Jaime Lyn Bauer IN at DAYS; Mark Pinter OUT at The Young and the Restless!

Jennifer Horton's (Melissa Reeves) kooky mama is on her way back to Salem, U.S.A. on Days of Our Lives, according to Soap Opera Digest. Jaime Lyn Bauer is set to make two appearances as Dr. Laura Horton.

Personally, I would love to see Bauer revisit her iconic The Young and the Restless role as Lorie Brooks, while Susan Flannery returns to DAYS as Laura, but anyhoo. Speaking of Y&R, Digest is also reporting Mark Pinter wraps his stint as the dastardly Congressman Marcus Wheeler on April 12.

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    RE: JLB returning, let’s hope it’s part of an exit story for Chicken Little Horton (credit: Alstonboy). Also, I think the dude who played Bill Horton for Alice’s memorial should come back and mix it up with Kate. They were sizzling in their couple of scenes. I think nuBill was quasi-involved with Laura at the time of the memorial?

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    Days of Our Lives has a cycle: Bring back people for 3 months and then fire them and then hire someone else. See also: Lisa Rinna, Nadia Bjorlin. It’s getting ridiculous. Why bother?

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    I’m surprised she hasn’t returned to Genoa City after all these years.

    There’d be a ton of story for her.

    I was hoping there would be a way for Wheeler to stay…

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    What a waste of resources. Sorry JLB will forever be Laurie Brooks to me. No one could ever step into SF’s Laura shoes. Of course, SF would smack the taste out of JenJen’s mouth for being such a bore and treating Jack, in life and in death, like something she stepped in. At least Jack was acquainted with a comb and a razor.

    Please Days, get this horrible story off my screen.

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    Thanks, Bishbay, for the credit.

    I have always liked and enjoyed Jaime as Laura, but I don’t want to see ANOTHER character come to town to prop up Jennifer’s disgusting behind. Hopefully, Laura will come to town to convince her useless daughter to leave Salem FOR GOOD to seek a new life elsewhere. And hopefully, she’ll listen to her mother.

    I have no problems with Laura sticking around, though. They should also bring back Bill Horton, and maybe the they can do another Laura/Kate/Bill triangle.

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    Love JLB! So glad she is coming back to DAYS though I wish it was for more than two episodes. I too, would love to see John Martin back as Bill and those two mix it up with Kate. She better have scenes with Kristen and Marlena….it’s been bothering me that Jennifer can’t forget what Nancy did to Laura and Mike yet has managed to be friends again with Kristen after all she did to Laura!

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    JLB played Laura bat shit crazy and glad to see her return, but I ageee with Jamey I want her to return to Genoa City and have Lori and Jill be at each other throats-

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    I don’t watch Y&R anymore but I would tune in for a Lorie return. Even though I’m too young to have seen her original run I did catch her when she returned last time when Sam Behrens was on the show. The story wasn’t the best but JLB made the most of it! Her scenes with Nikki were priceless.

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    I never could get into JLB playing Laura. It was so far far away from the original concept of the character or anything approaching it that it always threw me out of the story. a crazed sex kitten was definitely not what Laura Horton had been about. Far from it. She was a very modest person who had a psychotic break that was due to genetics. It turned her inward and caused her to lose a grip on reality. I agree Jamie that I would much rather have Susan back in the role. She was all but iconic in the role. Although I did think Rosemary Forsyth did ok in the part. I even enjoyed Susan Oliver for the brief time she played the role (Susan was a somewhat softer spoken actress that was quite beautiful. So there was a small tie to Jamie Lynn there but she was still very conservative and that was well before she went bonkers. Susan was the actress when Jennifer Rose was born.) If they ever brought the character back on a regular basis, I would hope that they could snag Susan Flannery. That would be totally and completely awesome. The show would gain a great deal of gravitas with that one casting.
    Anyway, it would be fun if Laura had sprung her ankle or somesuch and Dr Death fell for her!

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    I never saw Susan Flannery as Laura, but JLB’s Laura was definitely not a favorite of mine. I wish they could somehow get Susan back.

    ” Anyway, it would be fun if Laura had sprung her ankle or somesuch and Dr Death fell for her!”

    Mark, please don’t even go there. :)

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    Stop getting so excited everyone. At the rate that Days is taping, Jaime Lyn Bauer’s appearance is probably just Christmas at the Hortons is all! Ha ha!

