DC #715: Top 5 General Hospital Moments #GH50

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens and Regan Cellura count down their Top 5 General Hospital moments from the past 50 years. From the fantastic to the insane, the ABC soap has served up countless memories for fans to cherish.

What are your Top 5 General Hospital Moments?

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!


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13 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    After hearing Luke’s moments for Y&R I was kind of scared for this podcast. And boy, the fearless leader didn’t disappoint. The big question: Was he brainwashed by Helena? ;)

    In all seriousness, these are supposed to be the Top 5 moments, right!? A moment that ended a really bad storyline shouldn’t even be a thought. This show has 50 years of great moments. Amazing moments. So many that aired on SOAPnet this past weekend. It’s about the great ones right!?

    My Top 5:

    #5: Luke seeing Laura at the Mayor’s mansion.

    #4: Lucky finding Elizabeth after she’s been raped.

    #3: Edward faking a heart attack & Tracy not giving him his medicine.

    #2: Tracy screaming for her mommy after hearing that Lila has died.

    #1: Lucky confronts Luke with him raping Laura.

    Honorable mentions:
    – Luke and Laura get married.
    – Lily dies as Brenda is about to marry Jax.
    – Carly tells Sam that she is just a replacement for Brenda.
    – Elizabeth finding Lucky in their church when he’s back on drugs.
    – Jason telling Monica that Emily died and Monica holds him responsible.
    – Quartermaine Thanksgiving.

  2. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    My Five (I put a little more thought into these than I did the Y&R ones):-)

    In no particular order:

    1. Stefan inadvertently shoots Katherine Bell on Spoon Island thinking it was Luke.

    2. Mr. Big is revealed to be none other than Co-Police Chief Burt Ramsey!

    3. Presumed-dead Brenda reveals herself to Sonny at the chapel right as he’s “shot”, with Amazing Grace playing to set the mood.

    4. The blond wig in the chair FINALLY gets a face when Laura comes out of her 6-year catatonic state and reunites with Luke and family.

    5. Anna’s spirit (she was still presumed dead at that point) visits Robin to comfort her after Robin learns she has HIV and doesn’t know whether she should tell Stone.

  3. Profile photo of soapfan14

    Ok I’m gonna defend Luke here. Correct me if I’m wrong but its favorite memories. That to me meant the personal memories of the person’s list it doesn’t necessarily mean best moments in the soaps history.

  4. Profile photo of elbugten

    My Top 8. Couldn’t narrow it down to just 5.

    #8 Anything Nurse’s Ball. Hope Lucy ends up in her undies again this year. It won’t be the same without her fighting with Amy. RIP Shell Kepler.

    #7 Lucy and Brenda linking arms and singing “Ding Dong The Witch Is Gone” around Lucy’s desk at Deception when Lucy ousted Katherine Bell.

    #6 Lois popping out of the cake at Katherine’s birthday party. “Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ned Ashton from the OTHER Mrs. Ned Ashton!” I LOVED Lois Cerullo Ashton and this is classic Lois, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” Blowing her bigamist hubby “Eddie Maine’s” cover.

    #5 Quartermainia. Loved the crazy residents of this house that Alan bought for Monica including dog Annabelle and servants Reginald and Alice. It’s not Thanksgiving unless the Quartermaines eat pizza. Favorite moments? Tracy withholding Edward’s heart medication (saw it on youtube) and when Katherine Bell fell down the stairs and they all worked together to cover it up.

    4. BJ’s death/Maxie’s heart story. I loved how it affected all the characters, the joy on Frisco’s face telling Tony Maxie had received a heart turning to horror when he realized it was Tony’s little girl who was the donor, Felicia wailing “Not Barbara Jean!”, Tony listening to BJ’s heart beating in Maxie’s chest. I even remember a scene on BJ’s birthday where little Lucas sent balloons to heaven for his big sister. Still makes me cry.

    3. Lucky’s “death” as staged by Faison and Helena. From the moment Liz collapsed in Sonny’s arms when Taggert showed her the subway token locket, to Laura collapsing after seeing “Lucky” dead in the morgue to Luke destroying “Cowboy’s room (I loved that house). I cried for days. Then cut to a scene where Lucky is being held by Faison and I screamed! I was glad Lucky was alive but PISSED that GH had tricked me into mourning him! Fantastic story.

    2. Liz’s rape, leading to her and Lucky slowly building a friendship and becoming a couple, and Lucky finding out about Luke raping Laura

    1. Stone and Robin’s story “Robin’s Diary”. Loved how real it was, how Uncle Mac hated Stone, how Felica advised Robin, “big sister” Brenda took Robin under her wing, etc.

  5. Profile photo of john2124

    Stone’s death turns me into a punk b****. I have never felt that much emotion about a fictional story in my life. When he said he saw her, I think I lost my marbles.

