Bill and Katie Spencer in ‘How NOT to Survive a Marriage’ on Bold and Beautiful

Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie Spencer's (Heather Tom) union continues to unravel today on The Bold and the Beautiful. After finding her man in Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) bedroom (the real one; not the clothing line!), Katie comes completely unglued. Should NATAS just go ahead and give Tom next year's Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress?

Elsewhere in SoCal, Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) is acting straight ratchet with Mitzi, I mean Maya (Karla Mosley), over Rick (Jacob Young). Watch the spoiler video below!



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    My epic love for Heather Tom has been WELL documented, but I really am finding it hard to empathize with Katie these days. She is so whiny and unwilling to take responsibility for her own actions. She has essentially pushed Bill away, and at this point, I wouldn’t blame my girl, Brooke, for jumping on Bill’s magic stick.

    But either way, I agree, Heather Tom is gonna give Kelly Sullivan a HELLUVA run for that Lead Actress Emmy next year!!!

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    B&B is kicking ass right now! I’m loving all the current stories playing out and having a rest from the triangle from hell! Just give HT her next Emmy award because the last year through all the drudgery of Liam\Hope\Steffy she’s been a bright spot and DD in their performances.

    Mitzi (I mean Maya…busted) is getting her hair styled now which she looked beautiful in the clip. I’m so falling for “Micky” in a hard way! :love: I love JY as Rick (which some don’t) because to me he was always Rick, I personally fell in love with when they aged Rick…NOT KL…phew! J)

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    Yesterday’s episode almost seemed like it was designed to demonstrate how terrible the triangle is, as we had scenes of Hope and Liam talking about how babies smell and poop (complete with Liam regretting that he can’t take naps anymore!) alongside scenes of Katie (Heather Tom, KILLING IT) bitching out Brooke and Bill. How is anyone supposed to care about the Liam nonsense when we have a real triangle to watch?

    Looking forward to Caroline getting (more) ratchet today :)

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    Yesterday’s scenes with Katie, Bill, and Brooke were heaven.

    I have to say, I agree with Katie. If they hadn’t shown constant fantasies between Bill and Brooke, and those longing glances they shoot in each other’s directions, then I would say Katie is overreacting. But now, I think she has every right to be pissed off. And really, I think Bill is an asshole. He IS very selfish…it’s like she’s trying to be the adult, and he’s still in high school. She realizes that they have a child to care for, but all he seems to care about is complaining.

    HOWEVER, Katie is pushing him further away by not being intimate with him. I fault only HER for that. She can’t expect that man to just pretend that everything is fine. But the fact that he isn’t getting any sex doesn’t seem to bother Bill as much as the fact that Katie has “too many rules” and says “no” too much. If this is based solely on sex, then I say bring it on. But other than that, I don’t really see what Katie has said “no” to, besides her husband rolling around on the bed with her slutty sister. But that’s just me…lol

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    Heather Tom has been killing her scenes.

    Brooke really has no business having all the secret meetings, texts, and phone calls with her sister’s husband. She says no but her behavior says otherwise. Who calls their brother in law, “Stallion” especially when she knows he isn’t getting any at home. Of course Brooke is all about her sexual conquests and that’s how I like her.

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    HT is awesome and well-deserving of all the Emmys she gets!

    Concerning the storyline, I don’t see how anyone could blame Katie for any of this, let alone side with Brooke. Bill is her husband, end of story. And Brooke is Katie’s sister. Nothing more to it. If you can’t trust your family, who can you trust? I don’t care one iota if Katie “pushed” Bill to Brooke when she was ill. She was ILL. Brooke & Bill both are adults and should know why some things happen and where to draw the line.

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    LOVIN it all! There is nothing to complain about where B&B is concerned. They have finally figured out a way to give everyone screen time now that they have some money to spend. It has been delectable.

    Bill, Katie and Brooke did not disappoint. That Heather Tom can turn on the water works like no one else in daytime. The only other person that can do that is Sharon Case.

    The new love Triangle is great. Rick, Maya and Caroline are delivering at every turn. I wish this show were an hour. Everybody would be working. They take the people who have left other soaps and make them bigger stars. Thankyou, Brad Bell.

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    I hope when all is said and done with the Katie Brooke and bill triangle that its Taylor smirking at her underhanded deeds to unravel the Logan’s. Katie is being portrayed amazingly by heather Tom but she seems this close to another breakdown. For all the months of her crying over dying before her son is on pee wee league soccer why isn’t she crying she can’t handle the stress of the situation with bill Brooke and herself?

    It would be the perfect transformation of Taylor to goody goody.

    I don’t get Donna though egging Katie on instead of rationalizing Katie.

    As for Caroline. Her fall will be to blame for the character change over.

    I hope

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    I love Victoria… I mean Heather. ;)

    Am I the only one who isn’t a fan of her character lately? This for me is way too obvious.

    And Taylor gets on my last nerve.

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    Only the Brooke fans hate Taylor. lol. I don’t see how anyone in the world can think Taylor wasn’t EXACTLY RIGHT by what she said. Nothing she said was a lie.

    And she has already demonstrated that she cares for Katie far beyond a Dr./Patient relationship. They have an established respect and love for one another…Taylor proved that when she was chasing down behind Katie when she was suffering from PPD. Taylor was the one that chased that gal around the streets and up the stairs, and everywhere. It wasn’t in her contract to do that as a therapist.

    So now, seeing something ELSE that could potentially affect Katie’s health, Taylor is doing what she has to do to kind of make things better, and that’s WARN her. And try to rationalize with Brooke and Bill. But then again, all Brooke and Bill do is deny that they are attracted to one another, and try to make Taylor out to look crazy (which obviously has worked on some viewers as well)…when in reality, I see the longing glances, the fantasies, the dreams, etc. So Taylor talking about it doesn’t make her wrong. It makes her totally correct.

