thats theonly reason Brad hold on to the story, because B&B was doing better since that story :)

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    Regardless how I hate the triangle from hell, it rose the ratings and has kept B&B raising in the ratings…out of all the soaps in the growth…by adding this diversity with which I LOVE will even be better…ppl don’t realize Brad has “Daddy’s” old writing team from Y&R and GOD I wish during this period they were back at Y&R…it is SsOOO Y&R of the ’70s! Truth hurts. ;)

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    I absolutely LOVE Rick & Maya. This story keeps me tuned into B&B not Liam, Steffy, Hope. I am also interested to see how things turn out regarding Brooke and Bill. Can’t wait for todays episode!

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