  6. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    1. Stones death
    2. the death of Sam’s baby
    3. anna and Robert’s valentines day reunion
    4. Click Boom
    5. Lauras rape
    6. alan dropping the roof on monica and rick

    honorable mentions to:

    bjs hEART
    anna and Roberts wedding
    luke and lauras wedding
    all things nurses ball
    heather drugging Diana taylor
    carly – the early years
    tbs carly and the panic room
    the hotel fire

  7. Profile photo of tealita

    1. BJ’s Heart

    2. Laura gives birth to Lulu, Lulu’s Aplastic Anemia Diagnosis, the intro of
    Nik, Stefan, etc.

    3. Clink Boom and Amazing Grace (sneaking two in here)

    4. Stone’s death

    5. Lucky’s death

    Honorable mentions: Roy dying in Bobbie’s arms
    Everything Bobbie/Carly/Tony/Luke (SJB in the role)

  8. Profile photo of Yoryla

    My list isn’t actually “moments” but whole episodes:

    5. The 10.000th episode in 2002. This episode, even though it was JFP’s era, was beautifully, and approriately done. It centered around Audrey, who was having her 10.000th day on shift as a nurse. Rachel Ames looked beautiful, and at the beginning of the episode all of the castmembers aplauded her. It was so nice. Also this episode still had Shell Kepler as the ever-young Amy Vining. The episode closed just perfectly: Luke & Laura kissed and reminisced, as Audrey looked on. Then the camera slowed on, FOTH started playing and there was a light shining on Audrey. Made me tear up.

    4. Edward’s memorial in November 2012. This was an amazingly beautiful episode, that brought back the Q’s after being in peril for years. AJ had just gotten back, Skye, Ned and Lila Rae came to visit, Alan’s ghost visited them, and all of the actors were on top of their game. Jane Elliot was flawless in these scenes. And the ending with Edward & Lila rising up the stairs to heaven was beautiful.

    3. General Hospital’s 30th anniversary in April 1993. This episode was so perfectly done. It was introduced by John Beradino, and it premiered the FOTH theme, which went on to be one of the most popular openings of soaps. I still miss it everyday, and hope it could make a comeback. This episode had Angie Costello, the patient Steve treated 30 years before. Also, Steve & Audrey were beautiful in this episode.

    2. Luke & Laura’s wedding in 1981. What can I say? It was the most-watched soap event in history, and with good reason. It had it all, romance, action, suspense. Elizabeth Taylor with a curse. The scorned Scotty catching the bouquet. But most of all, the look L&L gave to each other at the altar, and especially the excitement they had when they nearly ran the catwalk and threw their hands in the air. Almost like they had won a world championship. And in many ways, they had. Chills.

    1. Luke & Laura coming back in 1993/ Triple L Diner. That was such a heartfelt, warm episode. Yet it had intrigue, mystery and action. I especially loved it starting with “Luke & Laura’s theme” – the greatest piece of GH background music ever made.

  9. Profile photo of twb6yz

    Some of my favorite moments that were not on the show as part of anyone’s top 5 (in no order)

    – Edward Quartermaine fakes his heart attack in front of Tracey
    – Scotty catches the bouquet at Luke and Laura’s wedding
    – Lucy shows up crying on Bobbie’s doorstep with flowers on BJ’s birthday after she died
    – Lois hops out of the cake
    – Lucy’s sonogram while acting surrogate for Scotty and Dominique. Dominique hears the heartbeat of the baby she won’t live long enough to see born
    – Luke & Laura dance through Wyndam’s Department Store
    – Carly boozes up AJ trying to make him forget about sleeping with her
    – Lucy marries Alan in the red dress
    – Alan buys the house for Susan Moore and he can watch her through the telescope.

    I’m surprised so many of these involved Lucy Coe because I did not watch all that much during that time but Lynn Herring had the ability to make me laugh, tick me off, and make me cry.

  10. Profile photo of Jenny

    My Top Moments:

    #5 – Amazing Grace Montage

    #4 – Bobbie catches Carly in bed with Tony

    #3 – Liz’s Rape

    #2 – Clink Boom

    #1 – Stone Dies

    Honorable Mentions: Jason Q wakes up as Jason M, Puerto Rico, Lois jumps out of the cake, BJ’s Death/Maxie’s Heart, Lucky’s Death, LnL dancing in the dept store, Jax&Brenda in LA.

  11. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    My Top Moments (Can’t narrow it down to five)

    # 9- The Nurses Ball when Robin is paying tribute to Stone and breaks down and Jason goes and carries her off the stage.

    # 8- The shoot out in Sonny’s penthouse, Brenda is shot at while in the shower.

    # 7- Lucky finding Liz after the rape.

    # 6- Stone dies and sees Robin for the last time.

    # 5- Lucky “dies” in the fire, the final scene where they show Lucky alive and banging on the door of the room he is trapped in (the best kept secret in Daytime, I was completely shocked to find him alive)

    # 4- Lucky finds out about Liz sleeping with Nik loses it “Drunk sober, drunk sober”

    # 3- Clink boom. Lily’s car exploding as Jax/Brenda marry.

    # 2- Maxie gets BJ’s heart, the scene in the hospital hall where Felicia finds out that BJ is the donor and sinks to her knees on the floor and says “Not Barbara Jean”.

    #1- Sonny and Jax both trapped in the warehouse fire and Brenda waiting outside. Both Sonny and Jax walk out at the same time and Brenda runs right past Sonny into Jax’s arms.

    Favorite storylines:

    – Lucky “dies” in fire
    -Liz’s rape
    -Maxie gets BJ’s heart
    -Stone dies of Aids
    -Sonny/Brenda/Jax triangle
    -Carly/Jason with Sarah Brown as Carly
    -Carly seduces Tony/Bobbie finds out Carly is her daughter

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