The Following Recap: “Whips and Regret”

Ryan (Kevin Bacon) was understandably depressed on this week’s episode of The Following.  Even though his friend Tyson was going to be okay, Claire (Natalie Zea) had been taken, and they weren't any closer to catching Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). 
Ryan sat drunk in front of a news report, as they rehashed the FBI’s ineptitude. Debra (Annie Parisse) came to check on him. She got him to come back into work, after admonishing his alcoholism and pointing out it was bad for his heart. 

The FBI were able to trace the server for the Joe Carroll recruitment website. It was located at a dodgy S&M club in NYC. The woman who ran it wasn’t a follower, but her boyfriend Vince (the surviving militia brother) was. He’d set up the site behind her back.  She agreed to lure him to the club and wear a wire. 

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