Katie Demands a Divorce From Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie (Heather Tom) demanded a divorce from Bill (Don Diamont) after he drove drunk. Bill told her not to do it, and asked her to consider their son. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) insisted her sister shouldn’t go through with it, but Katie refused to listen. Bill was tired of her accusations and ultimatums. Katie left her rings on the desk, and told Brooke that Bill was all hers. Before she swept out of the door, Katie told Brooke she could make Bill happier than she ever could.

Brooke told Bill to go after Katie, but he admitted it was over and pulled her into his arms. The two started kissing, and you could tell both of them wanted to jump each other.

Meanwhile, Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya (Karla Mosley) met at the same restaurant where Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) and Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) were eating. The moment Caroline spotted them together she became enraged.  Rick and Maya were sweet together, but Caroline was equally hilariously vapid. She walked over to their table, and crashed their meeting by saying she wanted “huggies” from Rick.

Caroline went to a casting director, and requested he hire Maya for a role. He asked if her client knew it was for an “adults only” movie role. Caroline assured him her client did.

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    I just finsihed watching Friday’s episode and although in the NY market, 20 minutes of the show was pre-empted by the RUTGERS scandal, when the last few moments came on it came on with Brooke and Bill in bed.

    I thought it would eventually end with it being a dream. It wasn’t.

    I am done with this show. I’ve said it before but now I am. It makes absolutely NO SENSE IN THE WORLD for Brooke to witness her sister having a mental and emotional breakdown in front of her and Bill and then moments later have Brooke hit the sack with her sister, Katie’s husband!!

    We have seen Brooke take Ridge from Caroline #1, we have witness her sleep with 2 of her daughters men and now we have seen her sleep with Bill, her sister’s husband. It makes absolutely no sense in the world and just makes me dislike the character of Brooke altogether BECAUSE now she is exactly what everyone says she is and NOW HAS ABSOLUTELY no redeeming qualities.

    Then add on the moronic moves of Maya and clearly accepting a PORN star job and Caroline #2 flipping from Charity head to CRAZY HEAD all in a span of 2 weeks and B&B is just drama for the sack of drama and frustrating at that.


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    Well who didn’t know this was coming. It was so obvious it’s absurd. I knew from the minute they started to push Brooke & Bill together, that Brooke would eventually win, doesn’t she always? And now it just so conveniently happens that Katie is the one who wants the divorce, and even tells Brooke to “have him”. So this way they can paint the picture that Brooke can’t possibly be blamed for any of this, she just “couldn’t help herself”. They just “gave into their feelings”, as if it was justified by that! Same thing that happened with Ridge, Thorne, Deacon, etc!

    But then this is the way Brad Bell rolls. Brooke wins everything. And the rumours are, KKL herself pitched the Brill idea herself – of course she would! The only leading man of the show, a handsome stallion, what’s not to love. And if Ridge is gone, Brooke HAS to have a “good” man, not some second rate citizen like Thorne or an golden oldie like Eric. It’s so ridiculously transparent!

    I always knew that Brad loved HT and Katie was her golden girl and Bill & Katie was the new golden couple. But I also knew that if it ever came to Brooke vs. Katie, Katie would always lose. That’s what makes this so painful, itäs so obvious. They could have at least have Brooke be the skank that she is and legitimately STEAL him from her, instead of making Katie now the enabler and the one who gives up. UGH.

    So, now what happens with Katie? Will they continue this as some sort of triangle, with Katie as “the other woman” (Disgusting thought!) If HT were not a multiple Emmy winner, Katie would at this point fade into the background to join Donna, et al.

    But I will say this, I do understand people watching this more now. It IS a more riveting show and a zillion times better than on the Liam/Hope/Steffy era.

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    Agree with you totally pjc–I too thought it was a dream and was hoping they would wake up. Such bad writing. Katie giving her father’s child to Brooke! I thought Brooke loved Katie but she seemingly ‘loves’ Bill more. I despise the character and how could KL think that fans would like this storyline? Brooke has become again just what Taylor and the real Stephanie(as opposed to the one that ‘loved Brooke at the end) always said she was. This should be called the Brooke Logan Show. I wish they had killed oFf Brooke and left Stephanie.

