Adam Wants Meds Adjusted After Learning Jack and Victor Teamed Up on Y&R!


Satan just bought his old lady a chinchilla coat. Mortal enemies Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) have teamed up to take down Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) on The Young and the Restless.

No one is more surprised by this turn of events than an ailing Adam (Michael Muhney). Watch the wisecracker's reaction to learning his Pops and Ol' Smilin Jack are working together, in the spoiler video below!



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    I still think there’s something wrong with this whole scenario. It all seems just too pat having Wheeler the main suspect. And don’t forget that we never did see his daughter die … so is it possible that there was a third person in that house while Jack was in dreamland?

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    hey mon

    Why the put-down of MAB again? Oh well.

    There is no smoking gun on this one. There is no 3rd person in the room. It is the typical Congressman with a deep voice being the ‘bad guy’. There is no multi-layared character — this is just the soap opera villain manipulating things behind the scenes — Marcus Wheeler.

    There is the typical Adam not getting punished, as usual, which doesn’t bother me. He burnt down Gloworm, but isn’t being punished?

    Chelsea is 15 weeks along, when is she going to tell Dylan he is a Daddy. When is JFP and JoshG going to let her ‘show’ a bit of her pregnancy? I am going to be a grandad in a week or tow, and I can tell you this is very realistic of her.

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    It wasn’t a putdown of MAB. It was acknowledging that the feelings that Adam are showing now were hardly ever shown with MAB. Adam was the clear-cut bad guy, and then morphed into the “good guy” over night…with Chelsea. Now he’s multi-dimensional. He’s mixed…as is Victor, who had also become just the villain.

    I think everyone here will agree that I defended MAB, mostly BY MYSELF, on this site…so I don’t put the woman down. I just speak how I feel about it. And I feel that this Adam/Victor relationship is refreshing to see because we never really got to see them outside of their disdain for one another.

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    tedew and harlee…no one else was in the house when Stephanie Wheeler died. Jack commented today that the autopsy showed the drugs were in her system before she even met Jack that night. Sometimes an overdose is just an overdose.

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    hey mon

    You’re right, I’m sorry, and I’m wrong. You were a voice of reason for Latino Head Writer, Maria Arena Bell. Many times I did put her down, even though I really liked Y&R under her’s and Hogan’s guidance.

    And it is a good thing to see Victor really seeming to care about Adam… outside out of what Adam can do for him financially at Newman Enterprises.

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    I actually have defended MAB on occasion too. She restored a lot of Y and R’s look after LML’s terrible twos (years).

    I just don’t think she could pull off consistent and believable storytelling. She was like a rollercoaster for me. I like consistency. She DID have some great stories…even as recent as the Paul/Ricky and Ricky/Phyllis/Daisy stuff.

    Today’s show was pretty damn good. I loved the ending with both EB and MM just looking at each other before Victor spoke his one line to close the show.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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    Yeah…there were a few of us defending MAB.

    She definitely did restore the “look” and “feel” of Y&R. And I think maybe if she were just a writer on the show, instead of HW and EP…things would’ve worked out better. If she would’ve been paired with someone like Kay Alden or Josh Griffith or Sally Sussman…things would’ve been pretty great.

    I think the show start going down once Paul Rauch came on. Not saying he was the cause…but things kind of shifted, and not in a good way. But whatever…its all in the past now.

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    Stoney…I agree. It had a noticeable shift to it, and it never went back.

    I’m surprised there’s not been more talk about Kay coming over from B and B now even.

    I don’t really see her mark on the writing there, although I’ve only watched for a few weeks now. Doesn’t seem like there’s much for her to do there. Really.

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    Thank GOD she is in the past because she’s a c*nt and didn’t & wouldn’t listen to fans…she had all the control and flaunted the fact she married a Bell but it was only her way always throwing Bill’s name around….I’m not sure who was worse LML or MAB…I hate both for how they took the uniqueness away from Y&R and Babs Bloom for ruining the well oiled CBS daytime to make it like Fron’s ABC daytime. |(

    MAB was solely responsible for the decline and now look all the heavy lifting everyone from Jill, Josh, Sony, CBS, & AMcD to turn it around & save this beloved soap…thankfully it has and in this day & age soaps are having a hard time to trying to pull viewers back on ALL soap dials.

    This is the biggest mistake the family Bell made by giving MAB the job because of family and I think they also learned a hard lesson.

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    Well, I’m still enjoying the hell outta this show; the only downside for me continues to be Kevin and Chloe(though, again, Chloe’s fine when she’s with Chelsea) and all the ludicrous bullshit scenarios they continue to be put in for the sake of keeping them onscreen. End this madness already.

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    hey mon

    I think you’re wrong Harlee about MAB (cause no woman is the name you used), because Jill seems to be very similar. I think that it’s just going to be a matter of time before the REAL JFP shows her heavy-handed ways, and pushes JoshG over to the side. We’ve already got 2/3rds of the cast of ‘Hollywood Heights’ on The Show, and it seems like it is only going to get worse. Add in the roller-coaster ride that is Steve Burton’s Dylan, and chaos is at the door.

