General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Helena declares Laura will shoot Ethan, or never see Lulu again.  Laura refuses, and Helena goads her on. Helena recalls Luke wouldn’t spare Laura’s son, and would have risked Nik’s life for Lulu’s.  Laura knows Lulu wouldn’t want her to trade Ethan's life for hers.  Helena decides Laura should shoot Luke instead. 

Lucy and her crew are working on getting the Nurse’s Ball ready to go. Molly is working on the lyrics for the opening number, while TJ makes the music.  Lucy ropes Anton into choreographing the number. 
Patrick is surprised Sabrina didn’t answer his message, and explains the latest to Liz.  Liz reassures him Sabrina has been busy with the ball, but Patrick is sure it’s because Milo’s in the picture.  Patrick figures he missed his chance. 
Carly doesn’t understand why Jax would find his way back to Brenda, since she only loves herself.  Carly decides Brenda is only with Jax to provoke a reaction from Sonny, but Jax doesn’t believe her.  Carly bets Brenda is with Sonny right now. However, Jax is sure Brenda’s waiting for him at the hotel.  He asks about the divorce papers, but Carly refuses to sign them tonight.  Jax tells Carly she’s wrong about Brenda. 
Brenda wants Sonny to wish her congratulations on her engagement to Jax.  Brenda explains they were both free at the same time, and found their way back to each other. Sonny doesn’t understand her need to tell him about her relationship with Jax.  Brenda claims she wants honesty between them, and didn’t want him to find out about the engagement from someone else.  Sonny thinks she just wants to hurt him, or have him talk her out of it.  
Milo tells TJ he deleted Patrick’s message to Sabrina, but now feels badly about it.  Sabrina overhears part of the conversation, and wonders what they’re talking about. Milo quickly deflects Sabrina's question and changes the subject. Later on, Milo mentions again to TJ he doesn’t feel right about his actions. Milo admits he doesn’t want to win Sabrina that way.    
Liz arrives at the ball rehearsal, and asks Sabrina why she ignored Patrick’s message. She tells Sabrina to talk to Patrick soon.  
Helena tries to convince Laura to avenge her cheating spouse. She proceeds to run down all the dirty things Luke has done to Laura over the years. Laura pretends to go along with it, but gives Luke the gun at the last second. He shoots Helena’s goons, and then Helena herself.  Luke declares Helena is dead.  Laura soon realizes Helena was the only one who knew Lulu's whereabouts.
Jax runs into Michael at the hotel, and tells him about the engagement. He also informs him of Carly's disdain of the situation. The two end their chat, and Jax finds his hotel room empty of Brenda. 
Carly lets herself into Sonny’s house, and overhears his conversation with Brenda. Brenda admits she had no idea Sonny hadn’t read her letter. She honestly believes that if he had, things might have been different.  Sonny warns her Jax won’t make her happy.  Brenda asks Sonny not to tell Jax she was there.   
Luke doesn’t find Lulu or Dante onboard, and then realizes reinforcements are coming to help Helena.  He doesn’t want Ethan to be there when they arrive, and convinces Ethan to be a decoy and leave.   He and Laura prepare for the new threat.   

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    I’m trying very hard not to be negative in this anniversary week, but ugh with the Sabrina propping. Now some old man is singing her praises. Geez louise, enough already.

    Not happy that Brenda seems to be using JAx to get to Sonny. There is no reason why rich, good looking, nice Jax shouldn’t be someone’s first choice, simply because.

    What I liked today? Well….Helena’s dead. I love Constance Towers, but there is no reason that woman should still be alive after all these years. I mean, seriously, she should have bought the farm the minute it was found out that Lucky had been kidnapped and wasn’t dead.

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    Ding dong the witch is dead!!!! Yay!!!

    Perkie- I missed you last week. I hope you had a nice vacation. I am right with you with the Sabrina propping. Can we not get to know a new character and decide for our selves whether she is likable? We do not the writers to march out every other character and a few day players to tell us she is likable. That makes her unlikable. I do like that Milo is getting some airtime. How many years has that actor hung around waiting for the writers to remember he exists? Monica and Tracy are rarely seen. Liz is Steve and Audrey Hardy’s granddaughter. Johnny hasn’t been seen in weeks. What happened to Anna and Duke? Sobrina is taking up too much airtime.

    Why couldn’t Luke and Laura board the launch with Ethan and also get away? Are they going to sink that ship? Is this the end of the Haunted Star?

