Is Hoda Kotb Leaving Today?

Is Hoda Kotb leaving Today? According to a report at, Kathie Lee Gifford's drinking pal has put out some feelers. 

EW has learned exclusively that the Today co-host is quietly meeting with studios and pitching herself for new hosting gigs, such as a daytime talk show. The moves could signal an upcoming exit from the NBC position that she’s held since 2007, or simply represent a savvy negotiation tactic — Kotb’s contract with Today expires this fall.

Those close to Kotb calmed fears, by stating the Today co-host was simply "expanding relationships and having coffee with a few people."  Coffee? Hoda drinks wine, not coffee.  With the ratings decline, tabloid mess and rumors, does anyone blame her for looking?


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Well good for her!

I always thought of Hoda as the more sensible one of the two. After the latest two weeks' nonsense that this show has been, I say jump that ship until it sinks!

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Kathie Lee Gifford seems to be toxic! She kept Regis from winning an Emmy for Best Talk Show Host for YEARS. Her music career has been a total flop. She's annoying as hell and a total hypocrite. It really seems like Hoda only tolerates her because she has to, and would much rather shave her head half the time than deal with much of her nonsense. Who would blame her from wanting to jump ship?

With that being said, she's crazy if she thinks that she can build and host a SUCCESSFUL long-lasting talk show in today's TV climate. There are just too many of them out there and in the end, she's bound to fail.

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