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    Katie basically wrecked her marriage herself with her coldness and inability to communicate, so I have no sympathy for her, though I love Heather Tom more and more with each passing episode……….. :)

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    Gosh, this isn’t out of character for Brooke…I loved it that they did the “nasty” and drama it will bring for story!!! People this is soap opera not real life which is what makes IMHO good soapy drama. So many viewers want couples to be happy forever, now days which is boring…IE annoying Lane fans |( or Shick fans! I always loved Phack back in day and wasn’t excited to see Phyllis & Nick together but it brought good story. Now that RPG is coming to B&B this could open the door up for Katie…they rocked on Y&R together even if Ricky’s character was “touched” but he ended up falling for Victoria. On that note I’m excited it is RPG not Steve Reeves because in the acting department…hands down Ricky is superior actor.

    I’m loving LG “new” Caroline 2.0 (even if it was 360 degree turn) as the spoiled rich girl from NY LG is much better in that skin and Jamey I loved your wishful storytelling about B&B, killing off Karen and whole Spencer dynasty collapse and fight with CC\DD…be pure fire. Yesterday Caroline setting up Maya in porn movies…delicious!

    Mick is excellent together and my fave couple right now and has so much story potential for the future. Maya looked beautiful yesterday, styling her hair now…loving those two I can’t get enough. Now Carter & Caroline I think will be coming up as possible couple when things even get worse and Dayzee in the mix…good soap. :)

    PS…Jamey you need to do “Wishful Storytelling” here for the idea you spouted yesterday on Twitter for B&B & Y&R….I couldn’t get enough…KUDOS! >)

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    Wasn’t Caroline’s personality transformation explained that it happened after she fell from the balcony? I could be wrong, but I thought someone mentioned it, even if it was just a joke. I think that’s totally the angle they are trying to play

    Brooke always wins and I despise Brooke with every fiber of my being, however, I think it makes for great tv. And B&B has been one of the best soaps on right now. IDK how much longer this will last, but for now…I’m in love again :)

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    Loving B&B now. I barely watched during Caroline 1.0 so Caroline 2.0 isn’t very jarring to me…I’m just hoping that they continue with Caroline getting Maya’s name wrong. It’s cracking me up.

    Brill was completely sudden…I swore it would be a dream but I guess not. And had Bill even showered since the car crash? Sorry, I think about these things.

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    I’m not a regular viewer of B &B but sometimes watch it because I leave the TV on after Y &R (which I regularly watch). Sorry, I just can’t get into this show, mainly because all the men act like idiots and are manipulated by the women. Liam, not being able to decide who he wanted to be with, Steffy or Hope and these 2 beautiful women fighting over Liam, who is so weak and such a whimp! And the worse-Bill. I can’t stand that blonde over-the-hill bimbo Brooke. My God, if I had a sister like that??? The call she made to Katie saying Bill was at her house but wouldn’t reveal any details- HOW STUPID!!! The best part of the show is Heather Thom who is one of the best actresses on daytime. When she told Brooke to take Bill I said “Yes, you go girl”!!I can’t watch this show on a regular basis because sometimes, the stupid writing and the dumbing down of the men on the show makes me crazy!

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    I hate to say this but Brooke is a whore. I was one of Brooke’s biggest fans and now I can not stand to look at her. This is really hard for me to say but Taylor was right about her.

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    I think that Bill Bell, jr. is ruining characters that his father created and even those he created with his pressent stories right now.

    On a lesser scale… and sadly for the actress in the role because eventually she will be relegated to standing on the sidelines once Rick choses Maya over her… Caroline has been turned from a thoughtful, kind and charitable young woman into a vapid and self absorbed gold digger out to take down Maya. ANd I hate to say it, but the way the actress and the writers are re-creating the character, she is so unlikable in the true sense of LOVE that why would Rick like her anymore UNLESS, of course, it’s all deemed to be as a result of the fall at Bill’s.

    As for Brooke, this final act of betrayal was not done to Taylor, her daughters, Bridget and Hope, or even Stephanie (her later in life BFF). No it was done to her frail and weak sister, Katie.