    Brenda was better yesterday. Why must they ruin that by having her trying to get Sonny back? He is so not worth this desperation.

    Max is my least favorite DWTS pro dancer because he comes off very arrogant. But, I kind of like that he is showing some restraint and not playing his part as over the top. I am loving Lucy.

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    I mentioned in another post that I’m not immune to some of the Sabrina enthusiasm because I like Patrick, but that old man as Perkie said, “singing her praises” was so random that I LMAO! I then went on to imagine Patrick going on about his day as everyone from the UPS guy, the girl behind the counter at the dry cleaners, the produce clerk at the grocery store, to the guy at 7-Eleven having something nice to say about Sabrina. Heck, why not print something positive about her on Patrick’s ATM or Redbox receipt?

    I refuse to believe that Helena is really dead.

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    [quote=tealita]I mentioned in another post that I’m not immune to some of the Sabrina enthusiasm because I like Patrick, but that old man as Perkie said, “singing her praises” was so random that I LMAO! I then went on to imagine Patrick going on about his day as everyone from the UPS guy, the girl behind the counter at the dry cleaners, the produce clerk at the grocery store, to the guy at 7-Eleven having something nice to say about Sabrina. Heck, why not print something positive about her on Patrick’s ATM or Redbox receipt?

    I refuse to believe that Helena is really dead.[/quote]

    LOL! You are so spot on about Sabrina. This whole thing is coming off all “Golly gee whiz! Would ya looke here and see what a prize package we’ve got for you, Dr. Patrick!” Good Lord have mercy, this presentation of this single character is so cotton candy sweet, my teeth are starting to ache from all the sugar. And that’s the problem with her. There is very little depth, virtually no substance. Other than being tied to Juan Santiago, what do we know about her, beyond those little snippets between her and Patrick in the hospital chapel? I’m all for a Cinderella tale but even Cinderella had a decent backstory that made me care about her. Theresa Castillo is a decent actress and she’s working hard to make me like her portrayal. She shouldn’t have to.

    As for Helena being dead? Nah, as much as I love that Luke popped the “old lady”, that was too easy. Just like expecting it would be L under the sack in the stateroom and it turned out to be Ethan. (Lovely to see NP again. Always liked him despite the idiocy that made him Luke’s son with Holly.) And I loved Luke offering his hand to Laura asking if she was ready to go ahead with their plan. And her not hesitating to take it. Despite the litany of sins he’s guilty of, I stil love my Luke and Laura diving into the unknown. Now my question is where’s D? And where’s L?.

    I’m in the minority here. I find the character of Brenda insipid. But that’s me.. 0:)

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    Yesterday was so glorious and today the Sabrina propping. It is getting out of hand. I know Scrub fans must be cutting themselves having to deal with Sabrina. For that random guy to pop out of nowhere and start singing her praises was so annoying.

    The WORST part of the show, TIIC making Milo the bad guy. Freakin Milo erasing Sabrina’s texts?!?!!! Seriously. Sweet, endearing Milo is now being reduced to a conniving man keeping Patrick and Sabrina apart. Milo would never do that to someone especially some girl he has only known for such a short period of time. I recall when it was Milo v Dillon v Spinelli for Lulu, Milo never resorted to such tactics but we are suppose to believe he would do this for Sabrina! GAWD I HATE this character. Where is Britt Brat when you need her.

    What happened to Nikolas whispering Elizabeth? I wanted to see Liz go see him and that fact he is AWOKE! I need to see a Niz reunion. But I can wait.

    I refuse to believe Helena is dead. Didn’t Nikolas push that 104 year old woman off a cliff and she popped up without a scratch like a couple months later? That woman is made of Teflon and lizard’s skin. She ain’t going nowhere.

    Jax does not deserve to be anyone second hand choice, anyone!! Carly’s hot behind was just crying over Todd and since she couldn’t have him now she wants Jax back. Glad he turned her down. But brenda…I just wanted someone to shoot a bullet through that window and take her down! Sick of her dogging Jax. Jax needs to find Skye.

    The whole Luke/Laura saga was boring and not very believable. Helena playing musical guns deciding who was going to kill who. Also how did Helena know that Luke put that stuff in Nik’s syringe? Did Alexis tell her?

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    All the excitement about the returns and the Nurses Ball is masking the fact that the storylines are very, very weak.
    The characters are all over the place.

