Even Farm Animals Are Excited About The Return of One Life to Live (VIDEO)


You have to hand it Prospect Park's The Online Network (TOLN); they are thinking WAY outside the box when it comes to promoting the April 29 returns of One Life to Live and All My Children. What's really awesome is how they are including the sudser's fans in on the fun — even the four-legged ones! Watch the scream-tastic clip below, to see and hear what I'm talking about.



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Susan Bedsow Horgan is already out as co-HW I see.
Before it's even aired!

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28 October 2008
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Do the goats have wifi? If this is what PP thinks we want to see when promoting OLTL then I think goats will be the only one watching.

Suspicious that they haven't cut a promo teasing actual story.

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Susan left for personal reasons and i like the comedy promotion lol