When The Color Purple’s Sofia Met Madea

Jesus in a manger! I always knew if Tyler Perry  had the opportunity to get his hands on The Color Purple, he would somehow have that gun-toting Granny Madea in there. Well, the multi-hyphenated phenom got his recently chance, in a manner of speaking. 

To promote Perry’s shows, Love Thy Neighbor and The Haves and Have Nots coming to OWN, Oprah Winfrey slipped back into her famous Sofia role from The Color Purple, and Perry transformed himself back into his breakout character. Winfrey revealed the picture on Twitter and stated:

We had a real LOL good time with this. #SophiaMeetsMadea tomorrow.

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    I truly don’t understand all the flak that Tyler gets. I am the first to admit that he’s not exactly a literary genius, but his movies and TV shows entertain me and I love Madea. I think he offers a lot of opportunities to minorities and certain actors and actresses who would otherwise get easily overlooked.

    “The Color Purple” is my favorite movie of all-time, so I look forward to seeing this. I wish I had cable so I could watch these shows, but I guess I will have to wait for them to come out on DVD.

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    TV Gord

    That picture is an instant classic! It’s great to see Oprah take herself less seriously. It immediately made me want to go back and watch Oprah’s Book Fight Club on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of years ago! I look forward to the promos on OWN!

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    Let me say.. I LOVE Tyler Perry’s plays. They are so funny and good.

    Now his movies that based on his plays are awful. The reason is because he takes two of his plays to make one movie. Like Madea goes to Jail. The play was excellent but the movie was horrible. Meet the Browns. The plays was great but the movie was bad. Only Why did I get married (the first one) was good.

    Now all his movies that’s not based on a play..Good Deeds, The Family that Preys, EXCELLENT!!! Good Deeds..I love that movie except the part where he had Gabrielle Union up against a wall. The Family that Preys, that movie was so exciting.

    I support what he does. I’m going to see Temptation this weekend because I like the play although the guy in the play was sexy. That little turtle looking guy in the movie doesn’t quite look the part to me.

    His sitcoms through are not funny. Meet the Browns was funny because of Brown. The Paynes was not good. And the Why did I get married one, no. I can’t take listening to that woman scream during the whole show. But I will support his shows that’s coming on OWN.

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    Bahhahhaa! I just watched the Jimmy Kimmel clip and it was funny as heck!

    The Book Club Fight Club! This is what they should have done on Days! :D

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    I still think his movies are a terrible representation of who we are. I’m not going to support anybody that reduces us to a minstrel show.

    Sorry, Oprah.

    (Oh, and Temptations is a horrible movie.)

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    The Color Purple is a classic.

    As for SoapArmageddon not supporting, I am sure Oprah will be alright without it.

    Now Tyler Perry’s movies are not Oscar material but he does keep people employed and it is nice to see African Americans working together and trying to do something.

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    Thankulord13, since you’ve decided to put on your snarky panties, let me clarify that by not supporting I meant not paying to see anymore Tyler Perry movies or watching anymore of his stuff. And yes, I’m sure HE will be fine without my support.

    Oprah’s my girl, always has been.

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