Daniel Finds a Brain on Days of Our Lives

Has Daniel (Shawn Christian) finally found a brain and smartened up about Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) manipulations? It looks like he may have found a clue. Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    soapy opie

    I really don’t understand the complete destruction of Chloe’s
    character over the last few years. Her earlier transformation
    from “Ghoul Girl” to beautiful swan with a glorious voice
    was a really compelling story.

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    I don’t understand why they have TWO huge returns in Eileen Davidson’s Kristen and then Chloe… TWO EXTREMELY SEXY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN … and all they have them do is play basically the same tired old story of stealing a man!

    Someone on DC said it earlier that it would have been better to have Chloe return, reveal that her son is Daniel’s as well and have this former bullied teen be seen in different light by Daniel and the fans. It could be revealed that it was Kate who switched the DNA tests because she’s always hated Chloe which would have added drama and put Kate back on top as a VIXEN/Bitch. It would probably have made for a great love triangle where Daniel was torn between a woman he now loves and the woman he once loved and mother to his son.

    As it is, the actor portraying Daniel has ZERO chemistry with any female character and probably has as much chemistry with a wall if he was paint drying!

    I think Days needs to stop this story before Chloe’s return is TRULY A DUD.

    And with Kristen, speed up her diabolical revenge where its not too sinister but gets people pissed. I would rather see her get pregnant with Brady’s child and then dump him just so she can bring angst to the BLACK family. Or have something more to do than be a crazy stalking bitch.

    Days has a lot of REinventing to do to win me back other than on blogs.

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    I could care less whether Daniel is smart or not. Only thing I’m interested in hearing is when he, and all of this nonsense that someone has mistaken for a storyline, will be out of the show.

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    Yep, it continues to amaze me that this show has been so good lately and then it’s momentum comes to a screeching halt by allowing it to become the Dannifer Show for all of last week(and from the looks of my satellite guide preview, they’re front and center for EVERY episode this week as well). Hopefully at some point TPTB will realize that nobody gives a damn about Daniel Jonas or the once-beloved Jennifer Rose Horton; backburner these two already.

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    If you look at all the damage this Dan and Jenn pairing, the ‘Ryan and Greenlee’ of Days has done, you will see a trail of bodies..Abby, Maggie, Jennifer, Nicole, and now Chloe.

    The problem is Daniel, rather Shawn Christian. He really needs to go back and take some acting classes. The ‘aw shucks’ head shaking and hand wringing is really annoying the (bleep) out of me!

    I just really don’t care for this actor, who people swear is decent, but I just never saw it. He always seemed generic at best to me. His acting style is quite literal, and he seems to be able to express only one emotion and facial expression. He doesn’t even look or act like a doctor, he looks and acts too much like a surfer dude. I know it’s a soap, but it creates a disconnect for me. As an extra on Baywatch or CSI-Miami, he might be credible, but for dramatic acting, I’m sorry, but he just is not good!

    I think if she show recasted Daniel, the character would be better received. I think the problem is Shawn Christian. Who could they recast as Daniel?

    Jon Hensley (Ex-Holden ATWT) maybe?

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    Oh please don’t put the wonderful & handsome Jon Hensley paired with no talent MR…then recast Jennifer w\Martha Byrne she came out of same era as Melissa the ’80s! ;)

    This Chloe thing is a hot mess…so glad she’s going away this month…no need for this character or any of the characters in this gawd awful story unless this team and NBC, Sony, & Ken recast the parts and do a better job in writing this trio!

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    Maggie said she wants her egg back pronto! Let’s just scrap this ill conceived mess of a character, call Michael T Weiss to play the now widowed Michael Horton. Robin has been killed in a violent terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Michael comes back to town and decides to take over his beloved grandfathers position at the hospital. All the while not realizing he was a material witness to the terrorist attack. The terrorists follow him to Salem…. In the mean time his father Bill also comes home from the middle east and takes up his old job at the hospital. Of course there is a lot of head butting between Michael and Bill. Just like the old days between Dr Tom and Bill. As Bill settles in a young woman comes into his life. Come to find out she is his bi-racial daughter from a relationship in Africa. She is also Muslim. Now Bill has a Christian daughter, a Jewish son and a Muslim daughter. Both Michael and Bill set their eyes on the same woman, perhaps Nicole? Now what’s a girl to do? And of course just when it looks like Bill is winning with the girl, Laura shows up and is in the mood for some Bill Horton!

