The Following Recap: "Whips and Regret"

Secret acolyte Molly delivered a bunch of data she’d collected on Ryan over the years. Joe was pleased with her work. Later, he watched sex tapes she'd secretly recorded with Ryan.  Nothing strange or homoerotic there — kidding, Joe was totes jealous!
Flashbacks showed Molly also visited Joe in prison. She was a nurse, who killed patients on the terminal ward.  She was tasked with moving to New York to get close to Ryan. 

She isn’t just an ex-girlfriend; she’s his neighbor and they’re still friends with benefits.  She made Joe promise that when the time came, she could kill Ryan. I think she’s naïve to believe this. There’s no way Joe would let Ryan die by any hand but his, after all they’ve been through.
By the end of the episode, Ryan returned home, to find Molly waiting.  She comforted him, in hopes of getting Ryan back into her bed. 
Which part of “Whips and Regret” did you find most disturbing?

Photo Credit: Fox