    I give it to Heather Tom for truly being one of the best actresses on daytime to let the water works run free when called upon to do so. Even as Victoria on Y&R, she was spot on and terrific in evoking emotions! But Katie has always been the weak and insecure Logan even if she is the only Logan woman to stand up for herself and FIGHT tooth and nail for what she believes in. The character was introduced as a pimpled faced teen who was insecure and shy and under Heather has turned into a emotional wreck! AND THAT’S the only part of this story I love love love!!

    But to have Brooke sleep with her sister’s man right after that emotional and uncomfortable confrontation was the lowest of the lows for Brooke and now, it only delivers to Taylor (whom I was hoping was to turn into a power grabbing bitch because the show needs one) what she has always said about Brooke, that she is a selfish whore.

    Now, what leg does Brooke have to stand on?? None. Rick and Hope have to lose a tremendous amount of respect for their mother. A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT. Rick, should be so disgusted in his mother because only to show that Rick is a good man now that they are shoving Maya down our throats. And Hope, well, she has been complaining and endlessly whining about Steffy being in her relationship with Liam so much that she has to see the comparisons between Steffy’s manipulations and Brookes in her aunt’s marriage.

    I am done with B&B after this past week for a while. It’s hard to watch a show that makes you angry purely because the writers and producers opt to just ruin great characters or repeat stories OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. It’s just not what I watch soaps for and want to believe no matter what that they write characters to learn from their past actions and not just have them write it over and over again as the same thing.

    Brooke is truly a slut since she has numerous children through numerous men and NONE OF THE PREGNANCIES were planned other than getting the man’s johnson into her pie! (Sorry, gross but so is the character of Brooke to me now)

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    Again–I agree pjc. With Ridge Brooke claimed he was the love of her life, her destiny. One could still sympathise a little. With Deacon she seemed truly horrified, ended up in a convent, one could almost feel sorry for her. But now, at 50 years old with a ton of mistakes and experience, her behaviour is absurd. Once, yes once upon a time, I felt sorry for Brooke and resented Taylor until I realised that Taylor is a grown up(who will make mistakes yes)but Brooke is a child. I too was a child when I rooted for Brooke then I grew up. What woman would support a man who drinks too much, is always texting her sister, hates her niece…. What woman would not ‘nag’ about that? Katie is proving to be the strong one–a woman who wants a husband she can respect not a penis. Yes it is a soap but good characterization should not be compromised for a hot story, in fact it undermines the story and makes the poorly drawn character unpopular. Even cartoon characters are not always flat (Joker any one). The only way to fix this is to attribute Brooke’s behaviour to a sex addiction.

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    [quote=tashikins]Again–I agree pjc. With Ridge Brooke claimed he was the love of her life, her destiny. One could still sympathise a little. With Deacon she seemed truly horrified, ended up in a convent, one could almost feel sorry for her. But now, at 50 years old with a ton of mistakes and experience, her behaviour is absurd. Once, yes once upon a time, I felt sorry for Brooke and resented Taylor until I realised that Taylor is a grown up(who will make mistakes yes)but Brooke is a child. I too was a child when I rooted for Brooke then I grew up. What woman would support a man who drinks too much, is always texting her sister, hates her niece…. What woman would not ‘nag’ about that? Katie is proving to be the strong one–a woman who wants a husband she can respect not a penis. Yes it is a soap but good characterization should not be compromised for a hot story, in fact it undermines the story and makes the poorly drawn character unpopular. Even cartoon characters are not always flat (Joker any one). The only way to fix this is to attribute Brooke’s behaviour to a sex addiction.[/quote]

    AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU THERE, TASHKINS! (Better said and a lot shorter than me!)

    Sorry, Harlee490, we only seem to make you mad. hehehe

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    Well, I for one love Brooke for her behaviour. She is sexually obsessed with men, she always was, no matter what Brad tried to rewrite during 2012.
    She is obsessed with sex and men, and its actually the reason why I root for her character. The BRooke fans that say, she does nothing wrong, she is a good person that makes mistakes sometimes, they are crazy. Brooke is a slut, but I love her for that, and its the same reason is dislike Taylor so much.