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    Or, taking into account what Mark said above, they could discover that there was a mixup and that the child Maggie had was a girl not a boy. Then, Harlee, we get….Martha Byrne as Maggie’s biological daughter.

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    Daniel might just be one of the worst leading man on soaps. I don’t get why they let this character constantly drive story.
    He isn’t working with Jennifer. They have no chemistry. Not that Shawn Christian has chemistry with any one on this show.

    I don’t get it. And I don’t get why characters like Nicole and Chloe are wasted on him. Plus, the story is really old and dull.

    Another thing that is bugging me, Hope running to the Horton home again and again to talk to Jennifer after she and Daniel ended things yet again. How many times can you write this shit???

    Such a bad story.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Or, taking into account what Mark said above, they could discover that there was a mixup and that the child Maggie had was a girl not a boy. Then, Harlee, we get….Martha Byrne as Maggie’s biological daughter.[/quote]

    I love this idea actually. I doubt Martha Byrne would even be controlled again by corporate soaps. Killing off Daniel would give Jennifer a real reason to be crying in every episode. She would see herself as a “Black Widow”, and be forced to find a new focus to her life than having a man.

    There are NO strong, independent women on Days. Days doesn’t really do strong, independent women. Everything they do is due to a man in some way.

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    Killing off Daniel would be a waste of Shawn Christian’s talents. People seem to forget that this man actually CAN act……but saddling him to the most despicably annoying character on soaps, Jennifer “Chicken Little” Horton is criminal. Jennifer needs to leave town and NOT return until they decide to bring Jack back from the dead.

    I would pair Daniel with Hope or bring on Maura West as his love interest.

    And I agree, Martha Byrne is not gonna come back to soaps, considering how bad her experience was with As The World Turns. I am still pissed to this day that she wasn’t around for the finale, though I must admit that Noelle Beck did a great job in the role.

    Nadia Bjorlin has become tolerable lately, but I still find Chloebot to be a useless character on today’s landscape. The only reason I can think of to justify keeping Chloebot around would be to keep the delightful Patrika Darbo on the canvas.

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    I agree with Alstonboy–Shawn Christian’s a decent actor(he was actually pretty good on ATWT although Mark Collier eclipsed him by a mile once he came on as Mike). Unfortunately, in this instance he seems to lack the charisma needed to overcome such a one-note character(not to mention, as everyone else has, he has little to no chemistry with any female on the canvas).

    Speaking of Mark Collier, what about him as Daniel? He can act and he’s drop-dead gorgeous. And while she may be a bit young for the role, maybe Terri Conn as Jennifer? She and Collier had amazing chemistry on ATWT but again I’m not sure audiences would buy her and Kate Mansi as mother and daughter(though this is a soap and MUCH stranger things have happened).

    As for Chloe, I’m now officially over her. She was mildly enjoyable upon her initial return and it made a helluva lot more sense to have her (rather than Nicole)in a triangle with Dannifer but now the character’s been reduced to just another scheming b—- out to get a man that’s not even worth getting. As alstonboy noted, the one positive about having Chloe around is that Patrika Darbo gets to be on our screens as naughty Nancy.

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    I will always give a damn about Jennifer Horton and while I cannot get Jack back I will take what I get and that is Daniel. I have no problem if Daniel left but for me as a lifelong DOOLS fan I would hate not having Jen around.

    I miss Chloe’s “Ghoul Girl” days when I first fell for this characters but this utter Biatchness is just not who I want her to be…

    I do agree that I need to have more Kristen because hell it’s Kristen

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