SPOILERS: Who Does Brenda Hook Up With on General Hospital?

AJ keep your lady… Seeing Elizabeth and Nikolas in a tight embrace will leave the ELQ CEO a little uneasy. Look for Junior and Prince Cassadine to have words regarding the fair Nurse Webber.

Ellie and Spinelli… Will this match made in Geek Heaven get back on track?  They team up when Ellie asks Spinelli to help look into the truth about baby Falconeri. Spinelli is still in search of that Quartemaine heir. Is he getting closer to solving the caper? We hear Lauren Frank may look very familiar…

Get a little tipsy and kiss a red head!  Scotty ties one on and plants a big kiss on Bobbie! 

Lulu is back in action… but will she remember what happened to her? It looks like she will be dropping some bombs when she returns.

Brenda and [SPOILER]? Brenda engages in some revenge loving. Carly to explode in 5…4…3..2…

She’s Baaaaack!  But, who is she? Will it be Connie or Kate who knocks on Sonny’s door? 

Sabrina and Patrick… Can Patrick keep the promises he is making to the nurse? Sabrina turns to Felix for advice. 

Is Britt's big news that she's with child? Shouldn't a man who was married to an HIV positive woman know that condoms are a must?

RANDOM STUFF… Dante finds a body. Luke and Laura are in for a shock. People fake pregnancies all the time.  One family has their joy squashed. Can Maxie keep up with her story? Anna sees Dr. Obrecht, but will she be able to stop her?

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Rumor has it, Brenda is getting it on with Michael to get her revenge on Carly. That would really be shocking…

    Biggest question is if Luke and Laura meet a not-so-dead Cassadine.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Michael………..what a GREAT, FABULOUS twist! I heard about this plot last week.

    It would be even better if they had Queen Brenduh get pregnant with Carly’s grandchild!!

    I don’t care much for Queen Barrett, but this is really a wonderful idea!!

  3. Profile photo of Cornfed

    “MyKill”, ROTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I sorta thought the Nurse’s Ball dropped dead once Vanessa exited…tho it was still cute and entertaining.

  4. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    [quote=angrierblackerman]Yeah, I am hearing Michael…my question is WHY would Michael do this? Is he that broken up over Estrella leaving town?[/quote]

    If Estrella hears about this maybe she won’t come back…either as herself or another character. ;) ….. 0:)

  5. Profile photo of dawn9476

    Brenda & Michael do end up in bed together. Whether any actual sex occurred remains to be seen. At least that is what I am getting from spoilers.

  6. Profile photo of dawn9476

    I wouldn’t be surprised if in flashbacks of how he & Brenda end up in bed together, we get flashbacks of a phone call or text where Star says she is not coming back.

  7. Profile photo of jessicafGH

    I’m honestly okay with the Michael/Brenda story line, as it gives Brenda something to do (hopefully VM stays permanently). HOWEVER, I have a strong feeling this will ruin any last shred of hope she had with Sonny, which will make me furious.
    I obviously want Sonny & Brenda together eventually – can’t be immediately or that would be so obvious/boring…but give us a triangle (or square??) with Sonny – Brenda – Kate/Connie. That would be interesting.
    On one hand though, this is actually so disgusting that she would sleep with her true love’s ……….. son. Ew.

  8. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    After watching Michael and his hips trying to keep time to the music during the Nurses Ball, he needs all the help he can get. Go on, Brenda. Put on those lucite heels and too long sleeves and get to work.

  9. Profile photo of Grimm

    Brenda and…..Michael. Awful.
    Beneath her to actually bed him but totally in character to let Carly THINK she did to enjoy the subsequent freak out.
    If only she could have been around to (faux) de-flower Mikey.

  10. Profile photo of Ferrari517

    Ellie and Spinelli can drop deadi. I fast forward thru their scenes. And Ellie’s forehead!?! Holy wrinkles!! Check out her forehead the next time she’s on, I see those wrinkles even thru the fast forward.

    I wanted to see Brenda knock Carly out.

