Jay Leno Battles EJ DiMera For Days of Our Lives’ Sami Brady! (VIDEO)

Well, sort of. The Tonight Show's fans apparently have mad love for Days of Our Lives, and wanted host Jay Leno to give the sudser some props. During a Q&A session last night, an audience member requested Leno make a guest appearance on DAYS, with none other than Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney).

Happy to oblige, Leno ran over to the DAYS set, where he confessed his love for Salem’s scheming vixen. Things seemed to be going smoothly between the two, until EJ (James Scott) overheard Sami’s declaration of love for Jay. Watch the chaos after the jump!


Photo credit: NBC

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    This was so funny! :D

    Sami looked crazy great in this clip! Very soapy, why can’t she really like that on Days!? The Days on this clip was better than the real thing lol! Loved the DiMera flavor.

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    Here’s how I would write for Days: 

    John/Marlena/Roman: John continues to push Marlena away and she finds solice in the arms of ex-hubby Roman (Wayne Northrop). Marlena goes to speak with John and he tears into her and tells her they’re done. Doc runs crying to Roman. John moves out of the apartment. Marlena soon realizes someone is stalking her and she tells John who thinks it’s a ploy just to get him to move back in. She then tells Roman who decides to move in to protect her like back when they first met. Will this bring Roman and Doc back together?

    Kristen/Brady: They’re wedding day approaches and Kristen is not too sure if she can still hurt Brady as she has fallen in love with him. Brady seems very ecstatic to make Kristen his wife but little does Kristen knows Brady also has a trick or two up his sleeve. Will Brady turn the tables on Kristen?

    Stefano/Kate/Rafe: Stefano finds out who his Katherine is bedding and becomes very upset and says they both will pay. Kate is called away on business but she doesn’t leave without making love to Rafe. Once Kate leaves, Lucas receives a call that his mom’s plane has disappeared from the radar system. While everyone mourns the presumed death of Kate and blame Stefano, she wakes up in a cell. As she yells and screams for help a mysterious man walks in revealed to be Kate’s presumed dead ex husband Curtis Reed!

    Hope: She gets a call that Bo fell off his boat during a storm and drowned. Since Hope is mourning Bo’s “death” and Rafe is mourning Kate’s “death”. Will sparks fly between these two? Also, Hope reopens the Franco Kelly murder case when she spots a man looking exactly like her old flame. Hope also receives news that Patrick Lockhart was killed in prison. With all these things going on Hope starts experiencing chest pains and Rafe becomes her life saver.

    Ej/Sami: Ej and Sami are happily in love……. For now. Ej’s ex fiancee during his time away from Salem comes to town and decides she wants Ej back. When she and Sami come face to face Sami realizes it’s her former best friend Jamie from high school! Does Jamie decide to back down? Not so fast! She schemes with an unknown man to tear Ej and Sami apart. The man has a past with Sami and it’s not Lucas? Could it be Sami’s rapist Alan?

    Jennifer/Daniel/Chloe/Ann/Nancy: This story comes to a climax as Chloe starts to lose her grip on reality and tries to murder Jennifer by setting the Horton cabin on fire. Daniel who was on his way to Jen runs in to rescue her and brings her outside. Chloe comes up and pulls out a gun and expresses her undying love to Daniel but says if she cant have him Jen won’t either. As she’s about to shoot Abby runs up and distracts her and Daniel tries grabbing the gun and he and Chloe tumble over the cliff. Jen comes to and Abby says Daniel and Chloe went over the cliff. Ann and Nancy come to the scene and are arrested for being accomplices in Chloe’s scheme. Nancy promises she’ll make Jen pay for her daughter’s death. Jennifer mourns Daniel and starts to wonder why she keeps losing men.

    Nicole/Eric/Greta: Nicole feels she has a little competition in Princess Greta Von Amberg where Eric is concerned. Greta is back because she found proof that John Black is her father.

    Will/Sonny/Nick/Gabi: Nick is horrified when he sees his prison tormentor is in Salem and wants him. Nick is now afraid for his life and goes to talk to Hope. Will puts a gun in his bookbag, Sami puts one in her purse, Lucas puts one in his coat, Sonny is seen with a gun, Ej grabs a gun and Nick’s prison buddy has one. Gabi finds out what Nick has over will and goes looking for him to confront him. As she walks through the park she sees Nick’s lifeless body lying in the grass. Who killed Nick?

    Victor/Maggie: Victor and Maggie go on a trip to Greece when Victor gets a mysterious call. As the mysterious man hangs up he utters the words “He’s on his way” to a woman with her back turned. As the woman turns around she shares a striking resemblance to Isabella Toscano. Is Isabella alive? Is this a twin? Or a evil look-a-like?

    Stefano: As Stefano is arrested for Kate’s presumed death, he gets a shocking visitor: PETER BLAKE! Is Peter back for his father? Kristen? Or Jen? Stay tuned! 

    Abe/Kayla: Abe and Kayla’s bond grows stronger just as Patch comes back to town.

    Abby: She finds out what Gabi did to Melanie and she goes to confront Gabi at the hospital and Gabi who is mourning Nick’s death says they’ll discuss it another time. As Gabi walks away Abby grabs her arms and Gabi snatches away and tumbles down the stairs at Sonny’s feet. Will Sonny say what he saw?

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