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    Hehe…I also was remembering the time Nicholas literally pushed Helena OFF A CLIFF and yet she still resurfaced later! This can’t be her end! It was too easy…too anti-climactic. She is one of the best characters ever created on GH, and deserves a much better exit when it’s finally her time to leave for good.
    I love Brenda. I will always love her. She is an iconic part of some of GH’s best years. I can’t wait to see how her storyline plays out. In just two episodes we are being treated again to the torn and conflicted Brenda that is essential to who her character is.

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    man after Tues. show, this was a major let down.
    so the legaciest gh legacy character is back to propping the biggest mary sue on tv right now.
    PLZ,PLZ stop all the propping,if she was a viable character she wouldn’t need all of this propping. let her start dating Milo, he’s adorable and at her maturity level.
    Patrick needs an adult, not a teeny bopper.

    brenda go with jax, sonny has never loved you enough!

    Loved Liz’s shirt! really wish AJ could see her in it!

    I was really waiting for Helena to add that he had also drunkenly run over her grandson.
    then i really wanted Hells or Laura or ethan or anybody to shoot the the drunken child killer!

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    I am just over the top ecstatic about my Brenda being back. Not the Guza-bot Brenda but the REAL DEAL Brenda. I know im in the minority here but Brenda and Sonny and were always my favorite couple. They belong together. Yes Jax is rich and handsome but Jax and Brenda’s chemistry is nothing like her and Sonny.

    I loved the Luke/Laura/Ethan/Helena scenes. I think they were awesome. And Luke and Laura still have it in them after all these years. I just loved it! Helena being dead? Ha PLEASE! That one bullet isn’t enough. Like my girl SidneyPrescott always says in the “Scream” films: “SHOOT EM IN THE HEAD”! Lol that’s how you kill her.

    Milo and Sabrina are boring, like the chemistry between Anton and Sam, Sick of Molly and Tj because her voice annoys me and he just annoys me period. Im also in the minority as far as Elizabeth. I never cared for her much after all she did to Lucky. Dont like her. And Carly? Huh Carly Carly Carly……. smh

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    I’m with Perkie on the sense that this is an anniversary time and a wonderful time in general for GH, so I really don’t want to say anything negative. So I’ll concentrate on the positives:

    Loved the Luke/Laura interaction. Genie played the utter horror and confusion when she actually thought for a second if she would have to shoot Ethan to save Lulu. But, true in character, she didn’t do it. For the same reasons probably they had Luke shoot Helena and not Laura. I was a little miffed about it: I wanted Laura to turn the tables and be the heroine. But oh well.

    Does anyone really believe Helena’s dead? I don’t. Granted, if ever there WAS a time to finish her off, it would be now, on the 50th. But like this? No. It was way too easy. After 30 years of getting away with everything, she’d just die from a easy shot? No way.

    I have to say, I’m glad NP was able to make a cameo as Ethan, but…was it really necessary? Especially considering that was it. I can think of a multitude of people L&L could have found at the HS instead of him.

    I actually loved Carly as the bitch on wheels that she is! The way her whole attitude just changed from sentimental to snappy witch at the mere mention of Brenda, made me laugh out loud. Letting herself in at Sonny’s to eavesdrop was classic Carly. And she was right!

    The boards were really riled up yesterday about the Brenda/Sonny scenes. I really don’t have much opinion on it. But I do think Carly & Jax belong together. At least in the sense, that Jax is the best man Carly has ever had, I dont think she’ll ever be over him or find anyone better.

    All the other scenes were pretty…well. I’ll just say this episode did feel like “back to business as usual” on those parts.

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    Ding dong the witch is gone!
    It was really surprising that Helena ends up dead. I feel like many. I LOVE and ADORE Constance Towers but I think the time has come to bury Helena for good. Of course there is doubt that Helena is really dead but I think with considering Constance Towers’ age, it might as well be her wish to leave this role behind her. It was a nice end for her after decades of terrorizing Laura and Luke. I’m going to miss that crazy granny even though it was the right move to kill her off.

    Poor Jax! Defending Brenda to Carly and his soon-to-be ex couldn’t be more right. It really feels like Brenda is using Jax. But it’s understandable that Brenda is thorn. Carly is right when she says that Brenda always wanted Sonny. And when you want someone so bad and love him maybe even in a toxic way, no rich and handsome millionaire can get your mind of him.
    Again, I like this Brenda so much more than the one we saw last time she was in town. I guess I would like this story to play out longer so that it doesn’t feel rushed. But I’ll take it so far.