    If Katie gets hurt, it won’t be Taylor’s fault. It will be her husband’s and her sister’s fault. Then again, one could argue that this is merely payback…because a few years ago, this same Katie was the one sleeping with Nick on that island when she thought she was dying, while he was married to her niece Bridget ;)

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    I’m not a full blown Brooke fan either. Just getting back into the show so I really am not on anyone’s side. It’s just nice seeing some of my Y and R favs over there.

    Can’t Grace Turner show up in GC and tell Sharon she actually had twins so we can bring Camryn back in?

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    Taylor is on my nerves because she has just been a big ole harpy bitch. Everything she says might be true it’s just the way she goes around making her case that irritates the hell out of me.

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    Love “how she goes around making her case.” Brooke will never grow up or grow conscience–no, wait, when she is crying a river after she sleeps with her sister’s husband she will grow a conscience. Wasn’t Brooke hounding Steffy about Bill a couple years ago? Lord those Logans are incestuous.

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    Slutty Brooke is back and in her bedroom with her sisters man. Bold is back and Beautiful, we could not ask for more.

    Caroline is hilarious as the bitch from New York.

    Go Brad Bell!!!

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    Lord just saw it! I am no prude but I had to turn the station on Bill and Brooke(and believe me given Don’s deliciousness…). This was harder than looking at her with Deacon because of Katie’s health, her former trust in Brooke, Brooke’s age and her mention of Stephanie. What would the queen Bee say? Yes Brookie do yet another in law?

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    I’m loving Heather Tom in this story she always brings it! I didn’t like Katie but because of Tom, I find myself rooting for her to act up and really put Brooke in her place.Love it

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    [quote=tashikins] … Wasn’t Brooke hounding Steffy about Bill a couple years ago? Lord those Logans are incestuous.[/quote]
    omg, yes yes yes Brooke stayed in my Steffy’s face telling her to keep out of Bill’s face and keep out of Bill/Katie’s marriage, and now look at what we have here?? Brooke having sex with Bill her own self(with no divorce papers in sight for Katie/Bill) Such a big hypocrite!

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    [quote=Yoryla]…Brooke & Bill both are adults and should know why some things happen and where to draw the line.[/quote]

    ITA,there’s some lines you just don’t even try to cross.

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    I am loving this storyline and am TEAM BROOKE all the way. Katie works my nerves and although this doesn’t justify Brooke and Bill sleeping together, Katie really has been trying to control Bill TOO MUCH. Katies fear of her own health problems/early demise and her child being left without parents has scared her into being a controlling BEATCH. Katie knew what Bill was like when she married him and she needs to accept him for who he is and not try to change him. You don’t change a man like Bill Spencer. And as far as the no drinking? Really, I could see that if the man was an alcoholic but he was NOT, he was a moderate drinker who didn’t get out of control until she started harping on him about it. Anyone who has been in a relationship with a strong willed/stubborn man knows that the more you push them and tell them NOT to do something, the more they are going to do exactly what you don’t want them to do. Now, that said I believe that Brooke and Bill started out innocently with Brooke trying to help because KATIE is the one that pushed them together. I think the friendship just grew out of that and it became where Brooke and Bill started to have feelings for each other. Brooke related to Bill like she relates to all men, in a flirty way. That’s just her personality. Not excusing the affair but Katie started all of this. So, after the PPD, Katie came home but things were not the same. She cut Bill off, pretty much ignored him other than when b**ching at him and he oouldn’t do anything right. I agree with Katie saying that Brooke is much better suited as Bill’s type. Although I was surprised that bill and brooke hopped into bed so soon after Katie leaving the house. I really thought Bill should’ve went after her b/c them jumping right into bed showed no concern or respect for Katie or Katie/Bill’s marriage. And then to talk about how happy they are without concern for the line they just crossed. However, it did dawn on me while they were talking, how similar Brooke and Bill really are. Katie’s role in their marriage towards Bill is similar to Ridge’s role in his marriage towards Brooke. Bill and Brooke are both free spirits who do what they do regardless of what other’s think and Katie and Ridge always had the role of trying to tame Bill and Brooke, and reign them in.

    As far as Katie’s fault in all this, she’s not 100% innocent. I’m not justifying what Brooke and Bill did as far as sleeping together. But Katie did push this and set it in motion. And she wants to run around chastising Bill about “will’s best interest”. Well, where was her concern for will’s best interest when she walked out on her family?

    And thank you Stoney for pointing out what I had been thinking. Where was Katie’s moral compass when she was sleeping with Nick while he was married to Bridget?

    As far as Taylor, I cannot stand her. She is so judgmental and such a hypocrite. When will she ever get past her rage at Brooke? I understand that she was right, Brooke and Bill were headed towards each other but it was just as much Katie and Bill’s fault as Brooke’s and once again Taylor blames everything wrong on Brooke. And who is Taylor to judge? Stephanie just died and Taylor is all up in Eric’s house and bed playing the next mrs. forrester. And as far as conquests of forrester men, Taylor has NO ROOM to talk about Brooke b/c Taylor has been with Ridge, Thorne and Eric just like Brooke and also slept with Brooke’s SON. So maybe, MAYBE I would have a little more respect for Taylor calling Brooke out all the time if Taylor hadn’t done the exact same things she blasts Brooke for.

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    No Taylor never slept with her sister’s or children’s husbands–no. And yes beans you are justifying Bill and Brooke’s behaviour. “Strong-willed” husband? “Free spirits”? Euphemisms for selfish adolescent behaviour. Wait until the “free-spirited” strong-willed Steffy who is just out of adolescence and gorgeous, takes Bill from Brooke like she did Hope from Liam then let me hear you justify that!

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