    No, I doubt that the character stays that long. It’s probably her Laura pushing Jennifer to pursue Daniel after all. Snore.

    On a somewhat related note, what is the deal with TPTB and Matthew Ashford? His character has been killed so many times. It’s just a slap to the face for us fans of him and Jack and Jenn. But in reality, TPTB should just realize that Jack and Jenn belong together…PERIOD!

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    Well, always glad to see Jamie Lyn Bauer, and Laura is an iconic character.

    However, I’m 90 % sure this visit will be all about Jennifer, which makes it totally unnecessary. That “character” does not need anymore propping from any side. And that in mind, I’m not that excited about it.

    In my honest opinion Jamie Lyn Bauer is at this point the only person who can play Laura. Susan Flannery has been gone from Days for too long, and she isn’t “Laura” anymore.

    I seriously doubt JLB will ever be returning to Y&R.

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    I love JLB and wish Y&R would see the potential of bringing back Lori (she was Bill’s other muse, Jill was his first) for the first decade of the show. Lori Brooks is iconic character for Y&R. I probably sound like a broken record but this would be awesome to make Carmine a Prentiss meaning Lori & Lance’s son. Carmine was tired of being a “Prentiss” and took on assumed name to escape from the family tension and this brings Lori home because she found him. This could be way Carmine chose GC. This way Y&R could keep utilizing Carmine he would have family on canvas to solidify him. Lori could be used in so many ways at Y&R with such a rich history to draw from in story. There wasn’t anything like Lori\Jill feud because of Snapper\Chris :) :love: and Lori\Nikki feud. :love: :O because of Victor!

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    This is a real shame about Mark, that character was great to be the thorn in both Victor & Jack’s side. Wheeler had good potential for growth w\Y&R. I’m surprised how many had enjoyed Wheeler but that’s from the fabulous Mr. Pinter knowing how to play a bastard! My wish would be Y&R, CBS, & Sony see the positive feedback from the viewers and maybe develop Wheeler somehow didn’t kill Belinda and bring him back to the canvas.

    The potential of other Wheeler children, a bitter ex-wife, in form of Kim Rhodes (loved Grant & Cindy :love: ). Maybe daddy’s dead daughter set up dear ole dad because he would give her money for drugs and Wheeler knew she killed Belinda and framed Gus to protect himself and family! >)

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    Harlee490, I SOOOOOOOOO AGREE with you on Mark Pinter and the character of Wheeler. He had potential and it was wasted for a dumb and silly storyline that was for characters we did not know and characters that did not deserve a full fledged storyline that soon into being on this show like this one!

    Wheeler could have been the anchor for a new family that would have brought on new characters and had that soap anchor that all characters need. Sure, they just did the storyline that Devon was the son of Tucker, a white man, but it could have been juicy story if it turned out that Tyler was the product of his mother’s affair with Wheeler and Gus did kill her out of rage/jealousy. The story would have been perfect.

    Sadly, three things are obvious on Y&R right now, Eric Braeden is the only TRUE villian and NOT THE EVIL I WILL KILL YOU KIND, so Wheeler would never have stayed.

    The next obvious thing is that telling a good story that fans catch on to is NOT THE WAY THIS SOAP IS GOING TO GO with mysteries, we’re going to be TOLD EXACTLY WAHT WE NEED TO BE told to buy the story, hence, why with absolutely no evidence and NO interaction with the known “killer” would the whole town believe Wheeler the killer?!! (Even the DNA evidence can be explained away by simply saying “I was sleeping with Belinda (Lyn)”. Gus was found over the body and had blood all over him there is NO WAY on god’s green earth that the judicial system would JUST release a known criminal because they have DNA that links a respected US senator to a crime scene THAT EASILY just after the his appeal was turned down!!!

    And the third is that even though the writing for the dialogue is amazing and crisp and entertaining, Y&R is refusing to tell a beginning, middle and an end to a story that flows beautiful and keeps us wanting more!

