SPOILERS: Will AJ Break The Chandler Curse on All My Children?

What exactly will fans be in store for when All My Children returns on April 29? The Online Network has unveiled spoiler tidbits on iTunes to tide fans over until the sudser's return. According to the write up for AMC:

Follow JR as he comes to grips with his past and meet his teen-aged son, AJ, who might just break the cycle of dysfunction that has plagued his family for years. Follow Pete Cortlandt as he falls in love with a girl named Celia who has a dark past even she doesn't know about. Get re-acquainted with Angie and Jesse and see them tested by tragedy and loss. Witness the return of Zach and David and follow the emotional journey of Bianca’s daughter Miranda, whose own mother lived in the shadow of the great Erica Kane but who is determined to forge her own path, on her own terms. All that and more begins on April 29th…

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Photos of Ryan Bittle and Eric Nelsen courtesy of IMDB

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    [quote=nysam]The new JR is only 6 years younger than his mother Dixie!!! Bizarre casting.[/quote]

    What’s so bizarre about it? It’s not the first time this happens on Daytime. Lesley-Anne Down and Jack Wagner are only six years apart and played mother and son for years as Jackie and Nick on B&B. Only to name just one. ;)

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    TC irene

    Like the sound of things so far.

    Tragedy and Loss for Angie and Jesse makes me wonder if somebody should call the Parks dept. and tell them Jesse and his shovel are back…lol

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    I wonder if Angie and Jessie will still be dealing with the grief over the loss of their child? That would makes sense since many parents who’ve lost children will say that it is a pain that never goes away. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still dealing with the fallout, even as a couple.

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    I am excited to see how this all plays out. I think they did a bang up job with casting these characters. I wonder where Kate/Kathy Martin is? I thinks she would be in college now maybe because she was a little older than Miranda (right?)

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    I don’t care about all the other examples of age inappropriate casting. They were bizarre as well.

    Cady McClain is beautiful and can not realistically play a 50 something year old woman. That would make Erica in her 80s and you know that won’t make Lucci happy.

    Never have been a fan of SORAS on young characters because it screws up the show’s timelines way too much.

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