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    Honestly, Chloe and Chelsea have some amazing chemistry together. Kevin and Chloe were a bad pairing to begin with and have never gotten better. They had a great friendship vibe which was ruined by that woman Harlee and hey mon are arguing about. :)

    Even if Y&R goes downhill from here, I will always be happy for how this show has demonstrated that when produced and written right ANY sinking show can be salvaged.

    Are you listening, Days?

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    Exactly SoapA…Chloe & Chelsea has amazing chemistry…I still say maybe Josh could go there as bi gurl friends…not saying they would have become this romantic couple but the opportunity if Kevin & Chloe breaks up and Chelsea situation “comfort” each other and be there…it could be secret btw both and the viewers ;)

    I’m starting to think it could be a possibility as Tedew…someone could had planted evidence because how fans have had positive feedback on the character of Wheeler. A way to keep Wheeler on the show and that would open the door for a romance for Jill. Probably not but it would make a good story. It just seems to simple for a soap. What if Wheeler’s wife planted the good Senator’s evidence for revenge finding out Tyler is Wheeler’s son not Gus’s child. She made sure Gus found out about the affair and came home and found Belinda? Hmmm?

    SoapA…I have to mention yesterday a post with the “snarky” comment and had their panties in twist…I was ready to jump on my Batgirl cycle to defend you but you as ALWAYS was so eloquent in your response and made your point quite clear, didn’t want to make it worse…Kudos! :beer: :bigsmile: ;)

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    hey mon

    Tedew… Love your post. A great big HeyMon hug to you. Great observation as to how both Adam and Victor are now being written — same under MAB & Hogan.

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    It was odd today to start the show talking about Wheeler being arrested. I thought I had missed something. And then to not have him on until the end…not sure what that was about.

    But I agree that it’s too obvious for him to be the killer. This could play out longer and maybe it will, but it looks like MP is done and gone.

    I look forward to the new relationship between Vic and Adam. Good scene.

    And I’m gonna miss current Kyle. He looked fantastic today toweling himself off…sorry but he should have been a keeper.

  16. Profile photo of tedew

    tmac and hey mon … I actually don’t think anything else happened to Stephanie either; its just that it all seems too transparent for Wheeler to be simply the unctuous criminal manipulator everyone thinks he is. It is also quite possible that Klingon Todd could have planted Wheeler’s DNA at the scene to implicate him.

    hey mon … why does Adam need to be punished for Gloworm? He is his father’s son and he never gets punished for anything ever either.

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    [quote=pferrando]And I’m gonna miss current Kyle. He looked fantastic today toweling himself off…sorry but he should have been a keeper.[/quote]

    Yeah, Blake Hood is gorgeous(although I have to say not sure what’s been going on with the hair lately–almost looks like he’s wearing a hair piece in the front). On top of that, unlike some of the show’s current “talent”, he can actually act(sorry, I know Marco Dapper’s body is beyond sick but his “acting” in the last couple of eps has been painful). I wouldn’t categorize this as a travesty on the level of letting Marcy Rylan jump ship but the recasting of Kyle seems utterly pointless(again, I’ve got the feeling this nuKyle is gonna be pushed very hard towards Phyllis and I guess the chemistry between MS and BH just wasn’t there).

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    I really hope they don’t go there with Kyle and Summer.

    God, this character was carrying around a hockey stick bigger than him just a little over a year ago before he was aged. It wouldn’t be believable.

    And since we already have the younger dude/cougar thing happening with Carmine and Lauren it would be two of the same types of storylines going at the same time. Ick to this one.

    But sigh…I do agree, not as BIG of a deal I guess as losing Marcy. But he still is a hot guy, and he’s more my type than the new guy coming on.

    We’ll see.

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    You’re right it would be 2 cougar stories at same time, so maybe the recast was for “Abby” since she will look a bit younger, needed a younger looking “Kyle” fitting into “Summer” being a teen to set the stage for the big blow coming she’s an ABBOTT! ;) I think more about the look & flow. ER & BH balanced the look with Abby & Kyle…well older looking? If you kept nuAbby, & Summer all looking younger & BH looking almost middle age then where do you go…? :O

  20. Profile photo of pferrando

    Yeah…Blake does look a little older than the rest, but it scares me that Jill really seems to not have much allegiance to some subsets of her cast. I find it odd, sorry, maybe just me, that a little show like HH already has three of its actors on Y and R in about six months. Hmmmmm…

  21. Profile photo of harlee490

    OH hell yea, too many HH actors, but nuKyle isn’t coming from HH I think?
    Hey Robert as Noah is winner happy for the recast, I like Hunter as Summer..actually falling in love, Courtney…WHY? Unless for Fen? I think Pferrando we could actually have the younger cast in good summer story…been missing. Bells should kept Blake and have him on B&B as DJ Garrison! :love: :love: Blake looks like Rick’s best friend age wise, dark, blue eyed like Clark.

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