Katie Celebrates #GH50 (VIDEO)

If you missed the Katie’s #GH50 special episode yesterday, clips from the show have popped up online. Katie's episode celebrated General Hospital’s milestone with multiple appearances, interviews and a performance by Rick Springfield. Watch clips from Katie’s #GH50 episode after the jump!

Photo credit: Disney-ABC

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    Of course we GH fans want more, more, more but I think Katie did a good job honoring GH in the talk show format. Only a handful of actors came to New York to do the shows so they worked with what they had. Unlike THE VIEW, Katie seemed entertained and engaged. And how handsome is Frank Valentini?!

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    It never seizes to amaze how handsome Frank Valentini is. He is hot in an old-school, charismatic, understated way. He just “is”. *swoon* :crown:

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    LMAO to Jamey.

    Geez, can Finola Hughes get any more beautiful? I swear in every photo she looks better and better. Write her a new story stat!

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    Now that she’s lost the weight why does Genie seem to dress so dowdy? She looked like a frump next to Kelly (I know just about anyone would!) and Finola who’s older than Genie! Couldn’t she have worn a knockout frock even if she prefers not to bare arms?

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    This special was absolutely incredible. I loved the focus on how many big names have graced GH. I loved tony’s memories of Elizabeth Taylor. I LOVED the music segment. I loved Sonya eddy who is starting to really get a chance to shine under the new regime. I loved her memory of her moms reaction to her landing the role!! And I loved that they show focused on the biggest stars of the show. Lots of focus on luke laura scotty tony sam carly anna duke alexis sonny frisco felicia and noah. These are the characters that get people to tune in!

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