    Because Taylor, is a hypocrite. When she enterd Erics office and seemed appaled at the lingerie that ERic was fitting, that was just a reason to show us how hypocrite she is, because she moved in with Eric the day after he gave her the so called ride of her life. Brad likes to write Taylor this way, and he does that consistent since she came back from the dead.

    Sow we have the two fan bases pitted against eachother. You either like the slut, or you like the hypocrite. I always rooted for the slut, I did that on High school and I did that on college, and 10 years later, I am still rooting for the slut.

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    Brooke has just proved she is the slut from the valley Stephanie always said she was.There is no excuse for her sleeping with Bill Spencer NONE!!!!! She is so selfish that her sister and Bill’s marriage wasn’t a bridge she wouldn’t cross to get her sex on! I can’t stand the character and it would serve her right if she comes down with some hideous, unrelenting STD. Katie should beat the breaks off this whore when she finds out because it’s not like she wasn’t warned to back off of Bill more than once, but Brad Bell will just make Katie sing that “Woe is Me” song instead.Stupid.

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    hey mon

    Great pectorals, he must spend 60 minutes a day on them. That is a lot of time, and he deserves a lot of credit. I am concerned about his trapezoid (neck muscles), they used to bigger back in 2006 and 2005. But then hey, so did mine.

    I can imagine that Mr Spencer has Brooke saying, Ridge who?

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    “The call she made to Katie saying Bill was at her house but wouldn’t reveal any details-”

    That was just wrong to do that! It was like Brooke was teasing her sister saying “Yeah your man is with me and he’s spending the night and you can’t do nothing about that”.

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    I think he’d lost weight and then picked some back up last year, for a 50 year old man he is in amazing shape, and yeah I could imagine him making Brooke say “Ridge who?” (as wrong as it all is,lol)

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    I can’t believe it didn’t turn out to be a dream!! Every time a Brooke/Bill scene came on I was saying “Please, PLEASE let this be a dream!!” I just can’t believe they actually did this. Brooke and Bill fall into bed together immediately after Katie says she’s done? Really? Neither one of them goes after Katie? If it isn’t a dream, I’m done.

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    Im glad that I dropped this from my dvr. Brill = yuck. I cant believe this show is so consumed by a character like this. Ive watched soaps for decades and I think brooke is near the top of the my dislike list. Absolutely nothing redeeming.

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    What I dont like is Brooke and Taylor. Taylor annoys me to no end. I mean every conversation with her is “Brooke did this..” “Brooke did that..” I get it but you know, change the station, geez. As far as Brooke, I’m trying to root for her but sleeping with Bill doesnt help. I do think Bill and Brooke are a better pairing than Katie and Bill. Btw, a thing I dont like is that, to me, Katie got totally manipulated by Taylor and Katie fell for it. Taylor put all that crap in her head and Katie fell for it.

    Btw, I just cant go this Caroline turn. I could if it was explained, but the what the hell happened? She was ok and then an about face without an explanation? Did I miss the explanation? If I did, why is she acting this way?

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    [quote=pjc722](I was sooooo hoping it was all a dream on Friday)[/quote]

    and PJC I am still hoping it is, and that phone call wakes her up tomorrow.

    Why? Because THIS PISSES ME OFF |( |( .

    Katie suffered from PPD, (plus her heart condition)++++++ and for her sister of all people, (being Brooke Logan aside) to step in and sleep with her husband, when Katie is obviously still suffering the effects of PPD. They can give you all the pills they want, it doesn’t change the facts that a major depression can change a persons personality to a certain extent and its just not something you can get overr after taking pills for a month, and for her to say she loves her sister one minute and falls into bed with her brother in law the next is unconscionable.

    Not only that the crazy sword stabber doesn’t give a damn about his own son, putting the child’s mother through such crap. Yes, she has been going out of her way to control things in his life, but he does need to grow the f up. If anything Katie should have been seeing a therapist outside of TayTay, and Dolla should have been going to some sessions with her to hash some things out and for him to get informed on PPD/major depression. But then again he is a selfish turd. Plus the fact that she is a first time new mother, which just tends to give you a whole new perspective on life.
    Yeah yeah good soapy drama is where EVERYONE suffers and gets hurt just cause somebody needs to get laid.