    Before anyone screams about my negativity, I love Y&R. I think it is 99% better than under Maria. I think the affair with Lauren and Carmine is spot on. I enjoy anything with Chelsea and Adam and even Sharon. I think the story with Nikki could be really compelling and if Victoria doesn’t whine over wanting a baby again for another 9 months than even her ever expanding brood story will be nice/sweet to watch. AND I LOVE LOVE AVERY (but want more sparring with Phyllis … without Phyllis acting stupid)

    BUT Dylan… I enjoy Steve Burton… has been on the show for 4 months or more now and we are no closer to knowing what his storyline will be other than pining for Avery and flirting with Chelsea (SHE HAS TO START SHOWING WRITERS/PRODUCERS because she has been pregnant since January 1!) and Sharon. It’s time for a romance to begin with Sharon and for it to go the distance but then for a complication to occur when he is brought back to Avery! That is drama. Watching a retired/decorated Iraq war vet tip toe around and have more chemistry with a 6 yr old girl than her mother is dull and boring and a waste of screen time.

    Katherine needs to confide in Jill to make me believe that she has any feelings for her years long nemesis! Its sad that the writers can use Jill in this story more than Cane (I don’t care what people say about Jess not wanting to come back, you offer her a story and the actress will be back as much as Steve is with his family in Nashville). It’s uncomfortable to watch Katherine accuse Jill of being this that and the other thing when it’s all Katherine’s fault for Jill thinking that Adriana is stealing because of Kay’s condition. PLUS Cane does not need to be her confidante.

    The Victor/Jack war needs to start up again. Barking as they do with one another is not exciting. I don’t need SAINTLY JACK, I need SMILIN’ JACK sparring with EVIL TWIRL YOU MOUSTACHE VICTOR.

    And, as much as I love the actress playing Summer, the performance and storyline have gotten to the point where I am questioning this character’s mental and emotional state. She seems to be screaming out for attention and since Nick only found out a MONTH or more after Jamie tried to off himself that Summer was a major part in the blame its no wonder Summer is turning into a SLUT!!! (Please stop saying she is 18! We get it that if Kyle sleeps with her it was an adult mature decision! What’s next, her screaming to Phyllis & Nick, leave me alone I am 18 and a half!!!

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    One thing was evident with the exit of EMME RYLAN from the role of Abby and that is we have lost a great actress whom I believe dislikes Chloe, is honest with opinions, can go toe to toe with Phyllis and is a great friend to Kyle, her cousin.

    Now that both actors have vacated the roles that should have been theirs I am really uncertain what the dynamic will be between the new actors. I am not judging yet because we haven’t even seen them on screen but Kyle and Abby have been great friends and cousins since Kyle first came back when Maura West was on the show and both were really just kids. It was sweet then and even sweeter now.

    Yesterday’s scenes with Abby jumping on the sofa and planting her feet under her to hear the juicy gossip of her little niece was SPOT ON! I definitely got the humor that Abby was finding in Kyle’s situation and then when Summer came over I totally sensed her exasperation in her niece sad sad attempts at landing Kyle! Loved it!!!

    (Why all the Newman men dislike Kyle now over Summer’s actions even after Abby says its Summer is weird to me)

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    Yes, the wrap up for Wheeler Pj just fizzled out I thought unless maybe they are not quite done with story….hmmm…I wish.

    As far as Dylan, I’m like bleh, we get he’s a good guy (OK writers!) I have seen worse actors….DAISY! |( Why in the world would you bring in his dying father for 2 days without having soapy deathbed confession? Makes no sense.
    (IE…remember the deathbed confession of Lorna’s grandmother when Lorna found out about Felicia & Lucas being her parents) it set the story up! :) ) I honestly thought this was going to be for Dylan finding out he was adopted…Josh totally missed this opportunity…maybe Josh doesn’t know what to do with the character? I do enjoy the interaction btw Dylan & Sharon this is where it’s happening not with Avery.

    I too like Navery so instead trying to force Dylan in the story, well since Nick just proposed to Avery what if the wedding draws closer and her ex-husband comes to town and she finds out a glitch in the divorce wasn’t finalized and still is still married…and no other then Phyllis finds this tidbit out brings back her ex… >)

    Yes I so enjoy Abby\Kyle scenes which is looming near that it could be the last scene with ER yesterday and BH maybe one more episode before the nuKyle shows up. As for Summer I LOVED IT! She’s a young little she devil. ;)

    Victor & Adam scenes yesterday was so intense and spot on I was just waiting for every bit. So emotionally packed and MM & EB rocked together.

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    I enjoyed the Wheeler storyline, and I doubt this is the end of it. I hope its not…but even if it is, it definitely had a beginning, middle, and end to me.

