General Hospital Reveals 50th Anniversary Cast Photo

What a snazzy looking bunch General Hospital's cast is! The soap has released the picture above in honor of its 50th anniversary.

While GH actually turned the big 5-0 on April 1, the sudser has been celebrating since February, with the returns of numerous beloved vets (Genie Francis, Lynn Herring, Kin Shriner and Jack Wagner to name a few!) and revisitations of classic storylines, such as Pickle-Lila, the Ice Princess and the Nurses Ball. I can't remember the last time a TV show did so much to honor its legend. Here's to 50 more years checked into General Hospital!

Photo credit: ABC

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    It looks great.

    I have to say the pose of Tony Geary reminds me of the old opening. It’s great to see Vanessa Marcil, Jackie Zeman and Robin Mattson in the photo.

  2. Profile photo of nellie-claire

    I can’t see much in the photograph; it is too small but I can say that for the first time in maybe 15 or 16 years I am watching and really enjoying GH again. So I think that all of this celebrating is wonderful! The stories are good and the talent is really talented. So carry on GH, please continue as you are and a very happy anniversary and many more. Who knows, I was around watching you at the very beginning and maybe I will be around at the 100th anniversary; I will only be 107!

  3. Profile photo of tori1629

    I was wondering why Jack Wagner was not included in this picture??!! He is just as important to GH history as the rest of them that WERE included in this picture… :(

  4. Profile photo of AZLiam

    It is great to see so many vets in this cast photo. I sure wish we were getting some more Robert and Holly. Is Ingo not in this photo? In addition, one standout is definitely Sarah Brown. I know she’s not Carly anymore and Claudia is long gone, but I think the picture would have been more complete with her in it.

  5. Profile photo of Yoryla

    :crown: A beautiful picture of a beautiful cast of a beautiful soap! :crown:

    Love it!

    (And this is so much more glamorous than the other picture where others were dressed to the nines and others wearing hoodies)

    BTW: There is also a glamorous shot like this of only the women of GH and similarly, only the men. FV also appears at the picture of the men.

  6. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    It’s funny and expected how Tony Geary is seated off by himself. I think it’s very indicative of how he really feels about the whole gig and I think has felt for some time now. I believe he’s very tired of being a part of La La Land and would prob like to permanently move to Amsterdam. The other day on The View it was so obvious he was forced to be on there by ABC to commemorate GH’s 50th. I also think for whatever reason he and GF don’t really care much for one another. I’m sure they both act very professional when working together, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he’s not standing or seated next to his character’s iconic partner.

  7. Profile photo of mfarris70

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I miss the old days (aka 80s) when every show did an annual cast photo that you could usually get by writing a fan letter. I still have all of mine!

  8. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @stefanstavros — this very same thing has been my suspicion too during GF’s recent return. At the NYSE, and all photos it just comes across that way, tho one could argue that he maybe doesn’t hang out with ANY of the cast except Jane Eliot, his frequent travel partner. I just watched that YouTube clip yesterday of the 1981 NY morning talk show when they took questions from the audience. Genie was SO young, and seemed a bit fragile or stressed, tho she’d been acting for 5 years at least by that point. Tony was holding Genie’s hand half the time and was very caring and nurturing it seemed.

    OTOH, if you look at all the 2006 Soapnet coverage leading up to the 25th anniversary of their wedding, they really seemed still quite close. This is what i don’t get. I’m wondering if this rift is something fairly recent, b/c he seemed really into it during that whole re-marriage thing. Maybe it’s the idea of her staying on more permanently? Who knows. And TG is super private, even back in ’81 he politely told everyone to mind their own f-ing business LOL

    Edit: i just watched the The View appearance and he was a pretty good sport. I mean the guy’s almost my mom’s age and i’m sure all the press and stuff can be annoying after awhile!

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