    Everybody loves Sabrina. We get it, Ron Carlivati. She’s so sweet, amazing and has this beautiful smile – not to mention her wonderful persona. WE GET IT! You don’t have to constantly tell us.
    You know I don’t hate Sabrina. I don’t want to see her with Patrick but I don’t hate that character. I’m only sick that she’s written as the center of every episode she’s in. Slowly I get Britt’s frustration with the young nurse. Day in and day out hearing about sweet, innocent Sabrina … I don’t know if I could handle it. LOL

    It was nice that Nathan Parsons made an appearance. And even though it was just for two episodes, I think it was very important. Ethan meeting Laura was played so well. So I liked and enjoyed his short return.
    Luke and Laura’s interaction was amazing. I expect someone else starting to pull the strings now that Helena is dead. It won’t be that easy getting Lulu back, right!?

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    OK, if we are to take the GH regime in place now in that ALL THAT IS IN GHs history is ROMANCE from the rekindling of every goddamn love affair that has gone on in this show for the past 50 years than I can’t say I really care that I only started to watch this show 3 years ago religiously.

    Now Brenda and Jax are back for a few weeks of I want you sonny whispered and I want you Jax screamed! And both men being conflicted over the choices.

    GH has to be about more than retired WSB agents ALL coming back to Port Charles to get their women back. It has to be.

    Or even about Relish. The only story from the show’s history that has nothing DIRECTLY to do with ROMANCE, unless you count Lila’s love of Edward and using that recipe the first time around to save ELQ.

    There is no sense of adventure in this retelling of any of these stories, either. No grand show of love from Frisco to Felicia when their love affair was as adventurous as Luke and Laura’s. No great capers for Anna for Duke… even though I think the great love of Anna’s life should be Robert and not an ex-con who was on the show 2 years and left to pursue stardom.

    Then in the present we have Sabrina and now have to deal with Patrick being a wimp that she hasn’t callled him back and Liz fighting for them! We’ve got a 15 yr old boy pushing the mobster Milo to go for it… HOW DOES THIS KID KNOW MILO????… and we have Felix and Liz CONSTANTLY pushing Sabrina to Patrick and vice versa. Seriously, WHAT would Patrick see in Sabrina other than a sweet young woman. SHE’S BORING!

    As for Helena… Ding Dong the witch is dead!

    One eye of newt, tongue of a double headed wolf, a hair off the head of a newborn mountain lion, the fingernail of an entinct rhino, the blood of a crocodile and the venom of a cobra: stir over an open fire in a big iron cauldron. Pour down her spout. VOILA, Helena will be alive again!

    Seriously, she ain’t dead. Something tells me she got the electronic heart that Dick Cheney has that pumps blood to keep you alive but basically does not give you a pulse.

  13. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I don’t usually react much while watching anything, but I cheered when Luke shot Helena. I figured they would drag it out for another day, but he shot her before the commercial break. Whaaaa?

    Constance Towers is great, but it’s time that they defeat Helena once and for all. She’s more of a cartoon than Boris and Natasha. If anything concrete comes out of the 50th anniversary, let it be that Helena is dead. I don’t know why they didn’t dump her body overboard. That makes me suspicious.

  14. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I also don’t want to be negative because I have been so enjoying the GH 50th Anniversary gala. But, why would Luke shoot and kill(?) Helena before knowing where Lulu was? Luke is too smart for that. BUT, I realize it must be to extend the L &L adventure story for the anniversary. Also, Jax, I can’t believe he would be that dumb to get involved with Brenda again, and not believing Carly’s warning about Brenda seeing Sonny. BUT, I know Jax and Brenda are only on for a short time and they want to do the Sonny/Brenda/Jax triangle for the anniversary. It looks like Carly is out for revenge against Brenda and something will happen at the Nurses Ball. I used to love how Ron C. wrote the Vicki/Dorian rivalry on OLTL so I’m hoping for some good scenes.
    About Sabrina, her character is like how Steve Burton is being written as Dylan on Y &R. They are forcing the characters on the viewers, making them so perfect. They should just take it slow, and let the viewers slowly take to the character and see what other characters they have chemistry with.

  15. Profile photo of mfarris70

    Luke, Luke, Luke! Did you learn nothing from the WSB? One bullet? I would have turned that old witch into Swiss cheese.