    It may not have ended the way I wanted it to, but there were distinctive stages of the story…culminating in Adam being shot and Gus getting off free.

    Beginning: Wheeler’s daughter’s death in Jack’s living room. Leslie and Tyler’s “secret conversations”

    Middle: Wheeler coming to town, recognizing Tyler and Leslie, blackmailing Victor and Jack. Leslie telling Neil the truth. Everything going on with Lily and Tyler somewhat ties into the story too, as it has brought them closer together.

    End: Tyler and Leslie meeting Gus. Wheeler plotting with his hitman. The wedding shooting and “Bomb”. Gus getting off and being released. Wheeler’s affair with Belinda being exposed. Wheeler being arrested.

    ????????????????????????????????? It was anti-climatic in a sense, simply because nothing really built up to the arrest, other than two very smart and surprisingly adequate police officers finding out the truth. But, clearly the story had stages…

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    I actually liked most of the Wheeler/Leslie/Tyler/Gus storyline.

    I was saying that perhaps there could’ve been a twist that could’ve kept Wheeler on because I too liked the aspect of him being on pretty much equal footing with Victor and mixing things up with both Jack as well as Victor.

    I don’t believe the Belinda Rogan murder storyline to be a waste– on the contrary, it was a pretty intriguing way to introduce Tyler and re-introduce the Leslie character.

    Since Tyler and Leslie are regular characters, it was a good idea to sort of usher them into the GC landscape in a way that you could see some character unfold, particularly the Tyler character, which needed something so as to avoid being too ‘one-note’.

    The conclusion has been somewhat clumsily written, but for a few weeks the storyline was one of the more interesting things going on Y&R.

    I know that many long term characters (like Neil Winters & Victor Newman) were only supposed to be short term and gone but ended up staying. I was hoping this would’ve happened to Congressman Wheeler. Congressman Wheeler should be made into one of those ‘Teflon Don’ type politicians who just wriggles out of it somehow.

    Victor’s kidnapped people, the former D.A. –attempted rape and stalking, yet managed to return and sty…creative writing could’ve kept Wheeler on (perhaps his wife or daughter killed Belinda?).
    Y&R should recognize an interesting character flush with storyline possibilities when it sees one.

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    This Belinda rogan murder and wheeler and his daughters death were all non characters. You can’t say that any of you actually cared for the dead because you don’t even know them. We weren’t treated to flashbacks of wheelers relationship with Stephanie to believe for one second she had a hard life with wheeler as a dad… We all know addiction can come to the most successful n happiest people.

    And if any of us know from interventions on this show and in reality, one of the tactics is for family to just walk away to not enable the addict. So there is just as much an argument that wheeler was a great dad, intervened with his family to get her to stop and she disappeared. And his covering it up can be explained away truthfully by saying it was to respect the life that her family and friends knew of her and not the sad life she had in the end.

    Even that scene in jacks home with victor and paul with the overly obnoxious Chavez showed wheeler not taking their bait and arguing they didn’t know the true Stephanie and didn’t care. AND THEN, like a not guilty man, refused to take their deal and walked out.

    His DNA at Belinda’s scene could easily be because they slept together.

    All I have to say is I am hoping it comes out that it was Gus and that he did all this from behind bars to ruin wheeler for sleeping with his wife.

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    As for the Gus side of the story, please, it gave us some back story to Tyler n Leslie but we heard them say they had a tragically bad upbringing with their mother protecting them from their tough abusive alcoholic dad, who was convicted of killing her.

    Now Leslie feels she gave the wrong evidence by looking into his eyes and we are to believe this man is sort of good and that Leslie … With idiot Neil … Is going to give him a second chance?!!!

    Again both merging stories were involving characters that are all newbies! We have seen this before and complained. This story never got us to believe that Gus was anything more than an abusive n alcoholic criminal who may or may not have killed his wife. Or wheeler that he hated victor and jack for having a hand in his daughters death and wanted them to pay. Or even Tyler, who latches onto another man’s wife like his slutty mom did with wheeler and we’re supposed to feel sorry for him being afraid of tight spaces?!! (Another Kevin in the making here.)

    All I’m saying is that the beginning didn’t have anyhimg more than words to explain it. This is a soap, not a novel. Show us, don’t tell us!!

    The middle only contained Avery talking abt Gus and never seeing him. Wheeler constantly saying the same thing to victor abt not wanting the media to find out abt his hiring his daughter, that’s it. Nothing menacing.

