Brenda and Carly Go to WAR on General Hospital! (VIDEO)

Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) and Carly (Laura Wright) get into a knock-down, drag -out fight over what Daytime Confidential’s Regan Cellura hinted at in this week’s General Hospital spoilers. She wasn't wrong when she said Brenda's actions will make Carly EXPLODE.  Watch this week's General Hospital SOAPnet promo after the jump!

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    Well Laura, I believe they have locked Lulu in a freezer and changed her face. I may be wrong but I think they may have made her shorter. I love Laura!!

    Full on Team Brenda!! Wipe the floor with her or hop on her back and slam her into a wall. Carly deserves a smack down. Her mother is in town. The nurses ball is going on. That means something to Jax, Sonny, and King Jason. She is worried that Brenda has picked up a toy or two that she set down years ago. Who cares which one Brenda loves? It isn’t Carly’s business. She wants he who should not be named.

    Why would Brenda continue to stay in Carly’s hotel?

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    Team Brenda all the way!!!!! I hope she kicks Carly’s ass because Carly cant fight anyway. Sam has whooped her ass multiple times. Carly’s just ALOT of mouth.

    I wonder if that’s Mikkos Cassadine. Looks like an older man from the back.

    I just thought of something too: They should rewrite history and make Brit Robin’s twin. Anna didn’t know she had twins and Dr. Obrecht kidnapped Brit years ago at birth and raised her as hers and Faison. That’ll be good

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    [quote=jaedahbee]I wonder if that’s Mikkos Cassadine. Looks like an older man from the back.[/quote]

    Could be Stavros. I don’t see them bringing Mikkos back. Anyway, Mikkos would be an old man who wouldn’t be able to move anymore.

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    I guess Michael gets drunk after that call he got from Starr saying she’s never coming back to Port Charles. This brings to mind the storyline on OLTL when Dorian bedded her rival Vicki’s young son, Joey.

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    “Could be Stavros. I don’t see them bringing Mikkos back. Anyway, Mikkos would be an old man who wouldn’t be able to move anymore.[/quote]

    But Mikkos has been frozen all these years so he wouldn’t have aged any at all!

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    [quote=tmac]”Could be Stavros. I don’t see them bringing Mikkos back. Anyway, Mikkos would be an old man who wouldn’t be able to move anymore.[/quote]

    But Mikkos has been frozen all these years so he wouldn’t have aged any at all![/quote]

    Thats why I said it because he’s been froze. But it could be Stavros too. Never know. But I’ve been saying they should bring back Mikkos with Charles Keating in the role. The guy who played Carl in Another World

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    A qualified Team Carly. I use to LOVE Brenda – way more than carly 1.0 carly 2.0 or even Sam believe it or not, but shes been a bit ruined for me. Im hoping my love for her returns but so far not yet.

    As for JaxSon – yeah some of it is jealousy but I also think that any woman jax or sonny get involved with also become part of Michael Morgan and joss’s lives and so for that reason she has a right to question who these men are choosing. For example, carly didn’t love kate EVER but mostly because of the class warfare type stuff. It wasn’t until connie started coming on to Michael that carly really got her hate on. Shes jealous at times of alexis but that’s a good example of someone she tolerates in jax and sonnys lives because ultimately shes a decent role model for the kids. Brendas last return and so far this return paints her as a stuck up beyotch who turns everyones lives in to chaos just by breathing. (and I have to say the last of my love for Brenda died with her treatment of dante and spin. Im like both characters – not FF love but I like them – but im not a big fan of using someone elses feelings for your own gain. Get your own damn tea and scented candles for crying out loud or better yet focus on figuring out who the damn Balkan is – at that time it was an is not a was – and forget about whether you have your favorite brands of things until the crisis passes.) I don’t see carlys behavior as much different than jax’s – he despised johnny and sonny and yea part of it was jealousy, but I truly thought the bigger part was the fact that joss would once again be around mobsters. I sort of think he was annoyed by todd but wasn’t fully aware that he makes sonny and johnny look like house cats or he might have been more aggressively up in his face.

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    Angie Lucy

    Team Carly all the way. I’ve never liked Brenduh, and that was before Guza ruined her (and yes, even as a non-fan I was livid at how he wrote for VM). Even though Carly works my nerves at times, I’ll take her over the so-called most beautiful girl in the world any day.

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    TEAM BRENDA BITCHES!!!!!!! I so hope they allow Brenda to win this one. Carly deserve to go down. She did not need to mess up Bren’s dream to be with Jax. I want Vanessa back on the show to team up with Connie. I would so be behind a Brenda and Michael pairing. I know the show already has a huge cast of females but Brenda would be a welcomed addition.

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    I’m not on anyone’s team but I’m just going to say that Brenda let this happen. If she’d been honest with Jax, then Carly wouldn’t have been able to blow her out of the water. I think Jax would have been more understanding if Brenda had just told him when he asked her the first time if she’d gone to see Sonny. Brenda lying about it just reinforced to him what Carly said is true that Brenda is just settling for Jax cause she really wanted Sonny but thought she couldn’t have him.

    If Brenda should be mad at anyone for Jax calling off the engagement, it should be herself for lying to him. Sleeping with Michael, as the promo suggests she does, makes for great soap but doesn’t make Brenda a hero in my eyes.

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    Hun, I have no problem with Jax being with Carly because Brenda should be with Sonny instead of Cate Whore-Ward. But I still want Brenda to win this battle. Carly has always wanted to take things away from the women in Sonny’s life as well as Jason’s life. It is never enough for Carly. She has always wanted to be the victorious one in all these tete a tete’s. I want her to go down. Even if Michael does not actually sleep with Brenda, the satisfaction from her going through that misery of the possibility is divine darling. Carly is a class A biyatch!!!

    All they need now is to get the home girls together. Lois (whom just brushed Carly aside). Brenda, and Connie against Carly…. Hell yeah!!!! Bring it!!!!

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    #1. WE DON’T KNOW if Brenda actually has sex with Michael.

    #2. DUH — TEAM BRENDA ALL THE WAY! Vanessa’s effortlessly snarky one-liners win by a landslide! This is all just a fun little distraction for the supermodel. For Carly, it’s the reason for her entire existence!

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    Yes, maybe Brenda should’ve been honest with Jax from the get go, but then where would be the drama? Yeah, she could’ve asked, he permits, and THEN Carly overhears the convo, but that doesn’t make Carly onto Brenda and also doesn’t make the stakes as high. They really can’t make Sonny hung up on Brenda — just yet — b/c it would negate months of storytelling re: Skate.
    And by leaving Brenda/Jax fans hanging, it gives them something to play if/when Ingo returns. Ron really hasn’t had a chance to write Jax at length so if Ingo were to return Jax wouldn’t have to be Sonny’s foil 24/7 as he was under Guza.

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    I wasn’t happy with how Brenda was written on her last return…BUT I will always love this character… AND root for her to whoop Carly’s butt… who I NEVER liked.


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    Reminds me also of OLTL when Dorian slept with Vicki’s son Joey. But, it does add up to a lot of drama. If we can only have certain characters like Brenda, and Frisco, on for a short time, I’ll take the whole over-the-top drama.

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    I must get in here and say: TEAM BRENDA!!

    I don’t believe (and hope) that she will DO the deed… but she will just let Carly believe she has!

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