    What others call “propping” I call establishing a character. All of these claims that Sabrina is taking over the show are what was said about every new heroine through the years of GH, from Laura to Brenda. I like that Sabrina is the anti-soap-heroine, not a glamorous maneater with unlimited wealth and beauty. That’s what’s really gotten old hat.

  16. Profile photo of DisillusionedGHfan

    I was so hoping a flying monkey would swoop in and fly off with Helena’s carcass, but it seems it’ll be the fishes that she gurgles to the bottom of the ocean floor once the boat is sunk!

    I didn’t think Luke would actually shoot her, they’ve had such a dysfunctional love to hate relationship for so long, I wasn’t sure either of them had it in them to end the other. I think we are seeing the end of Helena though, even if she makes one of those last scene risings of the dead, she’ll end up on her back, dead again, for good!

    Brenda, I loved ya Tues, wanted to slap ya yesterday. I honestly thought you and Jax had finally grown up, realized the toxicity that Sonny and Carly bring to anyone’s life and embrace the idea of moving on!

    That boat on it’s way, is it friend or foe?!? Where are Robert, Holly and Robin? We have a few more people to see on our screens! My hope is that boat that’s about to meet up with Luke and Laura has some surprises.

    As for Sabrina, me likey! It’s been awhile since a new character has been introduced that I actually enjoy. Sure, it’s and Ugly Betty rip-off, but then, maybe thats why I like it.

  17. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I like the idea of Sabrina I just hate the process that Cartini has gone about “pimping” this character. My perfect case would be Dr. Britt here is a character devoid of any maternal emotion, just a man-hungry hookah with a PhD…yet with one sentence “don’t tell Papa” I went from hating her to being thoroughly intrigued.

    All I got from Sabrina is that she needs grown ass people to reassure her than when it doesn’t go her way she blames it on them (her telling Felix it was his and Liz’s fault for putting a gun to her head and telling Dr. Drake her true feeling) – That is my problem oh yeah and the problem that WE ALL KNOW THAT ROBIN IS drama in a romance that will never truly happen..if Robin’s status was kept under wraps I would have fallen for this story hook-line and IV drip

  18. Profile photo of revtrask

    I am loving the nostalgia. Tuesday’s episode left me with a huge smile on my face.

    I kinda wish Laura had shot Luke, too, lol. He really is beyond redemption for me, has been since that night at the Campus Disco. The best part of the Luke and Laura fantasy was always the characters that were introduced as part of their s/l. Which reminds me…where the heck is ROBERT?!

    I will watch the Nurse’s Ball but am ignoring all the build-up to it. I don’t care about the “young people” and their angst. Patrick is too old to be dragged into all that. As much as I adore him and Emma, I’d rather see Robin return and have them leave PC than watch him romance a teenager.

    GH “killing” Helena in such a pedestrian manner is like ATWT allowing Lynn Herring’s ill-conceived character to kill James Stenbeck…absurd. It flies in the face of years of history, at a time when they are celebrating the show’s history.

    I love that Jax and Brenda came back but was disappointed that it immediately brought the worst out in Sonny and Carly. Sonny’s delusional narcissism is at it’s worst in scenes with Brenda and I muted the volume during Carly’s scenes because all I could hear was the sound of screeching monkeys when she opened her mouth, lol.

    It was nice to see Ethan. I don’t care what they say, he’s Robert’s son. Either Luke is helping Holly hide that fact or she is playing him. In fact, they can still salvage the conceit of such a ridiculous rewriting of history by revealing that Luke never slept with Holly. It would really give Geary something to work with if Luke has been Holly’s mark all along.

    Looking forward to more returnees. I doubt I’ll continue to tune in once the hoopla and history have subsided but I’m enjoying this while it lasts.

  19. Profile photo of thecourt99

    [quote=mfarris70]Luke, Luke, Luke! Did you learn nothing from the WSB? One bullet? I would have turned that old witch into Swiss cheese.

    What others call “propping” I call establishing a character. All of these claims that Sabrina is taking over the show are what was said about every new heroine through the years of GH, from Laura to Brenda. I like that Sabrina is the anti-soap-heroine, not a glamorous maneater with unlimited wealth and beauty. That’s what’s really gotten old hat.[/quote]

    What makes it propping for me is not the airtime. It is the fact that the airtime is spent with everyone around her saying how perfect she is. The only person that doesn’t sing her praises is the person being established as evil. Now a patient..and we haven’t seen random patients with speaking lines for a while now….comes out of the woodwork to talk about how perfect Sabrina’s smile is. To me, that is what makes it propping.