    Then the end was finally meeting Gus and being forced to believe that Leslie saw in his eyes his innocence. Please.

    Btw, Gus actor is short term so either it will be revealed he did actually kill Belinda and disappears or he dies a victim of this storyline, I mean, a deranged wheeler.

    And wheeler, he’s done on Y&R so within 2 weeks we won’t even remember wheeler or care one tid bit abt him. Not ONE BIT.

    And that, my friends, is why this story didn’t work. We won’t care 2 days later abt Gus or wheeler or the dead whore on jacks rug. It’s that simple.

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    The other thing abt wheeler testifying at the trial of Gus is that WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE SAID AT THE TRIAL! For all we know he was there to state the obvious like Belinda was a good worker, brought a smile to the office, was a great helper and volunteer and that she spoke of her kids all the time.

    To wonder why a politician testifies at a murder trial is stupid.

    No flashbacks here either! We don’t get a sense of anything at all of this trial and story. We’ve spent months watching it and months wasting time wondering.

    Sure, some of you will take what’s being forced on you and so will I in the end. I just expected more from this lame story and a set of great actors!

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    hey mon

    pjc722 – Too true, wasted opportunity. We didn’t get to see Gus’s hearing. I like the guy, and I especially like the way the scenes play out between Tyler and him. Very dynamic, and it gives Tyler a chance to do something that to chase his favorite MILF, Lily Ashby. Plus, The Candyman can really act well, and although we seem to be moving towards Marucs being guilty in Belinda’s death, it could be still be ambiguous, which is good.

    I really wouldn’t like to see Jamie Lynne Bauer return to Genoa City this around without Victoria Mallory, who is so beautiful. Leslie was such a great character, a talented musician, struggling in the misguided world of Genoa City and Prentiss Industries.

    I didn’t like at all the 2002 story-line involving Laurie Brooks in which she wanted to blackmail Victor.

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    Hey Mon, this story had potential but it was all on paper and it’s sad. You had an iconic soap actor in Mark Pinter and an accomplished actor in the “Candyman” yet most of the story took place off screen.

    I would have loved to have seen Leslie’s new court room testimony where she revealed she no longer believed her father was guilty and that she was sorry for that. And to see Tyler confess that he hates his father for taking their mother from them and then seen that scene in Jack/Neil’s office where Tyler and Leslie tell one another they are family and won’t let this separate them.

    THAT’S DRAMA and “can’t wait for tomorrow” story! We got “SOAP PLOTS FOR DUMMIES” in the BELINDA ROGAN murder.

    It’s even sadder because all of the actors involved could act! When we had the character of Daisy on in her testimony I was cringing because I didn’t care or feel her pain. But I think having Wheeler testify that Gus was a bad man, Gus testify to his past actions and his present innocence and even seeing the emotional testimony of Leslie and Tyler would have set this story apart from all others on daytime.

    THAT’S MY GRIPE and why I didn’t like it.

    I don’t really want to see the likes lof Laurie Brooks return unless its long term. I am tired of the in-and-out stories soaps give us with actors anymore. (personally speaking)

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    I do think a couple things were missed here.

    A Rogan/Wheeler confrontation would have been the way to go…

    Also I need to know more about their Mom. So far we know (for sure) that she worked on his campaign. It hasn’t been confirmed they had an affair…just talked about.

    I don’t think the storyline was a waste either. For me though, I got more out of the Victor/Wheeler scenes, than I did with the Rogan/Leslie/Tyler angle.

    I’d like to keep him around so it’s not always Vic versus Jack. It’s a fresh rivalry that’s really needed!

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    Days only brings back vets and characters people like to use as TOOLS to prop z-list Days cast. You can believe that Jennifer’s mom is going to be brought back to prop Jenn X Daniel. Or maybe Rafe, or Gabi…one of those characters that Tomlin and Whitesell are hell bent on making the new stars of Days.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Corday/Tomlin fired Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn again.

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    hey mon

    Blue Skies — too funny about Summer.

    Well, I hope that JoshG doesn’t end the Belinda/Marcus/Tyler/Gus/Leslie s/l so ‘neatly’ with a The-Congressman-is-Bad story-line. That would be way too predictable. I really liked the way Marcus talked about his past ‘relationship’ with Belinda, like he was almost choking up a little.

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