    There is no redemption for Brooke after this, you would think after what she did to her daughter she would have learned SOMETHING by now, she is over 50.

    Heymon, DD looks damn good period.

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    Everyone seems to think that because she’s Brooke Logan she can do whatever she wants and still be likeable.

    That woman stopped being likeable when she stopped accepting that she was the biggest whore daytime television has ever seen. She used to embrace that back in the ’90s. But now that she’s the heroine who is still the biggest whore in daytime, it just makes her totally unlikeable.

    And it kills me that people think Taylor is to blame for putting the TRUTH into Katie’s head. If that ain’t ass backwards, I’ll wear my sock on my penis and my boxers on my feet.

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    If these IIC at B&B and Y&R want to do stories and PSAs at the same time they need to do a damn better job at it than they have the past few months. Sorry, but the bullying storyline ended poorly. However HT is totally rocking her scenes but she should have told Dolla a few things before she walked out that door like I am gonna take u r ass for every penny I can get in this lovely community property state as per the infidelity clause in our prenup. Hope getting u r dick wet is worth it, douche. Granted she set a lot of this in motion due to her irrational fears/delusions but it doesn’t give Brooke the right to act on her “feelings” in her crotch.

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    Stoney my friend she is the Brooke Logan and she can do anything she wants ;)

    LOL…I love it! On a separate note… What I love are the stories right now from B&B, they all are clicking and not over-ran by trio from hell. B&B is really good right now, first you had everyone (including me) hating the trio and since Brad has added more to the canvas and Brooke acting like Brooke you still have complaining…hey it”s hard to change a leopard’s stripes especially in Brooke. :love:

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    Hmmmm…I’m not sure what to think about this.

    It does seem very rushed to have put Bill and Brooke together after Katie cast him off. Hell, they didn’t even leave the room!

    I’m still trying to get used to Brad’s style…so unlike Y and R, but I get it due to its half hour format.

    I would have liked to have seen them move a little slower on the immediate sex step, but we’ll see.

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    I had to get use to DD’s Bill at first because of Brad but now I love him as Bill, it’s different, he’s still runs around half naked, the nicely trimmed beard is hot on him, and he’s good with the cast he’s around…but I know what you’re saying…

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    Brooke a whore and never been a Brooke fan always team Taylor, but despite her being the biggest whore on this show; I love it! I can’t wait for Taylor to give Brooke hell for sleeping with her sister husband; however Taylor is no flower either. Taylor done some ugly things too, but Brooke takes the cake. Better yet she takes the eggs, the flour, the sugar the whole batter!

    This is what I like, and it been great not seeing Steppy, Liam, Hope saga! I’m so not a fan of Caroline. I would rather they bring back Amber/Kimberly along with Rick/Maya story. They’ve totally re-written Caroline as heartless and cold. She was so sweet now she a vamp!

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    Watching Y&R with Blake Hood and got me thinking, he’s a good actor, handsome, hot and mature…he could make a great recast as DJ Garrison…Bells should keep him because he’s a keeper even in another role ;)

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    I love when Brooke is up to no good. I always have. I don’t like Brooke now, but I do like most of the stories she’s in.

    However, what I don’t like about Brooke is that she is going to make this everyone’s fault except her own. She will blame Taylor and treat her horribly for something that SHE did on her own accord. That’s what annoys me about Brooke these days. If she would own up to what she does and who she is, then I’d love her. But she doesn’t. She pretends to be the victim and gets her family and her host of men to pounce on those who see her for who she is. I’m not saying Taylor is innocent…because her list of men is just as long as Brooke’s…HOWEVER, in this situation, Taylor is not at fault. It’s all Brooke and Bill. Nobody PUSHED them into bed together..just like nobody pushed them into a kiss as they damn near stood over Stephanie’s dead body.

    But I am loving both B&B and Y&R these days. Loving majority of the stories on both shows so I’m a happy camper.