  20. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @Perkie — Brenda doesn’t want the nice, rich guy b/c girls always prefer the bad boys — even when they pretend not to! Makes perfect sense to me. They like the more emotionally aloof, semi-unavailable-for-whatever-reason type of guy. It also clues into the kind of person Brenda is, and how she was raised. (If i understand her back story correctly…)

    I’m just enjoying all this Connie-free and OLTL cast-free time, b/c i know it won’t last!

    Edited: I also enjoyed Nathan Parsons this time around. He didn’t look so scurvy and in dire need of bathing like he usually does!

  21. Profile photo of Cornfed

    AngelWendy is dead-on re: Sabrina. I only needed to YouTube 3 scenes of Dylan (y/r) acting like an old sage to be thoroughly turned off and sickened. Can’t this guy come on with more of an edge? (meaning an edge that lasts for than 15 minutes?) I mean YES i get it, we wanna see Steve flashing his smile this time around in tighter jeans and in anything but black tees. BUT, after one or two trite expressions leaving his lips, well it was 2 too many. Then he sleeps with a character he’s known for maybe a week. GMAB!

  22. Profile photo of liason4real

    So, poor weepy Lucky is now in Africa taking care of orphan children instead of raising Cam and Jake? |(

    Laura should have killed Luke, Ethan and Helena before finding Dante to rescue Lulu. ;)

  23. Profile photo of luverica

    It’s been a long time since I jumped up and now with glee watching a soap but that’s exactly what I did when Luke shot that evil old bitch. Helena had to go! I can’t wait to hear Luke Kerr whine over this one. lol

    I love the return of Brenda and Jax. I am and have always been Team Jax and I get so sick of him being used as second fiddle. I hope Brenda gets called out for that.

  24. Profile photo of jujube1013

    Im also in the minority as far as Elizabeth. I never cared for her much after all she did to Lucky. Dont like her.

    what Liz did to lucky? um,she helped him through when he found out his dad is a rapist even though she was going through a horrible trauma that he caused by dumping her to go to the dance w/her sister.
    she drank poison to save him and his family,she went up against helena to save him and got the ice princess,she nursed him through his injuries,she forgave him for sleeping with her sister and didn’t even yell at him in public and call him horrible names.
    she helped him during his drug addiction, she forgave him for screwing a teenager in HER bed for drugs, while she was working double shifts to pay HIS medical bills.she put up w/him and his family stalking her and berating her at her job to take back is druggy cheating *ss, she forgave his screwing the skank while they were married and throwing it in her face, she went easy on him in the divorce, she forgave him for publically berating her about her sleeping with his brother after he forced her into an engagement that he surprised her with. she helped him when he was on the drug case then took care of him when he got shot up w/drugs. she took his green card crazy bint of a wife stalking her at place of work and didn’t call immigration. she didn’t KILL his drunken childkilling deadbeat father after he ran over HER baby and ran around saying it was liberating. she hasn’t sued him for child support, nor does she trash talk him after he dumped his children ON CHRISTMAS to “find himself”

    so what did Liz do? she was torn between him and a guy that was actually nice to her and listened to her. when she found him HIGH AGAIN, screwing a teenager in HER bed, she went to her friend and slept with a guy she had feelings for for 8yrs.she lied to him so he wouldn’t go to drugs again which she had every rt to believe he would do since he had done it before.and she slept w/his brother.

  25. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=tmac]Um, Ravennite…medical doctors like Britt have an MD, not a PhD.[/quote]

    uhm, tmac…so sorry i confused a fake medical doctor with a real one. Sad if this is all you got from my post


  26. Profile photo of scorpiofan10

    This would be the perfect storyline for Robert to come out of his coma and join Luke and Laura in their search for LuLu they could also find Robin on their lastest adventure.Why isnt Robert on the show. Anna could also join the gang in search for Robin. I dont know why they dragged up Duke again. Why didnt he see Robin where he was being kept. This would be the perfect story line they could als0 bring in Holly since she is Ethan’s mother. This is the perfect time and would be a huge hit in ratings for the 50th anniversary.

  27. Profile photo of Cornfed

    A friend and i were discussing how they could throw Brenda into AJ’s orbit, that could really deepen the rivalry/hatred betw Carly and Brenda. They don’t HAVE to put Brenda with Sonny. I’m up for Jax and or Brenda returning full time…

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