Jersey Shore’s JWoww Dishes One Life to Live Role With MTV

Will Jenni “JWoww” Farley bring some of her Seaside Heights antics to Llanview on the new One Life to Live? The Snooki & JWoww star talked to MTV about her upcoming soap debut and revealed some juicy tidbits about her character, Nikki. According to Farley:

"I'm playing a bartender who sleeps with her boss. So it's me, basically. I used to be a bartender. I never slept with my boss, but I slept with plenty of people to know the attitude issue. And he's bringing around other girls in front of my face, so this role is totally me from night to day, day to night."

Sounds like Nikki is going to go HAM on this cad! Watch Farley discuss her role and how she memorizes lines below.

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    I’ve seen a lot of negative comments regarding her casting (I was hesitant as well) but we have to remember that we haven’t even seen OLTL 2.0 yet. For all we know J-Woww can bat it out of the park. Also it’s not like she’s a MAJOR character, she’s not the new Jessica Buchanan, people!

    But as a OLTL fan, I’m excited about her casting b/c this has given the show press that it would not have gotten otherwise! I mean, seriously…when was the last MTV covered ANYTHING about a soap?!??

    Stunt casting? So what! it’s bringing attention to the show and may help increase viewers!!

    “Viva la AMC y OLTL” ;-)

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