Does The FBI Have to Be This Dumb For The Following to Work?

Mike (Shawn Ashmore), though battered, returned to work.  His new devil-may-care attitude meant Agent Weston was basically Ryan Hardy 2.0.  Ryan (Kevin Bacon) and Debra (Annie Parisse) were clearly worried, but also pretty hypocritical, since Ryan always gets away with doing the same stuff. 
The captured training ground led them to Monroe, a contact of Vince's, who might be able to lead them to Joe.  Before they could properly interrogate him or his follower friend, each was brutally murdered.
Joe, Vince, and Jacob (Nico Tortorella) showed up to make sure Monroe couldn’t give up their location to the FBI.  While Ryan killed Vince (RIP. I will miss your quips!), Jacob snatched Debra. Joe tied up Mike in a bullet-proof safe room with great acoustics.