Does The FBI Have to Be This Dumb For The Following to Work?

Joe was plagued by writer’s block the entire episode, and needed more of Ryan’s “origin story” to understand his protagonist.  He wanted Ryan to reveal his father’s murder. Ryan wouldn’t play ball until Joe essentially rendered both Mike and Ryan helpless. 
Flashbacks to 1983 showed Ryan witnessing his father being murdered during a convenience store robbery. A young Ryan managed to escape death. He held his father’s hand, as he watched him die.

Joe saw this as death fueling and binding them both. He also felt it was justice when Ryan revealed the shooter was a junkie who’d overdosed a few weeks later. The story kept Mike alive. They also got Debra back, but Jacob and Joe escaped once again. 
Later, Ryan had another memory. Young Ryan had tracked down the junkie, and forced him to OD on heroin at gunpoint! Ryan Hardy just became a thousand times more interesting in my book.