TV Guide Network Obtains Basic Cable Rights to The Young and the Restless

Newly CBS co-owned cable platform, TV Guide Network has made its first acquisition. The cabler announced today it will be the exclusive cable home to The Young and the Restless. Sony Pictures Television brokered the pact.  

Starting this summer, Y&R's primetime repeats will air on TVGN, as opposed to Disney-owned SOAPnet. Look for the sudser to keep its 7 pm EST timeslot.

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    This is great news for those of us who lost SoapNet to stupid Disney Jr and who want to watch their episodes on a TV screen free from asinine national and local interruptions for weather and traffic and sports press conferences!

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    This is wonderful. Not only can they air the repeats, but they can air marathons for special events…

    Will they also air DAYS?
    Will they be open to airing B&B?

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    HD PLEASE!!! If it’s not in HD it’s not worth it. Thats my issue with soapnet right now. So if TVGN is going to air it. They need to buy some High Definition band with. It was great before flat sceens came out but now its a hot mess.

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    Restless Fan

    I’m happy! I don’t have Soapnet on my cable line up currently so having an alternative will be great. I would love to see some marathons air like Soapnet currently is doing for GH50.

    bobbyew I know TVGN has an analog and HD channel. It would be my guess that Y&R will air HD repeats which is awesome!

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    This is wonderful & I’m so happy!!! We will probably see the whole daytime lineup coming soon to follow CBS’s powerhouse lead after it settles in, which would be extremely nice. I mentioned this when it was announced a week or two ago and I think DOOL will probably be in the lineup soon or later on TVGN because of Sony. That would make a KILLER lineup in the evening, starting off w\Y&R, B&B, DOOL, & finish the evening with some fun The Talk…perfect! :love: ;)

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    Gonna be aggravating watching the basic cable channel lineup scrolling on the bottom of the screen. On the bright side, I found Designing Women. I can live with that.

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    [quote=Jorpa]Gonna be aggravating watching the basic cable channel lineup scrolling on the bottom of the screen. On the bright side, I found Designing Women. I can live with that.[/quote]

    I love those women!! :love:

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    [quote=aveRex]Is TVGN on ATT Uverse? Never seen it there.[/quote]

    I certainly hope so. I have a friend who will be very upset if it doesn’t.

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    Just confirmed it is not. So bye-bye Y&R primetime after it leaves SoapNet. U-verse does not carry TVGN except in its online only package. The online version carries only TVguide clips, not full episodes.

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    Restless Fan

    I forgot TVGN scales down video to run the tv guide. Oh well, it’s still a second source to look forward too. More importantly Y&R has the potential to reach a larger and untapped audience. More crucial than ever that the show keeps improving.

    harlee I’m doubtful Days would come over as this is the result of CBS/Lionsgates partnership in the network. I could see B&B airing on there. In any event it’s great that Y&R was the first scripted drama to be acquired for same day repeats on TVGN.

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    Oh I was thinking Restless if CBS owns half and Sony would have to pay a license fee which is revenue for the network. Probably not but it could be anymore then what ABCD is charging them to air it and on basic cable.

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    Makes no difference just happen to see it will be on basic cable. We cut the cable cord about 3 years ago, just have OTA channels and web, which you can watch most any show on their website or YT. We were never home to enjoy, do miss ESPN’s channels sometimes & TCM…we love sports in our house which are on anytime ppl come over it’s about the daytime & sports. ;) :party:

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    Don’t feel creepy angrierblackman.
    When I saw her on HH I thought she was hot as hell even though I thought she was a terrible actress and was surprised Y&R picked up her and the dude she was dating on the show.

    I don’t watch Y&R

    My question is does TVGuide channel still scrawl its listing along the bottom 1/3 of the screen leaving only 2/3 of the screen for the program?

    Last time I had that channel on that was the case and thats terrible.

    I would just download Y&R over watching with all those ads on the screen.

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    Also how come OLTL/AMC/DOOL/GH are all consistently put on youtube but it seems Y&R and B&B are forbidden?

    I am so far behind on GH and still catching up on the last 20 eps of OLTL before the reboot.

    If it wasn’t for YT I would be out of luck .

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    @aveRex that does suck that AT&T doesn’t have TVGN :( I feel your pain….I DVR Y&R but when CBS or local station interrupts that does place a hampering….however app and CBS has an app for apple users-

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    Restless Fan

    Last night I went home to see what channel TVGN is on for Comcast subscribers and was thrilled to see they have both an analog and high def channel. Even better, only the analog channel has the guide on the bottom of the screen. HD channel is just the programs. I’m guessing Y&R will most definitely be broadcast in HD. The pluses keep adding up!

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    I can’t help it but I’m just falling in love w\Chestie Newman (Abbott) she’s so deliciously fun and has the making of young (but not psycho Phyllis) more of the vixen side of Phyllis…today’s episode is going to GOOOD! :O

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    Definitely need to keep her written as the trouble maker. I’d still like it if they used Fen more with her…not as a couple but just to give him more presence.

    I guess he’s still not on contract, but they need to keep the younger set visible as we head into the summer. Hook some of those younger viewers…and if the boys get one look at Summer’s “girls”, they’ll tune in.

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