    Emma – soooooooooo damn cute!!

    Sabrina – wow has she grown on me.

    Felicia – picks Mac?! GA-RoooooooooosS!!!

  11. Profile photo of GimmemyGH

    “We hear Lauren Frank may look very familiar”… me thinks this is Kristen Alderson’s new character.

    As for Sabrina being pregnant, I just read a rumour that she really is pregnant or at the very least she is going to be. The twist is that it is a result of impregnating herself with Lante’s embryo.

  12. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    [quote=TV Gord]angrierblackman, you’ve come up with a great way to bring Starr back with a new name!!! Everyone can just call her Estrella! :-D ;-)[/quote]

    NO, I take it back!! I’m so sorry guys!

  13. Profile photo of nysam

    Brenda has already slept with Sonny and Dante so what’s another Corinthos kid? Brenda should track Morgan down at boarding school if she really wants Carly to go ballistic.

  14. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Is it too much to ask that KA NOT come back as ANYONE. UGH Im sorry loved her as starr on OLTL but mostly for the chem with kdp, tsj, FL and RH. She was no better or worse than abby so I figured that was a plus compared to what they had because at least KA has a following, but I would MUCH prefer to see Michael end up with Sabrina or ellie (if spin returns to maxie) or even a returned Serena Baldwin (only with the original actress) instead of starr or whoever she comes to play. THe good news is if its lauren frank is that she and Michael would be a no go since they would then be first cousins.

    As for Michael/Brenda Im hearing it may be that they are somehow accidentally drugged, perhaps even by carly. If so it could be ripped from bold and the beautiful when brooke and Thomas MAYBE had some hook up in the rainbow cave of delusions after eating the magic berries. It would be fun if we the viewers realize nothing happened but THEY believe it did. Im sorry, but maybe im the only one that is bothered that a 21 year old RAPE victim is now essentially going to be sexually assaulted all over again (and no im not implying Brenda or even Carly have guilt necessarily just that if he is drugged he isn’t giving consent.) its just like sam – first franco rapes her while shes passed out and then caleb drugs her or drains her or whatever he did to make her unconscious and then takes off her clothes. I suppose since they did the same thing on OLTL with marty – having her not able to give consent due to amnesia – I shouldn’t be surprised but its all sorts of ick for me.

    I wonder too if we are going to find out that britt is NOT obrecht and faisons kid. If britt is carrying the lante child its interesting that she alluded to the fact that obrecht came up with the idea of a pregnancy this time but also back in the day to get Faison. if britts pregnancy isn’t in fact britts, might she have been passed off by obrecht? COuld she be robins twin or sams twin and obrecht simply stole her while mom was altered (not unlike heather stealing franco from susan moore). Could SHE be lauren frank and just not know it. Im suddenly feeling very interested and sympathetic towards britt. I know shes done awful things but no worse than Brenda, carly, sam liz or alexis, and now we see exactly why shes such a mess. I cant wait to see how her story unfolds.

  15. Profile photo of terminator

    I think this Michael Brenda story is awful. What are you trying to do to Brenda. This is completely out of character and creepy. Now if it is just to make Carly crazy and she really didn’t sleep with him then OK I love it. I despise Carly and if there is a cat fight Brenda better kick her butt. It’s about time Carly knocked off her high-horse. She’s little hypocrite, jealous, liar. Too many people hold back with her and I’m really tired of it.

  16. Profile photo of Jenny

    [quote=nysam]Brenda has already slept with Sonny and Dante so what’s another Corinthos kid? Brenda should track Morgan down at boarding school if she really wants Carly to go ballistic.[/quote]
    I thought she didn’t sleep with Dante. He was just “in love” with her.

    My guess is that Carly drugs her and she wakes up in bed with Michael.

  17. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Umm, can we at least W-A-I-T and see how this Michael/Brenda story plays out first? LOL Honestly i don’t take literally what every character does — Brenda can throw appetizers at Carly, either sober OR drunk, and i don’t care. I enjoyed it for what it was, and didn’t take it literally…

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