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    I also see Brooke in the way that she IS this person and does these things we are now seeing on screen. That’s who she has alwys been. But as another poster very cleverly said, the 90’s Brooke KNEW that. She owned up to her behaviour as a sex-kitten and a slut. She thought Taylor and Stephanie were boring and judgemental! And the times when Brooke would get to call either of these women on their immoral behaviour were VERY few & far between (Anyone remember Brooke busting Steph’s ass for lying about having a heart attack?).

    But there is just the problem. This “modern day Brooke” is being written into being The Slut AND The Moral semi-matriarchatic type of the show. As if years and age have made her more deserving of all the inlaws she is sleeping around with.

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    See Brooke acting like Brooke without regard as always her actions having a devastating effect and this time major consequences and fallout with family! Loving it, loving Brooke being naughty but loving the aftermath even more… :bigsmile: ;)

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    My issue is not with Brooke having yet another sexual partner because its a soap. I’m jealous she gets more action than a street walker and me!!

    I just hate that she did it to her sister and never learned from doing it to her daughters. Love the character up to this point and think the writers took the easy way out of writing good story just to rehash a story we’ve seen 4 or 5 or 25 times before.

    My biggest gripe with soaps is not telling a story but just repeating them over n over again. Case in point Brooke sleeping with bf’s or husbands of family AND the Liam can’t decide triangles.

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    I have to say that the Brooke/Bill storyline made me turn back in to B&B. I stopped watching for a while when they made Brooke constantly talking about her daughter’s love life. But this … it’s so much better.
    The story is scandalous and yes, of course it leads to many discussions.

    Bill was always an ass in my eyes. I still think that he wanted Steffy with Liam so he wouldn’t be tempted to jump into bed with her. So this actually suits him very much.
    And Brooke … what can I say, she slept with Deacon when he was married to Bridget. She accidentally slept with Oliver when he was dating Hope. And hell she had a dangerous chemistry with her stepson Thomas.
    Brooke seems to be born to be doing things like that. And I like it. Because that’s what makes me turn in. To see Brooke’s never ending scandals. Her various affairs with men she shouldn’t be involved with.
    It does the show so much good. And in the end, Brooke makes it look like destiny and sometimes you start to believe her; might it just be for chemistry reasons alone.

    And when it comes to chemistry, nobody has more with all her male co-stars than Katherine Kelly Lang. She could be paired with a nasty truck driver, it would still be enjoyable and you might see yourself rooting for her. If you are not Team Taylor – or Team Katie on that matter.

    Rick really chose Caroline over Amber!? I have to remind myself that he really did this and look at the little brat now. Anyway it’s a good story. And Rick will end up being pleased with who is snowing who here.

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    For someone who’s just come back to watching the show after years of not watching, I guess this doesn’t bother me as much.

    I don’t always remember Brooke getting her way. Taylor seemed to get her share as well back in the day.

    It DOES make for good soap.

    I’d like to see Ridge recast. Although R Moss put his stamp on that role, consider the recasts of Jack and Jill on Y and R. It can happen with the right actor.

    It’d set up a great triangle…or more.

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    Brooke has had sex with Dave, Ridge, Eric, Thorne, Whip, Grant, Deacon, Nick, Oliver, and Bill. Have I forgotten anyone?


    Brooke never had sex with Dave, did she?
    Brooke never had sex with Whip. That was actually the fun part of that storyline. Whip tried to seduce her once during their marriage by wearing one of Brookes teddy, but they had fun, but never sex.

    Brooke had sex with Ridge, Eric, Thorne, Grant, Deacon, Nick, Oliver and Bill. She maybe had sex with James and Connor, but I cant remember, I do know she had a relationship with those two. And she had interaction with her raper ofcourse, but I dont think thats qualified as sex. I still hope she had sex with Thomas on the island, but I think she didnt.

    Taylor had sex with Ridge, Eric, Thorne, Whip, Rick, Stephen, Nick, Blake and James. I am not sure if Taylor had sex with Hector, Pierce or Omar, but I think she had with Omar, because she stayed 15 year with the guy. Well..if she had the same track record in Marocco as in LA, then she would have had sex with Omar, Ali, Mohammed, Fayed and Hassan.

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